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Name: Kino

Colour Hair: Grey, but used to be blonde

Colour Eyes: Greenish Blue

Tribe: Mikomi Tribe

First Appearance: Part 4

Last Appearance: Hasn't stopped appearing yet.

Arcs involved with: Mikomi-Sendo War Arc

Current status: Alive

Current location: Mikomi Village

Best Friend: Nagata

Family: Urania (adopted daughter)

Love Interest: None, but cares a great deal for Urania

Age at start of story: ??, Oldest of the Mikomi Tribe

Weapons: None

Character by: Acrocat (ask permission for anything you want to do to Kino)




Deviantart gallery:






Kino is the oldest member of the Mikomi Trib and a proud member of the council. For that reason he was convinced he was the one to lead the Mikomi Tribe, not Hitori. However after some time he realised that Hitori did a pretty good job, being Lady.

He's also a bit of a rival to Nagata who is probably the youngest member of the council, but over time they became friends.





History Database Entry


Chapter 1: Endless Rain

0000 Mikomi, Chi and Sendo tribes are in a state of civil war. Sendo appears to be the strongest of the three. Part 1
0000 The Mikomi Tribe has about 218 soldiers (143 + 75) not including the citizens and council members. Part 1 & 3
0000 The Sendo Tribe has at least 200 soldiers, but since they should be the strongest tribe, there are likely to be more. They are also said to be double the size of the Mikomi Tribe. Part 1 & 3
0001 Shuhan, the leader of the Mikomi sets out to fight the Sendo with a legion of Mikomi 143 warriors. Part 1 & 2
0003 Three days later, when Shuhan still hasn’t returned, Hitori becomes Lady of the Mikomi Tribe. Part 1
0004 The Sendo army visits the Mikomi Tribe and tell Hitori that if she doesn’t surrender to the Sendo, Aiko will start killing the Mikomi soldiers she has captured, starting with Shuhan. Part 3
0004 After Kino's objections are overruled by Hitori, Nagata sets out, riding Lightning, to contact the Chi Tribe to ask for their help. Part 4
0004 Hitori decides that they must fight the Sendo until the last man. Part 4
0004 Kyen Koh and her father offer their services to the Mikomi Tribe and state they have seen Shuhan alive. Part 5
0005 The Mikomi Tribe sets out to attack the Sendo village. Part 7
0005 The Mikomi surround the Sendo village as part of Hitori’s plan. Hitori orders the army to attack. Part 8
0005 Zesshou brings back Shuhan’s weapons, thanks to the help of Shuhan’s ‘old friend’. Shuhan begins his attack from inside using his 120 men (134 – the unknown scout – Yuji – 12 men). Part 2 & 8 & 9
0005 Thanks to the Mystery Man Nagata can join the fight. Part 11
0005 A bloody battle ensues. The Sendo somehow have problems battling the small Mikomi army. Part 9
0005 When saving Hitori from Taoru, Shuhan is injured and Taoru is killed. The Sendo were almost beaten, but the fighting stopped and both tribes took care of their wounded. Part 10
0005 Aiko was captured and taken alive by the Mikomi. Part 10
0005-0006 First and second night after the battle went by quietly without fighting. Part 10
0007 Kyen Koh asks the Mikomi to leave, because supplies are running out. The Mikomi return to their village. Hana become temporary Lady of the Mikomi Tribe until Hitori has recovered. Part 10
0010 Shuhan accepts that he won’t survive his wounds. He confesses his love for Hitori. Shuhan marries Hitori, only to be widowed immediately. Shuhan dies. Part 10
0010 A Mikomi messenger is sent to the Sendo village. Part 10
0016 The Mikomi messenger still hasn’t returned and has been presumed dead. The Mikomi Tribe finds out that Kyen Koh is actually Mariko of the Sendo. Part 10


Chapter 2: Myth or Legend?

