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Mikomi-Sendo War Arc

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Concluded in Part 10



From 0001 to 0016


Main Players:









Nagata (and Lightning

Kyen Koh

Kyen Koh's Father


The Mystery Man




The Sendo and Mikomi Tribe's have been at war for ages. It all began when Mikomi, Tiko, Sendo and Chi all formed tribes after they ate the poisonous fruit from The Land of Dead Fairies and got trapped in the Valley of Endless Rain. The Sendo made the first move and attacked the Tiko Tribe. The Chi and the Mikomi defended the Tiko and in the process killed Sendo. The Tiko became enraged and turned into pacifists and retreated into the mountain, leaving the war. Some time later the Sendo Tribe attacked the Mikomi and the Mikomi Tribe had to ask the Chi for help. This would continue on a few more times until the Chi had enough and quit. The next time the Sendo attacked the Mikomi Tribe barely survived and Mikomi was dying. Chi promised her that whenever the Mikomi Tribe needed the Chi they would help. However the next leader of the Mikomi Tribe was just as ruthless as the leader of the Sendo and all three went to war.


Decades after that the Sendo killed all the Chi and largely destroyed the Chi Village, however this was not known by the Mikomi at the time. After ignoring Hitori's pleas to stop the fighting the current Mikomi Leader Shuhan set out with 143 warriors (more than half of what they originall had) to fight the Sendo.


Meanwhile, with Shuhan gone, the Mikomi Tribe is in chaos and even the council members are debating amongst themselves. Only Hitori dares to rise to the throne and becomes (temporary) Lady of the Mikomi Tribe, much to Hana's dismay, who thinks Hitori shouldn't take the enormous responsibility.


Yuji, a soldier under Shuhan, betrays his Tribe under the false pretense that his wife Amae is captured and will be returned if he delivers Shuhan to the Sendo, however after his job is complete and Shuhan and the rest of the warriors are captured by Taoru, Yuji is killed and buried next to his already dead wife. Aiko, the Lady of the Sendo Tribe, orders Taoru to capture all the warriors and lock them up.


Lady Aiko and some of her troops visit the Mikomi village to discuss terms. Either the Mikomi surrender and become Sendo slaves or they are all killed, starting with Shuhan. They have until noon the next day to decide.


Nagata, the youngest member of the Mikomi council, comes up with a plan to contact the Chi Tribe and ask them for help. Despite Kino's, the eldest member of the council, protests Hitori agrees and Nagata rides his horse Lightning, who is the fastest horse of the entire tribe, to the Chi Tribe village.


Kyen Koh and her father visit the Mikomi Tribe and offer their help, saying that Kyen Koh's mother was killed by the Sendo Tribe and they were out for revenge. Unbeknownst of Hitori and the rest this was a lie. In fact Aiko, Kyen Koh's sister, exiled Kyen Koh from the Sendo village to become Lady of the tribe and Kyen Koh just wants to take the tribe from her. Hitori agrees.


The next day, a young boy named Zesshou goes on a quest to find Shuhan himself to prove that he's a great warrior to Lady Hitori. Instead he's captured by a Sendo soldier and put in the same cell as Shuhan and his men. Luckily Zesshou could fit through a small hole that Shuhan and the others couldn't escape from and Zesshou escapes, but he is again captured when Aiko notices him. He overhears Taoru saying that the Chi Tribe has been conquered and destroyed.


The Mikomi Tribe and Kyen Koh's men set out to fight the Sendo Tribe. However Kyen Koh's men are strategically set up to stab the Mikomi in the back. The army surrounds the village and attack.


A Mystery Man, an old friend of Shuhan's, helps Zesshou escape and he brings back Shuhan's weapons and Shuhan and his army break out.


Nagata and Lightning reach the Chi Tribe village, but everyone has been killed. Nagata quickly rides back to the Sendo village and reaches it thanks to the help of the Mystery Man.


A bloody slaughter ensues costing at least Taoru's life and the pride of the Sendo Tribe. The Sendos loose, but the fighting is stopped and wounded are taken care of. Aiko is imprisoned by the Mikomi Tribe in the Sendo village. Shuhan had been critically wounded when he wanted to safe Hitori from Taoru's attack. Just before he dies he marries Hitori professing his love for her. Kyen Koh says that the Mikomi better return to their village and after they do Kyen Koh takes over the Sendo Tribe and enslaves Aiko.


