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Name: Hitori

Colour Hair: Dark aqua/blue

Colour Eyes: Pink

Tribe: Mikomi Tribe

First Appearance: Part 1

Last Appearance: Hasn't stopped appearing yet.

Arcs involved with: Mikomi-Sendo War Arc, Hikari Crystals Arc

Current status: Alive but unconscious, Lady of the Mikomi Tribe

Current location: Mikomi Village hospital, and in a different plain created by Serenity Soulheart.

Best Friend: Hana

Love Interest: Shuhan

Family: Shuhan (husband for like... 2 minutes or something)

Age at start of story: 19

Weapons: Shuhan's Spare Sword

Character by: Kitty Ocean (ask permission for anything you want to do to Hitori)




Deviantart gallery:








http://blondeteraesa.deviantart.com/art/Tablet-Shuhan-and-Hitori-Love-93128799 (mature)




The main protagonist of the story. In Shuhan's absence Hitori took the throne of her tribe and became Lady Hitori of the Mikomi Tribe.





History Database Entry


Chapter 1: Endless Rain

-3000 Chounin comes to the Mikomi Village and falls in love with Hitori and sells a vast amount of merchendise to her at an uncharicteristally low prize. When Chounin reveals he wants to marry Hitori it makes Hitori punch Chounin in the face. Part 52
0000 Mikomi, Chi and Sendo tribes are in a state of civil war. Sendo appears to be the strongest of the three. Part 1
0000 The Mikomi Tribe has about 218 soldiers (143 + 75) not including the citizens and council members. Part 1 & 3
0000 The Sendo Tribe has at least 200 soldiers, but since they should be the strongest tribe, there are likely to be more. They are also said to be double the size of the Mikomi Tribe. Part 1 & 3
0001 Shuhan, the leader of the Mikomi sets out to fight the Sendo with a legion of Mikomi 143 warriors. Part 1 & 2
0003 Three days later, when Shuhan still hasn’t returned, Hitori becomes Lady of the Mikomi Tribe. Part 1
0004 The Sendo army visits the Mikomi Tribe and tell Hitori that if she doesn’t surrender to the Sendo, Aiko will start killing the Mikomi soldiers she has captured, starting with Shuhan. Part 3
0004 After Kino's objections are overruled by Hitori, Nagata sets out, riding Lightning, to contact the Chi Tribe to ask for their help. Part 4
0004 Hitori decides that they must fight the Sendo until the last man. Part 4
0004 Kyen Koh and her father offer their services to the Mikomi Tribe and state they have seen Shuhan alive. Part 5
0005 The Mikomi Tribe sets out to attack the Sendo village. Part 7
0005 The Mikomi surround the Sendo village as part of Hitori’s plan. Hitori orders the army to attack. Part 8
0005 Zesshou brings back Shuhan’s weapons, thanks to the help of Shuhan’s ‘old friend’. Shuhan begins his attack from inside using his 120 men (134 – the unknown scout – Yuji – 12 men). Part 2 & 8 & 9
0005 Thanks to the Mystery Man Nagata can join the fight. Part 11
0005 A bloody battle ensues. The Sendo somehow have problems battling the small Mikomi army. Part 9
0005 When saving Hitori from Taoru, Shuhan is injured and Taoru is killed. The Sendo were almost beaten, but the fighting stopped and both tribes took care of their wounded. Part 10
0005 Aiko was captured and taken alive by the Mikomi. Part 10
0005-0006 First and second night after the battle went by quietly without fighting. Part 10
0007 Kyen Koh asks the Mikomi to leave, because supplies are running out. The Mikomi return to their village. Hana becomes temporary Lady of the Mikomi Tribe until Hitori has recovered. Part 10
0010 Shuhan accepts that he won’t survive his wounds. He confesses his love for Hitori. Shuhan marries Hitori, only to be widowed immediately. Shuhan dies. Part 10
0010 A Mikomi messenger is sent to the Sendo village. Part 10
0016 The Mikomi messenger still hasn’t returned and has been presumed dead. The Mikomi Tribe finds out that Kyen Koh is actually Mariko of the Sendo. Part 10


Chapter 2: Myth or Legend?

