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Page history last edited by Dougurasu 14 years, 5 months ago

Well Acro made one, so I guess I should do one too :D







Name: Dougurasu (artist name tho ;) )


Colour Hair: Blonde, kinda dark, but not really.


Colour Eyes: Blue-Green


Country: The Netherlands in Amersfoort


Written parts: Part 3, 7, 13, 19, 24, 31, 35, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54, 58, 63, 67, 70 and 72


Love Interest: Uhm yeah... why is this section here?


Family: My parents and my two-years younger than me brother.


Date of birth: 26th of May 1988, which makes me close to 19 :D


Weapons of choice: I think I would have to say sword


Characters: Not a lot of them I think... Chounin, Tebok, Shikai, Yamome, Shousha, Kanshi and maybe some I forgot (or one-shots).





Deviantart gallery:







I don't know exactly what I should be writing here, so I'll just tell me some of my favourite hobbies and things I like doing as well as what I'm doing at the moment.


First of all I love my friends and I can't live without them so I'm pretty much on MSN every day and I like to visit them every chance I get. Unfortunately everyone's out on college or has school, and I'm doing a preperation year for the Academy of Arts in Utrecht (which I shall now refer to as HKU) which is only on saturday so the rest of the week I pretty much have nothing to do except for a few jobs I do now and then, but none of them seem to be sticking somehow. So it's kind of a depressing year. I've also applied for Digital Video Design at the HKU and if I don't get it and complete the preparation year I'm probably going to do Graphical Design... I hope.


My favourite pasttime, apart from spending time with my friends, are Square Dancing, Morris Dancing, drawing (see my deviantart account), editing videos and I guess downloading and watching series and manga. My favourite series at the moment are Star Trek Deep Space Nine, The 4400, Bones, Family Guy, and Flikken. I also watch a few anime but currently I'm only watching Peter Pan no Bouken and Ryusei no Rockman. Manga I follow are Fullmetal Alchemist and Mahou Sensei Negima. I used to follow a lot more, but I can't find any anime I like anymore, which is kinda weird, but whatever.


Oh yes, the dancing bits. Square Dancing is how my parents met and my brother and I have been introduced to it by them. It's usually parodied by several shows and comics, but as far as I have seen only a select few are actually true. Square Dancing goes something like this: you have a caller, who might also singalong with songs, but he usually calls the figures you have to dance. You have eight people, so four pairs and you sorta stand in a square, but it also looks like a circle so whatever and you do the figures, but the catch is that you have absolutely no idea which figure the caller's gonna call next, with a few exceptions. So you have to pretty much be on your toes to get it. Please note that Square Dancing is NOTHING like Line Dancing and that Line Dancing (imho) sucks... a lot.


Morris dancing is actually a dance that preceded Square Dancing in a lot of ways, but you do more with your feet and hands than perform figures (Square Dancing is usually only walking, while here you have certain steps). I've only been doing this for about a year I think and it's pretty fun and I think I'm even finally getting the hang of it. It's a man type dance with 6 men, with either hankerchiefs or sticks. Yeah, hankerchiefs might sound gay, but I don't thik it is. We just love to do it, so if you think we're gay, try and do it for yourself and make a complete ass of yourself... or something, whatever. Unlike Square you actually study dances. We've also been doing a dance sort called Rapper, which is with five people and bendable swords (it's a sort of sword dance, but we're not extremely good at that yet, but we're getting there).


That's pretty much all there is to know about me. For Endless Rain (which is kinda also my hobby I guess, but usually it takes long between parts, but now I can enjoy it while doing this wiki I guess) I usually write big parts with big plot twists. The big parts thing is something I don't like, but I just can't seem to cram it more together. The plot twists are usually formed in my mind while reading other people's parts. Fortunately I'm trying to make less plottwists and focus on the characters at hand, though I have a few of my own ideas for the finale of the Hikari Crystals Arc. I don't make a lot of Characters however recently I've made Chounin, who is hopefully becoming an important character, but right now he's just a plot item I guess. Well, that's it for my profile, have fun reading my parts!



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