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Part 13

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Part 13: Stones and Signs







Character Introductions


Three guards who end up to Wevlum, Wevles, and Wevli



Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc



Timeline Entries


0000The Sendo Tribe have attacked the Tiko Tribe a lot of times, probably because the Tiko are so rich because of their Crystal mine.Part 13
0190The Mystery Man shows Nagata a sign to the first Hikari Crystal by using lightning, which is directed to a small island in Hiyou Lake.Part 13
0190Two Sendo soldiers notice something odd happening at Hiyou Lake.Part 13
0190Hitori, Zesshou, Kino, Hana, Wevlum, Wevles, Wevli arrive at Hiyou Lake.Part 13
0190Nagata and Lightning arrive at Hiyou Lake.Part 13
0190A small island in Hiyou Lake transforms, thanks to the lightning, to a passageway that leads underground.Part 13



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 13: Stones and Signs

© Dougurasu


”Can I ask you something?” The man turned around. “If those crystals exist…”

“They DO exist!” The man interrupted.

“Yeah, yeah, how do you suppose we find them? I mean… it’s not like those are the only crystals around. The Tiko Tribe has a crystal mine. They are by far the richest tribe. The Sendo have attacked them lots of times, before the Sendo-Chi incident.”

“What’s your point?”

“If the Hikari Crystals are with those crystals… how can we tell the difference?”

“The difference… All five of them are elemental. Each controls that element in this valley. The Pearl of the Ocean controls the water, the…”

“Okay, okay! But that’s not a way to recognize a crystal!”

“You want to know how to find them, do you?”

“That’s what I’ve been telling!!”

“Hand me that rock.”

Nagata looked around. He spotted a rock and handed it over to the man. The man got a pot from his bag and put it on the ground.

Nagata got curious, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to let Afrian show us a sign.”

Afrian?! Afrian doesn’t exist!”

“If Afrian doesn’t exist, how was the rock wall round the valley created?”

“The rock wall… The gigantic wall surrounding the valley?”

“The one Afrian made to keep The Land of the Dead Fairies isolated for other people. The one stopping us from leaving this valley.”

“That’s because of earthquakes and stuff… I guess.”

The man sighed, “That’s where you’re wrong. Ah, I’m finished.”

Nagata was astounded, “But… you only stirred the rock in a little water in a pot!”

“I know.”

“But..” Nagata stopped. He looked at the pot. Drip. Nagata looked up. “Rain? But it was so sunny just a minute ago!” He stared at the sky, which was beginning to cloud rapidly. It took only a few moments till heavy rain came falling from the sky. “What in Baku’s name is going on?!” Nagata asked while still staring.

“You know what’s going on,” The man said. He just sat there like a statue, it almost seemed like he didn’t know there was any rain.

Nagata shivered, “This is the sign?!”

The man nodded, “Correct, son, correct.”

“How did you…”

Lightning lightened the sky together with a bang.

“Can everyone stop interrupting me?!” Nagata yelled.


“What is happening?” Kyen Koh asked.

Her father stood up, “I.. I have no idea. This is a rather sudden weather change…”

The surviving Sendo villagers stared from their homes to the dark sky. The lightning continued.


Hitori snapped out of her daydream once again, “Wha, what? It’s raining? I’ve been sleeping this long?”

Suddenly Hana slammed the door open, “Lady Hitori!” She cried, “You have got to see this. Come, quickly.”


The man pointed towards the woods. A lot of lightning was focused there.

“There is your sign, young warrior. Now, go!” The man said.

“Yes… yes sir!” Nagata said and mounted Lightning. He raced towards the light.


Two Sendo warriors were patrolling at the Hiyou Lake. The Hiyou Lake was a great lake, which took up almost a quarter of the valley and was almost right in the middle. The water came from steep waterfalls from the walls surrounding the valley, which gathered in a river towards the lake. What the warriors saw, was almost unbelievable.


Somewhere close to the warriors Nagata and Lightning stopped at the edge of the lake, “Oh my god…” Even Lightning was quiet.


On the other side of the lake, Hitori, Hana, Kino, Zesshou and three guards arrived to see it. All the lightning was focused on one island. The trees on the little island were burning and the sand was blasted away.

Slowly the lightning stopped. When the rain had killed the fire it slowly began to stop as well. On the island a structure was revealed. You could see the entrance from the sides of the lake. The structure was too small for a house. There was only a stairs going down.

’A dream about the five Hikari Crystals and this on one day, that can’t be a coincidence.’ “Guards!” Hitori ordered, “Quickly, get us a boat, we need to get to that island. I believe the Pearl of the Ocean is there! And I intend to find it!”



To be continued


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