0017-0189 Hitori retakes the role of Lady of the Mikomi Tribe. Kyen Koh takes her role as Lady of the Sendo. Part 11
0017-0189 Hitori starts receiving the image of the good part of Kyen Koh. Part 11
0017-0189 The Mikomi Tribe stops sending messengers to Sendo territory. Part 11
0190 Half a year after the battle: Kyen Koh’s image advises Hitori to seek the Five Hikari Crystals. Part 11
0190 Hitori, Zesshou, Kino, Hana, Wevlum, Wevles, Wevli arrive at Hiyou Lake. Part 13
0190 A small island in Hiyou Lake transforms, thanks to the lightning, to a passageway that leads underground. Part 13
0190 Nagata and Lightning join Hitori’s party. Part 14
0190 Hitori can only take four in one boat. She takes Nagata, Kino and Wevli to the cave and walks all the way down the stairs to the underground caves. Part 14
0190 Hitori and Wevli separate from the bickering Kino and Nagata to look for the Pearl of the Ocean. Part 16
0190 Hitori and Wevli are forced to split up due to a boulder. Part 17
0190 The good image of Kyen Koh warns Hitori about the Sendo. Part 19
0190 Lightning reaches Nagata, but is also imprisoned. Part 20
0190 Hitori and Wevli find each other and save Nagata and Lightning and race through the maze. Finally they reach the end and meet Mermaid Aquateam. They are awarded the Pearl of the Ocean for their bravery and teamwork. The Sendo soldiers are trapped somewhere in the cave. Kino is saved by Mermaid Aquateam. Part 20
0190 Hitori, Hana, Wevli, Wevlum, Wevles, Kino, Zesshou, Nagata and his horse Lightning return to the Mikomi Village Part 21
0191 Nagata tells Hitori and Hana about the Mysterious Man. Part 24
0191 Nagata, Hitori and Hana visit the Mysterious Man and ask him to give them the next clue. The Man turns away and says his father told him not to. Also he said that a clue had already been given in the form of an arrow (Moyasu’s Chi Arrow). He revealed that his father was Afrain and that he was actually Baku. Part 24
0191 Moyasu is taken in by the Mikomi after she fainted. Part 25
0191 Moyasu becomes an official guest at the Mikomi village. Part 26
0191 Hitori realises Moyasu’s pendant might be the Ruby of the Dragon. Part 26 & 27
0191 Hitori asks Kino’s guidance for the Chi girl, Moyasu. Part 26 & 27
0195 Kino hands the Emerald of the Earth over to Hitori. Part 29
0197 The image of Kyen Koh tells Hitori that the Sendo army is coming and that she should evacuate. Part 31
0197 The Mikomi start to evacuate the citizens. Moyasu agrees to lead the council members and the citizens to the Chi village where they’ll probably be safe. Hitori orders Hana to go with them and take the two Hikari Crystals. Wevles, Wevlum and Wevli are ordered to protect Hana and the others. Zesshou and Nagata stay to help Hitori and the other soldiers. Part 31
0198 The Mikomi in Mikomi village prepare. Part 32
0198 The Mikomi and the Sendo engage in battle. Part 33
0198 Zesshou and Nagata protect Hitori. Lana walks up to them, but before she can do anything Baku appears. Part 35
0198 Baku invites Kyen Koh to their side, saying she’s not at all evil. Lana takes matters in her own hands and stabs Baku. With his last strength he transports Hitori, Zesshou, Nagata and most Mikomi soldiers that were still on their feet to a place far from the Mikomi, Chi or Sendo villages. Part 35
0198 Hitori and the others meet Serenity “Siren” Soulheart, but fail to realise she is a guardian of a Hikari Crystal. Siren says she’ll help Baku on the condition that when the situation with Baku is settled, Zesshou will marry her. Part 37
0198 Zesshou accepts Siren’s marriage proposal because he thinks there’s no other option. Part 38
0199 Siren despised Hitori because Zesshou is in love with her and makes her see the image of Shuhan to make her fall down two metres on her head. Part 40 & 42
0199-0201 Hitori is unconscious. Part 42
0201 Hitori wakes up after two days of unconsciousness. She doesn’t remember that Shuhan died anymore, and thought he was still alive being really confused now. Nagata takes over the command of the Mikomi and Hitori agrees. Part 42
0201 With a little help from Siren, Hitori convinces herself that she killed Shuhan. She leaves Nagata’s and Zesshou’s party unnoticed. Part 44
0202 Hitori rolls unconsciously into a river. Part 46
0203 Hitori is saved from the water by a person. Hitori doesn’t know that it is actually Typhoon Gryffinstrenght. Ty, as he likes to be called, makes Hitori remember again about Shuhan. After Ty explains that the Mikomi trying to retake Mikomi village are walking into a trap and that the Mikomi in Chi village are on the verge of being attacked he vanishes. Part 48
0203 Chounin and Hitori bump into eachother. Hitori quickly walks past him in the direction of the Chi Tribe. Part 50
0203 Chi village is surrounded by Tebok’s army. Hitori arrives in Chi village unnoticed by the Sendo. She asks Mermaid Aquateam for help. They all hide under the pond in the Chi village. Tebok and his army are unable to find them. Part 50