Only later the Mikomi realise that Kyen Koh is in fact Mariko of the Sendo.




History Database Entries

Chapter 1: Endless Rain


0000Mikomi, Chi and Sendo tribes are in a state of civil war. Sendo appears to be the strongest of the three. Part 1
0000The Mikomi Tribe has about 218 soldiers (143 + 75) not including the citizens and council members.Part 1 & 3
0000The Sendo Tribe has at least 200 soldiers, but since they should be the strongest tribe, there are likely to be more. They are also said to be double the size of the Mikomi Tribe.Part 1 & 3
0000The Sendo Tribe has attacked the Tiko Tribe a lot of times, probably because the Tiko are so rich because of their Crystal mine.Part 13
0000The Sendo Tribe has conquered the Chi Tribe even before Shuhan sets out.Part 7
0001Shuhan, the leader of the Mikomi sets out to fight the Sendo with a legion of Mikomi 143 warriors.Part 1 & 2
0003Three days later, when Shuhan still hasn’t returned, Hitori becomes Lady of the Mikomi Tribe.Part 1
0003Yuji is forced to betray his leader, Shuhan so he can save his wife Amae. He doesn’t know Amae has already been killedPart 2
0003Yuji and another scout are set out to trace Sendo traps, but the other scout is killed by either Yuji or the Sendo.Part 2
0003Shuhan’s legion is attacked by the Sendo, under the command of Taoru, and 12 soldiers are killed.Part 2
0003Shuhan is rendered unconscious and the Sendo Lady Aiko orders him to be separated from his men.Part 2
0003Yuji is betrayed and killed by the Sendo and is buried next to his wife Amae.Part 2
0004The Sendo army visits the Mikomi Tribe and tell Hitori that if she doesn’t surrender to the Sendo, Aiko will start killing the Mikomi soldiers she has captured, starting with Shuhan.Part 3
0004After Kino's objections are overruled by Hitori, Nagata sets out, riding Lightning, to contact the Chi Tribe to ask for their help.Part 4
0004Hitori decides that they must fight the Sendo until the last man.Part 4
0004Kyen Koh and her father offer their services to the Mikomi Tribe and state they have seen Shuhan alive.Part 5
0005Zesshou runs away from the Mikomi Tribe, but is subsequently captured by a Sendo warrior. Zesshou says he wants to join the Sendo.Part 6
0005Zesshou is imprisoned, but Shuhan helps him escape and orders him to find weapons. Though he is surrounded by Sendo after a little while.Part 7
0005Taoru declares that the Sendo have already defeated the Chi Tribe, much to Zesshou’s dismay.Part 7
0005The Mikomi Tribe sets out to attack the Sendo village.Part 7
0005Kyen Koh and her father plan to catch the Mikomi by surprise and reveal to eachother that they're actually part of the Sendo Tribe.Part 7
0005Nagata reaches the Chi Tribe, but there's no one there.Part 7
0005The Mikomi surround the Sendo village as part of Hitori’s plan. Hitori orders the army to attack.Part 8
0005Zesshou brings back Shuhan’s weapons, thanks to the help of Shuhan’s ‘old friend’. Shuhan begins his attack from inside using his 120 men (134 – the unknown scout – Yuji – 12 men).Part 2 & 8 & 9
0005Thanks to the Mystery Man Nagata can join the fight.Part 11
0005A bloody battle ensues. The Sendo somehow have problems battling the small Mikomi army.Part 9
0005When saving Hitori from Taoru, Shuhan is injured and Taoru is killed. The Sendo were almost beaten, but the fighting stopped and both tribes took care of their wounded.Part 10
0005Aiko was captured and taken alive by the Mikomi.Part 10
0005-0006First and second night after the battle went by quietly without fighting.Part 10
0007Kyen Koh visits Aiko, declaring she will take over the Sendo Tribe.Part 10
0007Kyen Koh asks the Mikomi to leave, because supplies are running out. The Mikomi return to their village. Hana becomes temporary Lady of the Mikomi Tribe until Hitori has recovered.Part 10
0010Shuhan accepts that he won’t survive his wounds. He confesses his love for Hitori. Shuhan marries Hitori, only to be widowed immediately. Shuhan dies.Part 10
0010A Mikomi messenger is sent to the Sendo village. Part 10
0016The Mikomi messenger still hasn’t returned and has been presumed dead. The Mikomi Tribe finds out that Kyen Koh is actually Mariko of the Sendo.Part 10






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