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Everything that happened on day 209 of the Story:


0209Kino starts investigating the murder on Shousha himself and asks Bedoro, Shousha's best friend, for help, however the only thing he can tell him is that Shousha's body was bleeding from his ears, eyes and nose.Part 75
0209Moyasu realizes her arm has healed and that her Hikari Crystal stopped glowing.Part 75
0209Kino questions Pyro, but he tells him he can't say a thing.Part 75
0209Tebok and Alika (shrouded so that she can't be recognized) infiltrate the Mikomi Village. They can apparently pass through walls and the people getting close to them immediately suffer from great headaches. They steal the Pearl of the Ocean, the Emerald of the Earth and the Diamond of the Angel and give a hint to Hana that they should ask Siren what's going on with Hitori.Part 75
0209Later that day everyone seems to have recovered from the headache attacks, but Zesshou's still in the sick cabin (?). Shikai enters the room and tells the group that because of the crisis the council is going to take over control of the Mikomi Village, at least until Hitori is back.Part 75
0209Tebok continues to lie to Alika while she thinks Chounin is her father. Out of curiosity she goes to see him.Part 76
0209The Siren Fairies convince Hitori to walk away from the canyon and the Light of the Soul in search for something to reach it. Lana remains behind pestered by the Mini-Sirens.Part 76
0209Moyasu and Sasaeru both experienced headaches from the attack on Mikomi Village, but don't mention it to eachother.Part 77
0209Shikai came to Moyasu to take the Ruby of the Dragon, but Moyasu wasn't about to give his up. She and Sasaeru escaped from Mikomi village, being followed by four Mikomi Warriors.Part 77
0209Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare made sure that Sasaeru and Moyasu could escape to the island on Hiyou Lake.Part 77
0209Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare tell Moyasu and Sasaeru that Pyro Phoenixtruth thinks that Shikai has temporarily been possessed by the Key, because Hitori is in a state of trance. Pyro wouldn't reveal any more.Part 77
0209Moyasu, Sasaeru, Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare are forced deeper into the cave under Hiyou Lake and reach an enormous underground space with a Cathedral. On this Cathedral is a long tunnel going straight down to Layou's prison.Part 78
0209Nagata's trial is concluded and according to Pyro Phoenixtruth he could have avoided Shousha's death and is therefore guilty. Shikai banishes Nagata from Mikomi village.Part 78
0209Kino overhears a conversation between Shikai and Pyro. Shikai tells him that his job is done now. Pyro had lied to everyone about Nagata's verdict and that it was Shikai who has the ability to cause headaches. Pyro was forced to do as Shikai said else he would kill Moyasu from a distance.Part 78
0209Kino tells what he has heard to Hana. Hana decides to take Hitori and leave the village. Only saying that Shikai is bad she asks Wevli, Wevles, Wevlum, Mariko and Zesshou if they want to join her or stay in the Village.Part 78
0209Hitori wanders around with the Mini-Sirens to no apparant avail. Hitori likes the calm atmosphere and the break from her duties.Part 79
0209Alika reaches Chounin who she thinks is her father. Chounin however doesn't want to alarm the guards or other Sendo so he turns his back to the innocent girl. Alika thinks that the curse Hitori supposedly made over Chounin is really strong and becomes sad, but also happy to have defied the Mikomi TribePart 79
0209Hitori and the Mini-Sirens end up at the same place they started (because Hitori was constantly following the sun). Lana tells her that the Sun is always moving and Hitori feels ashamed for her apparent mistake.Part 79
0209Hana, Mariko, Wevles, Wevli and Wevlum leave Mikomi Village with the unconscious Hitori through the secret passageway in the cellars of Mikomi Village. Zesshou stays behind because of his injury (he could probably join them in a few days) and Kino stays behind as well to take care of him.Part 80 & 81
0209Alika wanders off and happens to bump into Nagata and Lightning.Part 80
0209Wevles reaches the river and finds a girl named Saiya who they slowly but surely befriend after Hana and the others reach them.Part 80
0209Kino asks Zesshou about his parents.Part 81
0209Mr. Shikai's men leave the shore of Hiyou Lake because it's getting very cold and wet.Part 81
0209Sasaeru comforts Moyasu because of a nightmare and the two come closer together.Part 81


Parts that took place on this day:


Part 75: Out Of Our Hands

Part 76: Mirrored Truth

Part 77: Runaway Key

Part 78: Cathedral

Part 79: Field Trip in the Soul

Part 80: Good or Evil?

Part 81: The Opening of the Heart



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