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Everything that happened on day 201 of the Story:


0199-0201Hitori is unconscious.Part 42
0199-0201Kyen Koh wanders around aimlessly and tries to avoid her father’s home. Also she had seen her legion only twice, both times she was laughed at and made fun of.Part 42
0201Hitori wakes up after two days of unconsciousness. She doesn’t remember that Shuhan died anymore, and thought he was still alive being really confused now. Nagata takes over the command of the Mikomi and Hitori agrees.Part 42
0201The Sendo scouts have found the other Mikomi hiding in the Chi village. Lana orders Tebok to take his army and kill them all. She warns that they shouldn’t touch the Hikari Crystals.Part 42
0201Kyen Koh’s father asks Kyen Koh to enter their house to talk. He tells her Aiko was found 23 years ago alone in the forest and Kyen Koh a year later with a mysterious hairpin.Part 42
0201Moyasu and Pyro find the girl who’s wearing her pendant. At request of Moyasu Pyro shows her the secret of the Tiko Tribe. The fact that they can change people to crystals.Part 42
0201Baku reveals to Lana that Kyen Koh is Lana’s daughter.Part 42
0201Baku is taken along with Tebok’s troops.Part 45
0201Moyasu declares to Inoe that it’s inhuman what the Tiko Tribe is doing to people. Inoe reveals they do it with Alchemy. Inoe says she’ll be able to leave the Tiko Tribe, but a ‘permanent’ has to go with her. A permanent is someone that will follow her everywhere to make sure she doesn’t tell about the Tiko’s secret.Part 43
0201Gaia Titaniacare and Mermaid Aquateam appear before Hana to comfort her.Part 44
0201With a little help from Siren, Hitori convinces herself that she killed Shuhan. She leaves Nagata’s and Zesshou’s party unnoticed.Part 44


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 42: Secrets

Part 43: Dangerous Secret

Part 44: Shame and Guilt

Part 45: Lying and Telling the Truth



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