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Name: Inoe

Colour Hair: Maroon

Colour Eyes: Blue

Tribe: Tiko Tribe

First Appearance: Part 39

Last Appearance: Part 47

Arcs involved with: Secret of the Tiko Tribe Arc

Current status: Alive.

Current location: Tiko village.

Best Friend: ??

Love Interest: Tiko do not marry but she has had many lovers, the most notable being the father of her two children, Futago (deceased).

Family: Sasaeru (son) and Nurie (daughter, deceased).

Age at start of story: 36

Weapons: ??

Character by: Blonde Teraesa (Blonde Teraesa is currently working in the Air Force and is not able to write (she might be in the future), but she still hangs around DA so ask her before doing anything drastic).



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She is a member of the Tiko tribe, and a skilled interrogator. When Moyasu was captured on Tiko territory, it was Inoe who was chosen to socialize with the young girl and try to find out what she may know about the Tiko tribe and their well-guarded secret. Her investigation came up with nothing, and she was almost capable of freeing the girl when Moyasu ultimately discovered that secret and new measures had to be taken to be sure she wouldn't tell anyone. She is the one who convinced the Tiko tribe council to let Moyasu leave the village with a 'permanent' instead of being killed, and she even volunteered her own son to go with the girl... as further proof that she trusted Moyasu no to tell the Tiko secret. She is now living in the Tiko village, as she always was.





History Database Entry


Chapter 1: Endless Rain



Chapter 2: Myth or Legend?

0199 Inoe of the Tiko Tribe is put in charge of taking care of Moyasu. Part 39
0201 Moyasu and Pyro find the girl who’s wearing her pendant. At request of Moyasu Pyro shows her the secret of the Tiko Tribe. The fact that they can change people to crystals. Part 42
0201 Moyasu declares to Inoe that it’s inhuman what the Tiko Tribe is doing to people. Inoe reveals they do it with Alchemy. Inoe says she’ll be able to leave the Tiko Tribe, but a ‘permanent’ has to go with her. A permanent is someone that will follow her everywhere to make sure she doesn’t tell about the Tiko’s secret. Part 43
0203 Inoe’s son, Sasaeru, is assigned as Permanent to Moyasu and both depart in the direction of the ruins of the Chi Tribe. By letting Sasaeru be assigned as a Permanent to Moyasu they have officially married, but Moyasu doesn’t know yet. Part 47 & 55
0210 Inoe recieves a letter from Sasaeru who asks the help of the Tiko Tribe. Inoe brings his request to Tiko Lord Kaigai Part 82
0211 Inoe knocks on Rutonow's door to summon him. Part 85






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