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Part 1

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Part 1: Endless Rain




Kitty Ocean



Character Introductions





Hana's Brother (not 'on screen')


Character Deaths







Mikomi-Sendo War Arc

Hitori loves Shuhan Arc



Timeline Entries


0000 Mikomi, Chi and Sendo tribes are in a state of civil war. Sendo appears to be the strongest of the three. Part 1
0000 The Mikomi Tribe has about 218 soldiers (143 + 75) not including the citizens and council members. Part 1 & 3
0000 The Sendo Tribe has at least 200 soldiers, but since they should be the strongest tribe, there are likely to be more. They are also said to be double the size of the Mikomi Tribe. Part 1 & 3
0001 Shuhan, the leader of the Mikomi sets out to fight the Sendo with a legion of Mikomi 143 warriors. Part 1 & 2
0003 Three days later, when Shuhan still hasn’t returned, Hitori becomes Lady of the Mikomi Tribe. Part 1


The Story

Endless Rain

Part 1: Endless Rain

© Kitty Ocean



The voice was echoing through the room. The girl looked at the girl she had named Hitori, who sat at the window. She seemed to be staring at the rain. Looking outside, if she was waiting for something.

"Hitori?" The girl came closer.

"They will return." Hitori said with a dry voice. "Don't worry Hana, they will return." Tears streamed down her face

"Hitori-chan..." Hana whispered.

"They will return!" Hitori started to cry. She stood up and placed her fingers on the cold glass, staring at the endless rain. "They can't be dead... they can't... because..."

Trembling Hitori kneeled down, with Hana's arms around her. "It's because of me!" Hitori cried.

Hana now shared tears as well. "Shh." She whispered. "It's not because of you."

"It is!" Hitori cried. "It is! It is! Because of me..."

"Because of you half of our tribe is still here."


It all happened 3 days ago. A tribe council, and Hitori looked at the man she always admired. People always said she had a strong will and that she would grow up to be a leader, but she was not. Right now, she was a follower, like everybody else.

"... to finally reach peace." The leader said firmly, "This war has lasted too long. I will go to the Chi Tribe and maybe... Well, let's just keep the hopes up, shall we?" Approving sounds and nodding filled the room. "But first, we must stop the Sendo-tribe. We already found out they don't want to reason. I need strong men, who are willing to stop this threat for once and all!"

Again approving sounds filled the room. Except for one. "What?!"

Faces turned around, and everybody stared at the small girl in the back. She had her hands in front of her mouth, as if she had blurted something out.

"You have a problem, Hitori?" The leader's voice was firm and deep. Hitori could FEEL he was not happy with what she said.

"No, Shuhan-sama." Hitori whispered and bowed respectful. But why was her heart pounding and screaming: 'STOP HIM! THIS IS NOT RIGHT!' ?

"Oh, nothing?" The leader folded his arms. "It just seemed like you disagreed with my permission." Hitori stayed as small as possible, as well as silent. She respected this man! She couldn't disagree with him. "Speak up! Hitori!

" "I.. I..." Hitori trembled.

"SPEAK UP!" His voice bellowed through the room.

Hitori bowed. "Shuhan-sama..." She whispered. "The Sendo... I fear..." She gathered all her courage. "They are too dangerous and we should stay away from them because they will surely kill us!" Hitori suddenly rattled, speaking her heart out. There. It was out.

The leader stepped at her, letting his feet stomp on the floor. "Oh, so it's okay for them to kill us, and not do anything back?" Hitori shook her head. "I want to STOP that endless killing, and YOU disapprove?!"

"N-no.." Hitori shook her head

"Then what is the problem?" He yelled at her face

Hitori's eyes got small tears in them. "They are twice as big as our group. They have traps everywhere! You'll be killed before you get to them! Please, you shouldn't..."

"Who is the leader of this tribe Hitori?!" Her leader yelled at her. "I MUST do what's right for this tribe! But hell, of course you wouldn't understand. You NEVER showed any responsibilities!"

"Shuhan-sama..." Hitori tried.

"You still dare to open your mouth?! Or do you want to take my place and be the leader?!"


'Or do you want to take my place and be the leader?' His words still echoed in her mind, keeping her awake all those days. And now, 2 days after they had left, there still hadn't been any news from them. Hope had died away, as ANOTHER tribe member was killed by the Sendo Tribe.

And Hitori? She kept on looking. Looking outside, at the endless rain. She had refused to eat ever since the fights downstairs at the council started. And now, Hana was with her.


"My fault, my fault..." Hitori could only cry. "It's all my fault. If I hadn't disagreed with Shuhan-sama, more would have volunteered! More would have gone along! Then they would have had a chance..."

Hana hushed her more. "You were right, they never stood a chance. He should have listened to you. You said what more of us were thinking."

Hitori looked up. "How could you forgive me so easily?" She sniffed. "Your BROTHER is dead because of me!"

Hana shook her head. "The Sendo killed my brother. Please... don't give up Hitori. We need you."


Downstairs, at the council, there was true chaos. Men were fighting against each other, and women screamed harsh insults. A few men were applying to the throne, but none of them had been able to sit down at that simple chair.

Hitori and Hana looked at it with pain in their hearts. "If nobody takes the throne soon, the Sendo OR the Chi would be able to take us over in no time!" Hana worried. "And that rain... all that raining gets on my nerves as well!" She turned back at her friend, to find her gone.

She easily spotted Hitori again, who was walking down the stairs. A few tribe members noticed her, and yelled at her, hissing curses at her. But she stepped on.

'Or so you want to take my place and be the leader?!'

Again that echo. Hitori clenched her fists and pushed away some tears.

'You NEVER showed ANY responsibilities! '

Hitori opened her watery eyes and saw the fighting men before her. In her heart she kept on feeling that this chaos was all her fault. She tried to talk, trying to calm them down, but no words came out of her mouth.

How she wished she could scream right now. How she wished she would burst out and yell: 'Stop it all! This isn't right! This chaos will be our demise! Calm down!'

But she couldn't. And those tribe members around her, how they hated her! She could feel their everlasting hate raging down on her. For the first time of her life... Hitori felt... alone.

From above Hana saw it all. She wanted to run at her friend, but somehow she couldn't. She just stood there, on the top of the stairs, crying softly. Suddenly, she saw Hitori moving again. She was shocked, what was she doing? Was she trying to calm the council down?

"Hitori!" Hana cried and tried to run down. "Hitori NO!!" Tears rolled down her cheeks. "Don't do it, NO!"

But Hitori did do it... as she sat down on the throne.



To be continued


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