0017-0189 Hitori retakes the role of Lady of the Mikomi Tribe. Kyen Koh takes her role as Lady of the Sendo. Part 11
0017-0189 The Mikomi Tribe stops sending messengers to Sendo territory. Part 11
0190 Hitori, Zesshou, Kino, Hana, Wevlum, Wevles, Wevli arrive at Hiyou Lake. Part 13
0190 A small island in Hiyou Lake transforms, thanks to the lightning, to a passageway that leads underground. Part 13
0190 Nagata and Lightning join Hitori’s party. Part 14
0190 Hitori can only take four in one boat. She takes Nagata, Kino and Wevli to the cave and walks all the way down the stairs to the underground caves. Part 14
0190 Hitori and Wevli separate from the bickering Kino and Nagata to look for the Pearl of the Ocean. Part 16
0190 Nagata and Kino split up after they stop fighting. Part 17
0190 Hitori and Wevli find each other and save Nagata and Lightning and race through the maze. Finally they reach the end and meet Mermaid Aquateam. They are awarded the Pearl of the Ocean for their bravery and teamwork. The Sendo soldiers are trapped somewhere in the cave. Kino is saved by Mermaid Aquateam. Part 20
0190 Hitori, Hana, Wevli, Wevlum, Wevles, Kino, Zesshou, Nagata and his horse Lightning return to the Mikomi Village Part 21
0191 Kino finds a baby in the woods and brings it to his house, not telling anyone about her. He calls her Urania, after his passed away mother. Part 23
0191 Hitori asks Kino’s guidance for the Chi girl, Moyasu. Part 26 & 27
0195 Kino hands the Emerald of the Earth over to Hitori. Part 29
0197 The Mikomi start to evacuate the citizens. Moyasu agrees to lead the council members and the citizens to the Chi village where they’ll probably be safe. Hitori orders Hana to go with them and take the two Hikari Crystals. Wevles, Wevlum and Wevli are ordered to protect Hana and the others. Zesshou and Nagata stay to help Hitori and the other soldiers. Part 31
0198 Hana and the others reach the Chi village. They find bodies impaled on stakes, probably skeletons, since flesh would’ve withered away after such a long time. Part 32
0198 Pyro Phoenixtruth appears before Moyasu and revealed that the Chi Tribe village actually turned out beautiful with all the nature. Part 33
0198 Moyasu leaves the group at the Chi village to find a way to bring back her people together with Pyro Phoenixtruth. Part 35
0202 Kino tries to make contact with Urania, but is interrupted by Hana. Part 46
0203 Chi village is surrounded by Tebok’s army. Hitori arrives in Chi village unnoticed by the Sendo. She asks Mermaid Aquateam for help. They all hide under the pond in the Chi village. Tebok and his army are unable to find them. Part 50


