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Everything that happened on day 207 of the Story:


0207After a night’s sleep Typhoon Gryffinstrenght visits Mariko to oversee her test of courage. Mariko jumps into the tornado.Part 65
0207Hana tries to organise the whole wedding, but Zesshou is missing.Part 66
0207Nagata flees from Wevles when he accidentally falls asleep.Part 66
0207Nagata and Zesshou both end up in a cavern that they found thanks to Chounin’s clue from Part 49. Zesshou tells Nagata that he loves Hitori. They both convince themselves to return to what they were meant to do; the wedding and the trial.Part 49 & 66
0207Kino has been bullied and his garden trampeled by angry citizens of the Mikomi Tribe who think he’s a collaborator. Mr. Shikai asks him to be Nagata’s lawyer. He agrees under the condition that on the way to the trial his identity remains a secret.Part 67
0207The first session of Nagata’s trial begins and Yamome starts barraging him with questions about whether he was distracted by seeing Lightning again in Part 50 or not.Part 50 & 67
0207Zesshou gets two wedding rings from Kanshi, the village’s owner of the jewelry store, with a Crystal made by the Tiko.Part 67
0207Nagata is found guilty in the first session by the court, this is mostly because of everyone’s hatred for Nagata’s lawyer, Kino.Part 67
0207Zesshou’s wedding begins, but when he doesn’t go through with it because he’s already in love with someone else, Siren tells him he has succeeded the task and has earned the Light of the Soul, Siren was of course a Guardian. Zesshou runs away with both rings. Siren tells Hitori that the Light of the Soul is hidden in the South-Eastern Cavern.Part 67
0207Thanks to Chounin’s map Lana finds the Light of the Soul in the South-Eastern Cavern. She asks Chounin to hold it, otherwise it could turn dark.Part 67


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 65: Sometimes Trust Asks Courage

Part 66: The Wedding and the Trial (Part I)

Part 67: The Wedding and the Trial (Part II)



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