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Page history last edited by Dougurasu 13 years, 5 months ago

Everything that happened on day 197 of the Story.


0197Tebok and Kyen Koh lead the Sendo army to the Mikomi Tribe to wage war.Part 31
0197The image of Kyen Koh tells Hitori that the Sendo army is coming and that she should evacuate.Part 31
0197The Mikomi start to evacuate the citizens. Moyasu agrees to lead the council members and the citizens to the Chi village where they’ll probably be safe. Hitori orders Hana to go with them and take the two Hikari Crystals. Wevles, Wevlum and Wevli are ordered to protect Hana and the others. Zesshou and Nagata stay to help Hitori and the other soldiers.Part 31


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 31: Poisonous Fruits

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