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Everything that happened on day 198 of the Story:


0198Hana and the others reach the Chi village. They find bodies impaled on stakes, probably skeletons, since flesh would’ve withered away after such a long time.Part 32
0198The Mikomi in Mikomi village prepare.Part 32
0198Pyro Phoenixtruth appears before Moyasu and revealed that the Chi Tribe village actually turned out beautiful with all the nature.Part 33
0198The Mikomi and the Sendo engage in battle.Part 33
0198Pyro Phoenixtruth asks Moyasu to give him back the Ruby of the Dragon, because he thinks she’s no longer worthy of it, because she thinks she betrayed her own people. Moyasu forgives him and all is well, but the ghost of her mother asks her to save the Chi people.Part 34
0198Zesshou and Nagata protect Hitori. Lana walks up to them, but before she can do anything Baku appears.Part 35
0198Moyasu leaves the group at the Chi village to find a way to bring back her people together with Pyro Phoenixtruth.Part 35
0198Baku invites Kyen Koh to their side, saying she’s not at all evil. Lana takes matters in her own hands and stabs Baku. With his last strength he transports Hitori, Zesshou, Nagata and most Mikomi soldiers that were still on their feet to a place far from the Mikomi, Chi or Sendo villages.Part 35
0198Hitori and the others meet Serenity “Siren” Soulheart, but fail to realise she is a guardian of a Hikari Crystal. Siren says she’ll help Baku on the condition that when the situation with Baku is settled, Zesshou will marry her.Part 37
0198Zesshou accepts Siren’s marriage proposal because he thinks there’s no other option.Part 38
0198The Sendo tribe takes over the Mikomi village. Lana becomes Empress of the Sendo Tribe. Kyen Koh is degraded to leader of the seventh legion. Tebok is promoted to Lord of the Sendo.Part 38
0198Moyasu is attacked, captured by three Tiko soldiers and taken to the Tiko village.Part 38
0198Nagata realises Lightning is missing and must have been left in the Mikomi village.Part 38


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 32: Follow the Leader

Part 33: Ruby of the Dragon

Part 34: Bring us Back

Part 35: We'll Meet Again

Part 36: What is the Truth?

Part 37: The lovely fairy

Part 38: Déjà vu, the truth and a profession of love



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