Chapter 3: The Passage of the Rainbow

0203 Kino gets angry because of a few teenagers, but Urania calms him down. Part 53
0205 Hitori, Hana and the other Mikomi that were hiding in Chi village finally return to the Mikomi village. Part 54
0205 Yamome accuses Nagata of killing her husband Shousha, because Nagata forgot about him (see 0203). Part 54
0205 When everyone’s in bed Kino hears the voice of Urania calling for him, but it’s actually Lana trying to free herself. Part 54
0206 Kino and Lana freed the Mikomi horses to make sure they wouldn’t be followed. Part 60
0206 Lord Tebok and a few Sendo warriors set out to the prisoner exchange with Baku. Part 60
0206 Zesshou, Siren and the two guards follow Lana and Kino until they are met with both Tebok’s army and Hitori’s party. Soon after Moyasu and Chounin arrive as well. Chounin starts to ask who the highest bidder on his Hikari Crystal treasure map is. Part 61
0206 As a price for Chounin’s treasure map, Chounin asks Hitori out on a date. Hitori declines, of course. Part 62
0206 Baku and Lana seem practically unaffected by the timestop. Baku frees himself from his chains. Lana tries to break Hitori’s neck. Hermi interrupts and Lana threatens to kill him because Hermi was the one to tell Afrain she was pregnant. Baku transports the Mikomi, Mariko, Siren, Moyasu and Sasaeru to the Mikomi village. The timestops discontinues when Afrain, Kyrlian and Hermi return to The Clouds before the Sun. Part 63
0206 Kino reveals that he was not in control when he betrayed the Mikomi Tribe. Hana reveals that the people at the village been following the events thanks to Pyro. Baku tells Mariko that he would like her to meet someone to tell her about her past. Part 63
0206 There’s a meeting in the Mikomi village. Hitori tells everyone about what Baku did, she can’t comprehend the timestop however. She asks Mariko to go to the southern planes to get the Diamond of the Angel. Baku, Ty, Moyasu, Sasaeru, Wevlum and Wevli go with her; Pyro said Moyasu should also meet the person Baku was talking about. Hitori tells that the trial is schedualed for evening the next day and assigns Wevles to watch over Nagata so he doesn’t try to escape again. Lastly she announces the marriage between Siren and Zesshou which was going to take place the next day, late afternoon. Zesshou agrees with reluctance. Part 63
0206 Half an hour later Mariko’s party departs using Baku’s transportation ability. Part 64
0207 Kino has been bullied and his garden trampeled by angry citizens of the Mikomi Tribe who think he’s a collaborator. Mr. Shikai asks him to be Nagata’s lawyer. He agrees under the condition that on the way to the trial his identity remains a secret. Part 67
0207 The first session of Nagata’s trial begins and Yamome starts barraging him with questions about whether he was distracted by seeing Lightning again in Part 50 or not. Part 50 & 67
0207 Nagata is found guilty in the first session by the court, this is mostly because of everyone’s hatred for Nagata’s lawyer, Kino. Part 67
0208 Kino and Nagata talk about Yamome's persistance, how she hasn't shed a single tear and how she knew about Pyro Phoenixtruth so fast after his arrival. Part 72
0209 Kino starts investigating the murder on Shousha himself and asks Bedoro, Shousha's best friend, for help, however the only thing he can tell him is that Shousha's body was bleeding from his ears, eyes and nose. Part 75
0209 Kino questions Pyro, but he tells him he can't say a thing. Part 75
0209 Later that day everyone seems to have recovered from the headache attacks, but Zesshou's still in the sick cabin (?). Shikai enters the room and tells the group that because of the crisis the council is going to take over control of the Mikomi Village, at least until Hitori is back. Part 75
0209 Nagata's trial is concluded and according to Pyro Phoenixtruth he could have avoided Shousha's death and is therefore guilty. Shikai banishes Nagata from Mikomi village. Part 78
0209 Kino overhears a conversation between Shikai and Pyro. Shikai tells him that his job is done now. Pyro had lied to everyone about Nagata's verdict and that it was Shikai who has the ability to cause headaches. Pyro was forced to do as Shikai said else he would kill Moyasu from a distance. Part 78
0209 Kino tells what he has heard to Hana. Hana decides to take Hitori and leave the village. Only saying that Shikai is bad she asks Wevli, Wevles, Wevlum, Mariko and Zesshou if they want to join her or stay in the Village. Part 78
0209 Hana, Mariko, Wevles, Wevli and Wevlum leave Mikomi Village with the unconscious Hitori through the secret passageway in the cellars of Mikomi Village. Zesshou stays behind because of his injury (he could probably join them in a few days) and Kino stays behind as well to take care of him. Part 80 & 81
0209 Kino asks Zesshou about his parents. Part 81
0210 Kanshi is murdered. Part 82
0210 Kino and Zesshou have to stay inside because of the storm. Kino offers Zesshou to help him and his mother. Part 82
0211 Shikai asks Zesshou and Kino very early in the morning to come speak with him. Shikai reveals he knows about the Secret Passageway. Also he threatens Nagata's mother, Kisha, without actually saying that. Part 85
0211 Kino and Zesshou think it over and realize it was Shikai who, in Part 75, caused the headaches. They plan to ask Bedoro to help them find out on which side Shikai is. Part 85





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