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A list of arcs in the Endless Rain Story:


Quick scoreboard



Arcs in progress


- Hikari Crystals Arc

- Moyasu's Tribe Arc

- Zesshou loves Hitori Arc

- Nagata's Trial Arc

- Secret of the Tiko Tribe Arc

- Rising Water Level Arc




Concluded Arcs


- Mikomi-Sendo War Arc

- Fight for Mikomi Village Arc

- Siren's love for Zesshou Arc






- Kyen Koh's Identity Crisis Arc

- Hitori loves Shuhan Arc

- Chounin loves Hitori Arc



Over encompassing Arcs



Mikomi-Sendo War Arc


ExplenationThe war between the Mikomi Tribe and the Sendo Tribe from Part 1 to Part 10.

Status: Concluded.




Hikari Crystals Arc


Explenation: The search for the five Hikari Crystals starting in Part 11 and still ongoing.

Status: Not concluded.




Fight for Mikomi Village Arc


Explenation: From when the Mikomi were forced to abandon their village until they retook it from the Sendo, from Part 31 till Part 50.

Status: Concluded.




Smaller arcs




Secret of the Tiko Tribe Arc


Explenation: From when Moyasu found out that the Tiko Tribe were creating perfect crystals from Sendo soldiers till after she was assigned Sasaeru as permanent, starting in Part 42 and ongoing.

Status: Not concluded.




Rising Water Level Arc


Explenation: From the moment Pyro mentioned the flood-dangers to the rising of the water and continueing. Starting in Part 46 and ongoing.

Status: Not concluded.




Character Arcs



Kyen Koh's Identity Crisis Arc


Explenation: All the way from Kyen Koh's schizophrenia until the true origins of Kyen Koh's existance. Spanning from Part 11 and continueing.

Status: Pretty much concluded, but more can be done.




Moyasu's Tribe Arc


Explenations: From Moyasu's destruction of her Tribe to her quest to revive it, starting in Part 15 and still going on.

Status: Not concluded.




Nagata's Trial Arc


Explenations: Nagata is on trial for leaving Shousha to his fate. Starting in Part 54.

Status: Not concluded.



Love Arcs



Hitori loves Shuhan Arc


Explenation: Hitori's love for Shuhan even after he has died. Starting in Part 1 and ongoing.

Status: Not concluded yet.




Zesshou loves Hitori Arc


Explenation: About Zesshou's (still) unanswered love for Hitori. Starting in Part 31 and ongoing.

Status: Not concluded yet.




Siren's love for Zesshou Arc


Explenation: Siren says she's in love with Zesshou and wants to marry him, starting in Part 36 and ending in Part 67.

Status: Concluded.




Chounin loves Hitori Arc


Explenation: Starting in the flashback of Part 52 and continueing on with not really a defenite ending yet.

Status: Undefined.



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