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Everything that happened on day 203 of the Story:


0203Inoe’s son, Sasaeru, is assigned as Permanent to Moyasu and both depart in the direction of the ruins of the Chi Tribe. By letting Sasaeru be assigned as a Permanent to Moyasu they have officially married, but Moyasu doesn’t know yet.Part 47 & 55
0203Hitori is saved from the water by a person. Hitori doesn’t know that it is actually Typhoon Gryffinstrenght. Ty, as he likes to be called, makes Hitori remember again about Shuhan. After Ty explains that the Mikomi trying to retake Mikomi village are walking into a trap and that the Mikomi in Chi village are on the verge of being attacked he vanishes.Part 48
0203Serenity Soulheart leaves Nagata’s and Zesshou’s group because she feels guilty for what happened to Hitori, only to be captured by Chounin who intends to sell her.Part 49 & 50
0203Nagata’s group doesn’t have enough money to buy the map from Chounin. Chounin offers them information for 70 pesocs, but in the end Nagata and his team can’t use that information. They agree that Chounin should return in a week (day 0210), because then they will be able to buy the map. Chounin leaves.Part 49 & 50
0203Chounin and Hitori bump into eachother. Hitori quickly walks past him in the direction of the Chi Tribe.Part 50
0203In the attempt to retake the Mikomi village, Nagata orders Shousha to stay outside to guard the wall, but after that forgets all about him and he’s eventually killed by Sendo warriors.Part 54
0203Lightning distracts the guards in the Mikomi village and Nagata and his group enter the village. They meet Kyen Koh. When she says she’s sorry, Typhoon Gryffinstrength appears and together with him they capture Lana and make sure all the Sendo go back to their village.Part 50
0203Chi village is surrounded by Tebok’s army. Hitori arrives in Chi village unnoticed by the Sendo. She asks Mermaid Aquateam for help. They all hide under the pond in the Chi village. Tebok and his army are unable to find them.Part 50
0203After an extensive search Tebok and his army take Baku and leave the Chi village and walk in the direction of Mikomi village.Part 53
0203Kino gets angry because of a few teenagers, but Urania calms him down.Part 53
0203Zesshou goes out to look for Hitori and Siren with two Mikomi guards.Part 54


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 47: Permanent

Part 48: To Choose Between Two Pains

Part 49: Taking Back the Mikomi Village (Part I)

Part 50: Taking Back the Mikomi Village (Part II)

Part 51: Culture Shock (Part I)

Part 52: Unlike Other Girls

Part 53: Annoyance is Common



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