Chapter 3: The Passage of the Rainbow

0203 Kino gets angry because of a few teenagers, but Urania calms him down. Part 53
0205 Hitori, Hana and the other Mikomi that were hiding in Chi village finally return to the Mikomi village. Part 54
0205 Hitori starts crying when she sees her broken mirror. She’s comforted by Hana. Hitori tells Hana that she doesn’t want to be the Lady of the Mikomi anymore, but not to tell anyone else. Part 54
0205 Hitori meets Typhoon Gryffinstrength and realises he’s the one that saved her two days ago. Ty had just asked Kyen Koh to speak with him. Part 56
0205 Typhoon Griffinstrength explains the role of the ones that are Chosen to Kyen Koh and Hitori. Pyro Phoenixtruth butts in to tell that Moyasu is doing fine. Ty also tells Kyen Koh that she still has to face her Final Test and that is to get the Hikari Crystal from the eye of a hurricane that only passes through the valley, over the South planes, every 50 years, so she has to hurry to get there. Part 57
0205 Kyen Koh asks everyone to call her Mariko from now on. Part 57
0206 The water level inside The Valley of Endless Rain is beginning to rise. Part 58 & 59
0206 Mr. Shikai, the head of the council, has started Nagata’s trial early at Yamome’s request. Part 58
0206 Mr. Shikai asks Hitori if he can use the knowledge of Pyro Phoenixtruth for Nagata’s trial. Hitori agrees, so does Pyro, but only for this one trial. Thanks to Mariko and the triplets Pyro reveals that Kino set Lana free. Part 58
0206 Nagata’s trial has been postponed until Lana and Kino can be found. Part 60
0206 Hitori orders Hana to stay in the Mikomi village and act as leader. She also orders Nagata and Mariko to come with her regardless of their present situations. Together with a few volunteers they set out to find Lana and Nagata is ordered to immediately return on Lightning to tell Hana to evacuate if something happens to Hitori and the others. Part 61
0206 Zesshou, Siren and the two guards follow Lana and Kino until they are met with both Tebok’s army and Hitori’s party. Soon after Moyasu and Chounin arrive as well. Chounin starts to ask who the highest bidder on his Hikari Crystal treasure map is. Part 61
0206 As a price for Chounin’s treasure map, Chounin asks Hitori out on a date. Hitori declines, of course. Part 62
0206 Baku and Lana seem practically unaffected by the timestop. Baku frees himself from his chains. Lana tries to break Hitori’s neck. Hermi interrupts and Lana threatens to kill him because Hermi was the one to tell Afrain she was pregnant. Baku transports the Mikomi, Mariko, Siren, Moyasu and Sasaeru to the Mikomi village. The timestops discontinues when Afrain, Kyrlian and Hermi return to The Clouds before the Sun. Part 63
0206 Kino reveals that he was not in control when he betrayed the Mikomi Tribe. Hana reveals that the people at the village been following the events thanks to Pyro. Baku tells Mariko that he would like her to meet someone to tell her about her past. Part 63
0206 Yamome manages to stop Nagata just in time before he escapes. Part 63
0206 There’s a meeting in the Mikomi village. Hitori tells everyone about what Baku did, she can’t comprehend the timestop however. She asks Mariko to go to the southern planes to get the Diamond of the Angel. Baku, Ty, Moyasu, Sasaeru, Wevlum and Wevli go with her; Pyro said Moyasu should also meet the person Baku was talking about. Hitori tells that the trial is schedualed for evening the next day and assigns Wevles to watch over Nagata so he doesn’t try to escape again. Lastly she announces the marriage between Siren and Zesshou which was going to take place the next day, late afternoon. Zesshou agrees with reluctance. Part 63
