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Project Endless Rain Official Wiki Page



Go here for the Official Site!


Endless Rain is a project started by writer Kitty Ocean (who recently published her first book, 'Forever Young: New to this World'). Kitty was given the title 'Endless Rain' for a project at school. With this, she created a short scene with the title 'Endless Rain Part 1' and uploaded it to DeviantART (11th of January, 2004). In the description for the piece, she said that she wouldn't mind if someone wanted to write the next part to the story. On that VERY SAME DAY Blonde Teraesa wrote and uploaded Part 2, Dougurasu completing and uploading Part 3 the next day after that... and it has been going on ever since.


As of the 28th of July 2008, there are a total of 79 Parts (along with four Untold Stories) and there have been a total of 7 individual writers involved in the storyline. The project is still alive even today, though it's been a bit on the slow side. If you want to join our little group and delve yourself into the rich world of Endless Rain, please contact us on DeviantART via notes. You must have a DeviantART account to join, seeing as that is the where we host all our individual parts.

Also, please visit the Official site for specific rules.


people are now trapped in the valley...


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