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Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 11 months ago

Everything that happened on day 5 of the Story:


0005Zesshou runs away from the Mikomi Tribe, but is subsequently captured by a Sendo warrior. Zesshou says he wants to join the Sendo.Part 6
0005Zesshou is imprisoned, but Shuhan helps him escape and orders him to find weapons. Though he is surrounded by Sendo after a little while.Part 7
0005Taoru declares that the Sendo have already defeated the Chi Tribe, much to Zesshou’s dismay.Part 7
0005The Mikomi Tribe sets out to attack the Sendo village.Part 7
0005Kyen Koh and her father plan to catch the Mikomi by surprise and reveal to eachother that they're actually part of the Sendo Tribe.Part 7
0005Nagata reaches the Chi Tribe, but there's no one there.Part 7
0005The Mikomi surround the Sendo village as part of Hitori’s plan. Hitori orders the army to attack.Part 8
0005Zesshou brings back Shuhan’s weapons, thanks to the help of Shuhan’s ‘old friend’. Shuhan begins his attack from inside using his 120 men (134 – the unknown scout – Yuji – 12 men).Part 2 & 8 & 9
0005Thanks to the Mystery Man Nagata can join the fight.Part 11
0005A bloody battle ensues. The Sendo somehow have problems battling the small Mikomi army.Part 9
0005When saving Hitori from Taoru, Shuhan is injured and Taoru is killed. The Sendo were almost beaten, but the fighting stopped and both tribes took care of their wounded.Part 10
0005Aiko was captured and taken alive by the Mikomi.Part 10
0005Unerko, Zesshou's father, dies around this time.Part 81
0005-0006First and second night after the battle went by quietly without fighting.Part 10


Parts that happened on this day:


Part 6: Youth

Part 7: The Worst Is Yet to Come

Part 8: Mystery Man

Part 9: When the winner looses

Part 10: Twist the Knife

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