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Everything that happened on day 205 of the Story:


0205Hitori, Hana and the other Mikomi that were hiding in Chi village finally return to the Mikomi village.Part 54
0205Hitori starts crying when she sees her broken mirror. She’s comforted by Hana. Hitori tells Hana that she doesn’t want to be the Lady of the Mikomi anymore, but not to tell anyone else.Part 54
0205Yamome accuses Nagata of killing her husband Shousha, because Nagata forgot about him (see 0203).Part 54
0205Chounin sells Siren on the Market Square to two Sendo soldiers. Zesshou sees this and jumps Chounin.Part 54
0205When everyone’s in bed Kino hears the voice of Urania calling for him, but it’s actually Lana trying to free herself.Part 54
0205Sasaeru reveals that by accepting him as a permanent they’ve actually been married. Moyasu doesn’t feel too happy about this.Part 55
0205Pyro leaves Moyasu’s side to go to the other Mikomi and to keep them up to date on what happened.Part 55
0205Hitori meets Typhoon Gryffinstrength and realises he’s the one that saved her two days ago. Ty had just asked Kyen Koh to speak with him.Part 56
0205Zesshou and the two Mikomi guards sit near the Sendo camp with the two Sendo soldiers that captured Siren. Zesshou hears a beautiful song and realises it is actually Siren.Part 56
0205Typhoon Griffinstrength explains the role of the ones that are Chosen to Kyen Koh and Hitori. Pyro Phoenixtruth butts in to tell that Moyasu is doing fine. Ty also tells Kyen Koh that she still has to face her Final Test and that is to get the Hikari Crystal from the eye of a hurricane that only passes through the valley, over the South planes, every 50 years, so she has to hurry to get there.Part 57
0205Kyen Koh asks everyone to call her Mariko from now on.Part 57
0205The Sendo Tribe finds a girl near the lake named Alika. She is in search for her parents.Part 73


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 54: Bitter Reunion

Part 55: Culture Shock {Part II)

Part 56: The New Life

Part 57: The Chosen One's Leader



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