0206 Half an hour later Mariko’s party departs using Baku’s transportation ability. Part 64
0207 Hana tries to organise the whole wedding, but Zesshou is missing. Part 66
0207 Nagata and Zesshou both end up in a cavern that they found thanks to Chounin’s clue from Part 49. Zesshou tells Nagata that he loves Hitori. They both convince themselves to return to what they were meant to do; the wedding and the trial. Part 49 & 66
0207 The first session of Nagata’s trial begins and Yamome starts barraging him with questions about whether he was distracted by seeing Lightning again in Part 50 or not. Part 50 & 67
0207 Nagata is found guilty in the first session by the court, this is mostly because of everyone’s hatred for Nagata’s lawyer, Kino. Part 67
0207 Zesshou’s wedding begins, but when he doesn’t go through with it because he’s already in love with someone else, Siren tells him he has succeeded the task and has earned the Light of the Soul, Siren was of course a Guardian. Zesshou runs away with both rings. Siren tells Hitori that the Light of the Soul is hidden in the South-Eastern Cavern. Part 67
0208 Hitori has a dream about Shuhan and the Hikari Guardians. The Guardians say that in the future Hitori and Shuhan will be together again, but now she must help a certain girl. Part 68
0208 Pyro reveals to Hitori that Lana has the Light of the Soul, can touch the Hikari Crystals, and is going to try and trade Chounin for the remaining Crystals. Part 70
0208 After a talk with Hana Hitori decides that once she wakes up, she's going to be completely dedicated to being a leader. Part 73
0208 Hitori and Lana wake up in a world created by Siren. She announces it's going to be the battle for the Light of the Soul. Part 73
0209 The Siren Fairies convince Hitori to walk away from the canyon and the Light of the Soul in search for something to reach it. Lana remains behind pestered by the Mini-Sirens. Part 76
0209 Hitori wanders around with the Mini-Sirens to no apparant avail. Hitori likes the calm atmosphere and the break from her duties. Part 79
0209 Hitori and the Mini-Sirens end up at the same place they started (because Hitori was constantly following the sun). Lana tells her that the Sun is always moving and Hitori feels ashamed for her apparent mistake. Part 79
0209 Hana, Mariko, Wevles, Wevli and Wevlum leave Mikomi Village with the unconscious Hitori through the secret passageway in the cellars of Mikomi Village. Zesshou stays behind because of his injury (he could probably join them in a few days) and Kino stays behind as well to take care of him. Part 80 & 81
0210 Lana tries to persuade Hitori to jump into the ravine before her. Hitori has a flashback featuring Hana, and she convinced her to jump into the Ravine. Part 83
0211 Hitori is still stuck in the Siren's plain. The ghost of Shuhan persuades Hitori to continue the fight by mentioning someone named  Taraji. Hitori decides to give Hana lady-ship so she can continue her quest to open the Passage of the Rainbow. Part 86





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