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Mermaid Aquateam

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Name: Mermaid Aquateam

Colour Hair: Light blue

Colour Eyes: Dark blue

Tribe: Mermaid is not part of a tribe though she used to be of the fairy tribe.

First Appearance: Part 18 but unnamed until Part 20

Last Appearance: Hasn't stopped appearing yet.

Arcs involved with: Hikari Crystals Arc

Current status: Alive

Current location: In a cave under Hiyou Lake.

Best Friend: Gaia Titaniacare, Pyro Phoenixtruth, Typhoon Gryffinstrength, Serenity Soulheart.

Family: Though the guardians can be considered to be brothers and sisters, Mermaid doesn't have any immediate family.

Love Interest: None

Age at start of story: Unknown

Weapons: None

Character by: Acrocat (ask permission for anything you want to do to Mermaid)




Deviantart gallery:






Mermaid usually hangs out in her secret cave under Hiyou Lake. Her dress was designed to symbolize her element. A blue, wavy dress with a wave pattern on it. Mermaid is one of the less serious guardians, but still serious. She's the guardian of teamwork/friendship, and usually settles fights between the guardians.

Mermaid's favorite alternate form is the mermaid.




History Database


The History of the Gods:

g0001 The ugly evil monster Layou poisons the green land of the Fairies and kills the Fairy family. Only five Fairies survived: Mermaid Aquateam, Gaia (Urania) Titaniacare, Pyro Phoenixtruth, Typhoon Gryffinstrength and Serenity Soulheart. Part 12 & 30
g0004 A few days later: Afrain, leader of the good monsters, got word of the killing of the Fairy family and went to war with the bad monsters. The Good Monsters were victorious. Part 12
g0004 Whilst the Good Monsters ate the fruit of the poisoned land of the Dead Fairies, Afrain imprisoned Layou and his minions in the centre of the Earth. The land of the Dead Fairies was poisoned and the Good Monsters who ate the fruit of it, turned dark. Afrain had to watch as his sons and wives were slowly turning into evil monsters. Afrain brought his only daughter that hadn’t been poisoned, Lana, and his friends to the Clouds Before the Sun. Mikomi, unpoisoned, was still in the Land of the Dead Fairies. Part 12 & 30 & 31
g0004 Afrain made a big rock wall around the Land of the Dead Fairies. Which formed the Valley of Endless Rain. All the monsters were trapped inside, including Mikomi. Part 13 & 31
g0004-A lot later Baku, Mikomi and three others try to find the Hikari Crystals to open the Passage of the Rainbow to the Clouds Before the Sun. Part 12 & 70 & Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot later Baku and Mikomi find five surviving Fairies, Pyro Phoenixtruth, Mermaid Aquateam, Typhoon Gryffinstrength, Gaia Titaniacare, and Serenity Soulheart. Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot later Baku's and Mikomi's friends sacrificed themselves to save Baku and Mikomi and in the end only Baku and the Fairies could make it back and Mikomi was left behind. Mikomi retreated to a secret, magically hidden safehouse on the Southern Plains Part 12 & 70 & Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot later Afrain finds out, via Hermi, that Lana has a child and Lana is forced to abandon the child in the Valley of Endless Rain. This child eventually is found by Kyen Koh's father carrying Baku's and Lana's mother's hairpin. Part 31 & 41 & 42 & 63 & 70 & Untold Story 2
g0004-A lot later Lana finds all the Hikari Crystals, but her father stops her just in time and exiles her to the Valley of Endless Rain. She couldn’t leave anymore. Afrain made sure, as per Hermi's suggestion, that Lana couldn’t reach the Hikari Crystals anymore by guarding them with the five surviving Fairies: Mermaid Aquateam, Gaia (Urania) Titaniacare, Pyro Phoenixtruth, Typhoon Gryffinstrength and Serenity Soulheart who would only give a Hikari Crystal away after testing the person (tests that Lana would never be able to complete). Part 30 & Untold Story 2


Chapter 1: Endless Rain



Chapter 2: Myth or Legend?

0190 Wevli is teased by the image of Mermaid Aquateam, but subsequently rescued from his blocked corridor. Part 18
0190 Hitori and Wevli find each other and save Nagata and Lightning and race through the maze. Finally they reach the end and meet Mermaid Aquateam. They are awarded the Pearl of the Ocean for their bravery and teamwork. The Sendo soldiers are trapped somewhere in the cave. Kino is saved by Mermaid Aquateam. Part 20
0201 Gaia Titaniacare and Mermaid Aquateam appear before Hana to comfort her. Part 44
0203 Chi village is surrounded by Tebok’s army. Hitori arrives in Chi village unnoticed by the Sendo. She asks Mermaid Aquateam for help. They all hide under the pond in the Chi village. Tebok and his army are unable to find them. Part 50
0209 Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare made sure that Sasaeru and Moyasu could escape to the island on Hiyou Lake. Part 77
0209 Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare tell Moyasu and Sasaeru that Pyro Phoenixtruth thinks that Shikai has temporarily been possessed by the Key, because Hitori is in a state of trance. Pyro wouldn't reveal any more. Part 77
0209 Moyasu, Sasaeru, Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare are forced deeper into the cave under Hiyou Lake and reach an enormous underground space with a Cathedral. On this Cathedral is a long tunnel going straight down to Layou's prison. Part 78
0209 Mr. Shikai's men leave the shore of Hiyou Lake because it's getting very cold and wet. Part 81
0209 Sasaeru comforts Moyasu because of a nightmare and the two come closer together. Part 81
0210 Moyasu and Sasaeru leave the island on Hiyou Lake and leave Pyro Phoenixtruth, Gaia Titaniacare and Mermaid Aquateam behind. Part 84




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