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Everything that happened on day 206 of the Story:


0206The water level inside The Valley of Endless Rain is beginning to rise.Part 58 & 59
0206Kino and Lana freed the Mikomi horses to make sure they wouldn’t be followed.Part 60
0206Mr. Shikai, the head of the council, has started Nagata’s trial early at Yamome’s request.Part 58
0206Mariko is awoken by Ty who tells her that Lana has escaped.Part 58
0206Mr. Shikai asks Hitori if he can use the knowledge of Pyro Phoenixtruth for Nagata’s trial. Hitori agrees, so does Pyro, but only for this one trial. Thanks to Mariko and the triplets Pyro reveals that Kino set Lana free.Part 58
0206Zesshou saves Siren, but in the process he promises to marry her.Part 58
0206Sasaeru notices that the rivers have begun flooding.Part 59
0206Sasaeru tells Moyasu the story of his scar.Part 59
0206Nagata’s trial has been postponed until Lana and Kino can be found.Part 60
0206Zesshou, Siren and the two Mikomi soldiers find Lana and Kino in the forest, but don’t approach them yet.Part 60
0206Lord Tebok and a few Sendo warriors set out to the prisoner exchange with Baku.Part 60
0206Moyasu is awoken by a little earthquake and runs away screaming it’s the water coming.Part 61
0206Hitori orders Hana to stay in the Mikomi village and act as leader. She also orders Nagata and Mariko to come with her regardless of their present situations. Together with a few volunteers they set out to find Lana and Nagata is ordered to immediately return on Lightning to tell Hana to evacuate if something happens to Hitori and the others.Part 61
0206Zesshou, Siren and the two guards follow Lana and Kino until they are met with both Tebok’s army and Hitori’s party. Soon after Moyasu and Chounin arrive as well. Chounin starts to ask who the highest bidder on his Hikari Crystal treasure map is.Part 61
0206As a price for Chounin’s treasure map, Chounin asks Hitori out on a date. Hitori declines, of course.Part 62
0206Somewhere else Afrain, his wife Kyrlian and a messenger Hermi stop time when all those people come together. They plan to separate those people before something dangerous happens. Afrain almost gets killed because of the timestop.Part 62
0206Baku and Lana seem practically unaffected by the timestop. Baku frees himself from his chains. Lana tries to break Hitori’s neck. Hermi interrupts and Lana threatens to kill him because Hermi was the one to tell Afrain she was pregnant. Baku transports the Mikomi, Mariko, Siren, Moyasu and Sasaeru to the Mikomi village. The timestops discontinues when Afrain, Kyrlian and Hermi return to The Clouds before the Sun.Part 63
0206Kino reveals that he was not in control when he betrayed the Mikomi Tribe. Hana reveals that the people at the village been following the events thanks to Pyro. Baku tells Mariko that he would like her to meet someone to tell her about her past.Part 63
0206Yamome manages to stop Nagata just in time before he escapes.Part 63
0206There’s a meeting in the Mikomi village. Hitori tells everyone about what Baku did, she can’t comprehend the timestop however. She asks Mariko to go to the southern planes to get the Diamond of the Angel. Baku, Ty, Moyasu, Sasaeru, Wevlum and Wevli go with her; Pyro said Moyasu should also meet the person Baku was talking about. Hitori tells that the trial is schedualed for evening the next day and assigns Wevles to watch over Nagata so he doesn’t try to escape again. Lastly she announces the marriage between Siren and Zesshou which was going to take place the next day, late afternoon. Zesshou agrees with reluctance.Part 63
0206Half an hour later Mariko’s party departs using Baku’s transportation ability.Part 64
0206Lana takes Chounin and Tebok and some soldiers to check out if Chounin’s map was accurate.Part 64
0206Mariko’s party arrives at the Southern Planes and finds the tornado.Part 64


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 58: Shikai's Request

Part 59: Emotional Scars

Part 60: Confusing

Part 61: Chaos Is My Speciality

Part 62: Timestop

Part 63: Return

Part 64: Dangerous Winds



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