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Everything that happened before the story started with an undefined date:


0000Kyen Koh lives in the forest with her father, and is enemy of the Sendo Tribe because the Sendo Tribe killed her Mother (however this turns out to be a lie). She’s under sixteen years old. Part 5 & 7
0000Kyen Koh’s mother tells Kyen Koh that she’s not evil.Part 31
0000Aiko is Kyen Koh’s sister, however both were seperately found and adopted.Part 10 & 41 & 42
0000Sometime before the story starts Kyen Koh has already been in the cave in Hiyou Lake where the Pearl of the Ocean is located.Part 19
0000Saiya's parents meet, her father being from the Sendo and her mother from another tribe.Part 80
0000Saiya's father dies and Saiya runs away from the Sendo village and starts living in the forest.Part 80
0000Mikomi, Chi and Sendo tribes are in a state of civil war. Sendo appears to be the strongest of the three. Part 1
0000The Mikomi Tribe has about 218 soldiers (143 + 75) not including the citizens and council members.Part 1 & 3
0000The Sendo Tribe has at least 200 soldiers, but since they should be the strongest tribe, there are likely to be more. They are also said to be double the size of the Mikomi Tribe.Part 1 & 3
0000The Sendo Tribe has attacked the Tiko Tribe a lot of times, probably because the Tiko are so rich because of their Crystal mine.Part 13
0000The Sendo Tribe has conquered the Chi Tribe even before Shuhan sets out. Moyasu survives the attack.Part 7 & 15
0000Moyasu finds the Ruby of the Dragon and passes Pyro Phoenixtruth’s test.Part 15 & 22


Parts that happened on this day:



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