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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 4 months ago

Everything that happened on day 199 of the Story:


0199Inoe of the Tiko Tribe is put in charge of taking care of Moyasu.Part 39
0199Siren despised Hitori because Zesshou is in love with her and makes her see the image of Shuhan to make her fall down two metres on her head.Part 40 & 42
0199Lana tortures Baku for information.Part 40
0199Kyen Koh enters Baku’s torture chamber with the help of a hairpin. Baku realises the hairpin is the exact same as Baku’s mother’s hairpin.Part 41
0199Baku asks Kyen Koh to leave without answering her questions. He says he needs time to think things over.Part 42


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 39: Who are the Tiko?

Part 40: Love

Part 41: Manipulation



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