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Part 21

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Part 21: Licking the wounds




Kitty Ocean



Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Kyen Koh's Identity Crisis Arc



Timeline Entries


0190Hitori, Hana, Wevli, Wevlum, Wevles, Kino, Zesshou, Nagata and his horse Lightning return to the Mikomi VillagePart 21


The Story

Endless Rain

Part 21: Licking the wounds

© Kitty Ocean (typed on the 21st of March, on my 21st birthday!)


It was getting darker and darker when Hitori, Wevli, Wevlum, Wevles, Hana, Zesshou, Kino, Nagata and Lightning finally came home. Nagata had come by, but was terribly injured. Wevlum's arm didn't hurt that much ever since the mysterious girl had taken care of it. Did she have magical powers?

"Lady Hitori!" One of the council members ran at her, "Are you all right??"

Hitori nodded, "Yes, I'm fine thank you." She said politely.

"Where did you go all of a sudden?" Another council member asked.

Hitori's hand went to the little bag that was on her belt. Even through the thick leather, she could feel the Pearl of the Ocean vibrating and giving off its energy. One of the Hikari Crystals... she had got it. They did exist... should she tell her tribe about it? Or at least the council.

"I... thought I remembered something about the hunt yesterday." She lied, "I thought the Sendo had made a trap, but I was wrong."

"But I see you still encountered the Sendo!"

"That devil Kyen Koh! We trusted her all."

Hitori had trouble not to yell, 'No! Don't say that about her! She helped me, she helped us several times!' But, she wisely kept her mouth shut. "I need to think." She said instead, "Take care of our wounded."


Hitori walked down the stairs towards her new room. Her old room was upstairs, bathing in light, but her new room was downstairs. Kino had arranged that, but Hitori didn't like that room. Sure, it was the safest and biggest room of all, and it had lots of luxury; lot's of it. There was only one window, a big one, and that took care of all the light in that room. But, whenever Hitori entered that room, she would feel death... because it used to be Shuhan's room... the room where he died.

Hitori opened the door, closed it, and leaned against it. She released a deep, deep sigh, slid on the floor, and took the Pearl of the Ocean.

"It's a good thing you took it." Hitori nodded. "If one of my men would have touched it."

"My head is all foggy..." Hitori whispered, "I don't know which side you are on! Are you helping me... or are you against me?"

"I'm not sure myself." Kyen Koh replied in her ghostly form, "In the beginning I wanted to help you out of here. But right now... all I want is to escape from this hell myself." Kyen Koh turned around, "Be careful Hitori. Don't trust a Sendo."

"But you are a Sendo!" Hitori jumped up.

"What do you think I'm trying to say?" Kyen Koh answered with a firm voice and vanished.

"Hitori?" A knock on the door sounded, accompanied by the voice of Hana.

Hitori jumped up and quickly opened the door, "Something wrong Hana?"

Hana shook her long, long blond hair, "I wanted to see if you are all right." She replied, "I know you longer than today Hitori. Even if you are hurt, you pretend nothing is wrong."

"But I'm not, I'm not hurt." Hitori quickly said.

"May I see the Pearl of the Ocean?" Hana then asked. Hitori showed it. "It's so beautiful... and you are saying this crystal will save us?"

"That's what she told me..." Hitori answered without thinking.

Hana took the crystal, and Hitori took a small chest. Hana placed the crystal inside.

"Take good care of it Hitori." Hana warned, "If the Sendo find out about this...."

"If the Sendo even touch one of the Hikari Crystals, it's all over." Hitori agreed and hit the chest behind a large mirror, "The Sendo aren't allowed to touch ANY of them."

"And what about the Chi?" Hana asked.

"There are no Chi left." Hitori said, "You know that."

Hana smiled, "I know. I was just playing with theories. Hey, just wondering, you said she told you that the Hikari Crystals existed and would save us, right?" Hitori nodded, "Just one question about that... who is 'she'?"

Hitori's breath stammered. Oh great, what should she say? All kinds of theories played through her mind. She, she... who could be she? Hitori thought about her dead mother, but Hana would declare she was insane if she said that! And if she would admit it was Kyen Koh, Hana would think Hitori would have betrayed them!

'Oh Afrian, please give me a hand.' She prayed, 'I need a miracle, right now!!'



To be continued


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