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So you're all dying to know right? Who is Acrocat? Well that's me! Let's start out with my stats:







Name: Acrocat


Colour Hair: Mid-dark blonde, though I usually paint it lighter.


Colour Eyes: Dark brown


Country: The Netherlands. There I live near the western coast in a city called Zoetermeer.


First written part: Part 4


Last written part: I haven't stopped writing yet.


Love Interest: I'm still single. Poor me.


Family: My mother, father and two elder brothers.


Date of birth: June 17th 1987 which makens me 19 years old.


Weapons of choice: Knives, and a lot of them


Characters: Nagata, Lightning, Kino, Gaia Titaniacare, Mermaid Aquateam, Pyro Phoenixtruth, Typhoon Gryffinstrength, Serenity Soulheart, Hermi, Kyrlian, Lana, Mystery man (Baku), Wevli, Wevles and Wevlum.





Deviantart gallery:


http://www.acrocat.deviantart.com// You can also take a look at some art Kitty Ocean made for me:


http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/9082367/ and







Now that you all have a better view of me, let's rant about me some more :).



You can usually find me right at home watching television, or playing computergames. I'm not really lazy, but I'm not all that comfortable among large group of people. The best way for me to socialize is with a small group of close friends whom I'm comfortable with. Though I'm still single, I do have a few loves in my life:



-My pets. I totally love my pets and am completely devoted to them. I also love horses, and horseriding has been a big part of my life.


-My family. Though I seem silent and secluded (as in really introvert) to many poeple on the outside, I can also be one big junk of hyperactive energy when I'm at home. All just because I feel safe and secure with my family.


-English. I've been in contact with English for almost all my life, and thus have learned quite a lot. Though I will not say that I'm as good as any native speaker, I can handle myself pretty well in this language. I find it much easier to express myself in English than in Dutch. Most of the books I read are English too.


-Music. My motto is: 'Music is my magic.' Whether I'm making music on my keyboard or listening to music on the radio, I always find myself engulfed in it. Music relaxes me and makes me feel like I can use magic at any time.


-Reading, writing and drawing. I love to read. David Eddings is my favorite writer, and an inspiration to my own work. Though I'm not really very active at writing my own stories, I still am very enthusiastic about writing for Endless Rain. Occasionally I draw too, but that usually comes in waves. One moment I'm constantly drawing while I can also not do anything with it for months.



Well I hope that gives you all a clear view of me. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. My mail box is always open. You can find my mail address at my deviantart account.



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Dougurasu said

at 12:16 pm on May 11, 2007

Nice entry :D I had no idea how to tackle this, but you did it marvelously :D
Maybe you should add which parts you've already written (there's a list on the official site) :p

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