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Name: Kyrlian

Colour Hair: Lt. Brown 

Colour Eyes: Gold

Tribe: None, part of the Gods

First Appearance: Part 62

Last Appearance: Hasn't stopped appearing yet.

Arcs involved with: Hikari Crystals Arc

Current status: Alive.

Current location: The Clouds Before the Sun

Best Friend: ??

Love Interest: Afrain (husband)

Family: Afrain (husband), Baku (son), Mikomi (daughter), Sendo (son), Chi (daughter), Tiko (son), Lana (daughter), Mariko (granddaughter)

Age at start of story: Probably extremely old.

Weapons: None

Character by: Acrocat (Ask Acrocat for permission if you want to do things to Kyrlian)



Deviantart gallery:







Not much is known of Kyrlian. So far she's only appeared in one part. All that we know is is that she deeply loves Afrain and their childeren. She's also described as being very elegant and has the ability to influence time.



History Database Entry


Chapter 3: The Passage of the Rainbow

0206 Somewhere else Afrain, his wife Kyrlian and a messenger Hermi stop time when all those people come together. They plan to separate those people before something dangerous happens. Afrain almost gets killed because of the timestop. Part 62
0206 Baku and Lana seem practically unaffected by the timestop. Baku frees himself from his chains. Lana tries to break Hitori’s neck. Hermi interrupts and Lana threatens to kill him because Hermi was the one to tell Afrain she was pregnant. Baku transports the Mikomi, Mariko, Siren, Moyasu and Sasaeru to the Mikomi village. The timestops discontinues when Afrain, Kyrlian and Hermi return to The Clouds before the Sun. Part 63





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