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Blonde Teraesa

Page history last edited by BlondeTeraesa 13 years, 5 months ago

My Turn!!! Finally.




Name: Teraesa J. Redmond (aka BT)


Colour Hair: Dark Blonde


Colour Eyes: Olive Green


Country: USA


Endless Rain parts: Part 2, Part 10, Part 15, Part 18, Part 22, Part 25, Part 28, Part 32, Part 36, Part 39, Part 43, Part 47, Part 51, Part 55, & Part 59 so far. I'll be writing more eventually, I'm sure.


Untold Stories: Moyasu Pt. 1 & Pt. 2, and Chi Culture.


Love Interest: My boyfriend of almost four years, Nick. =)


Family: Mother, father, two sisters (one older, one younger) and a new baby nephew! ^_^


Date of birth: 23rd of December 1983 (Kitty's older than me, ha ha!)


Weapons of choice: I prefer blunt objects, like bats and umbrellas and other slender, lightweight items I can carry around with me and hit people who piss me off with. =P


Characters: Moyasu and Sasaeru are mine, as are their families. And I singlehandedly created all the characters of the Chi tribe and Tiko tribe. Too bad most of the Chi tribe are dead, and the Tiko may not play too big a part in the story from here on out. Oh well. >_>




Deviantart gallery:







Born in Illinois, raised in Illinois. Joined the USAF after receiving an associates in arts degrees (2005) and am still enlisted at this time. I'll be out of the military next year (2009) come November the 15th. That's my out day, and believe me I'm counting down to it. ^_^


Hobbies: Languages, reading/writing, drawing, ancient culture/civilizations, mythology, movies (horror movies, in particular), and manga. I'll break it down a little bit:


1. I love learning languages, all languages... but I'm too shy to use them, so I tend to be able to hear and read well but not so much on the talking.

2. I love reading good books, so I've always wanted to write a good book and become famous... but I have a hard time finishing the ones I start, and getting started on some because of my 'too detail-oriented' approach to things (or something). >_>

3. I LOVE drawing. I do a lot of it (when I have time) and now that I have a tablet... I'm going to enjoy my artwork a lot more. ^_^

4. I love studying about different civilizations and peoples. I tend to prefer the ancient kind mostly because the more modern people are just too darn predictable for my tastes. The old ones, the really really ancient ones... now THEY had a kind of style and class all their own. No 'melting pot' and no 'world influence,' just pure, xenophobic culture. ;P

5. Since I love culture and civilizations, I also have an interest in their belief systems. Their gods/goddesses, churches, thoughts on the afterlife... it just always struck the right cord with me. =)

6. Everyone loves movies. I love horror movies, or gory movies... and the good kind, not the laughable cheesy kind... though sometimes if the movie mixes the two just right, I enjoy it just as much as a full-blown horror movie.

7. Finally! Manga. Oh, how I wish I could write manga... I guess I just have to settle for reading it. :P

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