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Everything that happened on day 208 of the Story:


0208Hitori has a dream about Shuhan and the Hikari Guardians. The Guardians say that in the future Hitori and Shuhan will be together again, but now she must help a certain girl.Part 68
0208Mariko wakes up in the of the tornado.Part 68
0208Mariko finishes her test of courage inside the tornado and safely returns with the Diamond of the Angel. Mariko (in trance) also gives Moyasu a message.Part 69
0208Baku leads the group at the Southern Planes to Mikomi's secret safe house. Mikomi and Baku reveal the true meaning of the gathering of the Hikari Crystals; to save Mikomi's life. Mikomi reveals her life is linked to that of Lana's. Lana once switched her mortality for Mikomi's immortality and now Lana is draining Mikomi's life force. To stop this Mikomi must return to The Clouds Before the Sun to reverse the curse. Also Mariko is told that she was the unexpected factor.Part 70
0208Lana finds out that she can touch the Hikari Crystals. She plans on taking Chounin and Mariko's Father to the Mikomi village to trade them for the Hikari Crystals.Part 70
0208Pyro reveals to Hitori that Lana has the Light of the Soul, can touch the Hikari Crystals, and is going to try and trade Chounin for the remaining Crystals.Part 70
0208Mikomi tells Moyasu that the spirits of the Chi Tribe aren't ready to die yet, because they weren't meant to, so they still linger and therefore it's possible for Moyasu to bring them back.Part 71
0208When Mikomi dozes off Sasaeru tries to kill her, which he thinks benefits them all, because if he does Lana also dies and Mikomi will have eternal peace. Baku interfers and promises that if a month goes by and they hadn't saved her yet, he would kill her himself.Part 71
0208Baku and the others leave Mikomi's Safehouse. Baku tells the others not to approach the Safehouse without him, else they will probably die.Part 72
0208Lana is fixated on the Light of the Soul but is very close to Mikomi Village and will arrive on 0209.Part 72
0208Kino and Nagata talk about Yamome's persistance, how she hasn't shed a single tear and how she knew about Pyro Phoenixtruth so fast after his arrival.Part 72
0208Baku's party arrives at Mikomi Village and Moyasu finds out about Zesshou's ring and the Tiko Crystal that's on it. Baku returns to Mikomi.Part 72
0208Nagata wins his second session of his trial thanks to Yamome attacking Lightning.Part 72
0208After a talk with Hana Hitori decides that once she wakes up, she's going to be completely dedicated to being a leader.Part 73
0208Hitori and Lana wake up in a world created by Siren. She announces it's going to be the battle for the Light of the Soul.Part 73
0208Afraid Lana's plan to trade the remaining Hikari Crystals for Chounin, Tebok decides to use a backup plan. Tebok gets Alika and claims that they couldn't save her mother and that her father, who he tells her is Chounin, is now gone beserk because of the evil witch Hitori's spell.Part 73
0208After rethinking what Mariko had said in her trance, Moyasu began to consider treating Sasaeru with a little more respect. She would not tell the secret of the Tiko Tribe, but in return Sasaeru has to act as slave for Moyasu.Part 74
0208Sasaeru thinks about the Tiko Village and how Moyasu has a point in telling that they're brutal.Part 74


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 68: Sad Dreams

Part 69: Trust the Wind

Part 70: Lifeline

Part 71: A Little Bit of Help

Part 72: Yamome's Persistance

Part 73: Doom, Thy Name Be Alika

Part 74: Mariko's Words



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