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Name: Okala

Colour Hair: -

Colour Eyes: -

Tribe: Mikomi Tribe

First Appearance: Untold Story: Death of a Lady

Last Appearance: Untold Story: Death of a Lady

Arcs involved with: Mikomi's Story Arc

Current status: Assassinated for killing Sendo (also born 100 years before the story began)

Current location: Not Available

Best Friend: ??

Love Interest: ??

Family: ??

Age at start of story: Not Available

Weapons: ??

Character by: Dougurasu (You do not have to ask for permission for this specific character).



Deviantart gallery:







Okala's hatred of the Sendo led him to kill their leader, Sendo, in a bloody war to protect the Tiko Tribe. Because the God Sendo was already mortal because of the poisonous fruits he could be killed by a mere human. In the end he was assassinated because of his actions.






History Database Entry


History of the Gods Database

g0004-A lot laterSendo attacked the smaller Tiko Tribe. Mikomi and Chi wanted to protect the Tiko Tribe. The Mikomi Tribe came to help and slaughtered the Sendo Tribe warriors and a Mikomi warrior, Okala, killed Sendo. The Tiko Tribe became enraged by this and turned to pacifists and retreated to the mountains. After a while the Sendo Tribe attacked the Mikomi Tribe. The Chi came to help them and the Sendo was defeated again.Part 45 & Untold Story 1
g0004-A lot laterOkala is assassinated for killing SendoUntold Story 1


Chapter 1: Endless Rain



Chapter 2: Myth or Legend?





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