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Part 26

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Part 26: The Ball is Rolling....




Kitty Ocean



Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc



Timeline Entries


0190-0195Kyen Koh and her men apparently find a way out of the caves.Part 26
0191Moyasu becomes an official guest at the Mikomi village.Part 26
0191Hitori realises Moyasu’s pendant might be the Ruby of the Dragon.Part 26 & 27
0191Hitori asks Kino’s guidance for the Chi girl, Moyasu.Part 26 & 27



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 26: The ball is rolling....

© Kitty Ocean

‘The ball is rolling’ is a Dutch expression. It means that there is a turning point and that important things will happen because of this


Hitori sat on her throne. She looked at the girl the triplet guards had just brought in. She heard them speak, but the words didn’t really come through to her. A survivor from the Chi? How did she end up here? And considering her weapons she was an archer.

The meeting with Baku had really give her things to think about. If even the son of their God helped them... didn’t that mean they were doing the right thing? And that even their God wanted them to get out of this valley?

But what about Kyen Koh? She had helped Hitori numerous times... would it be fair to leave Kyen Koh behind?

And then that new girl... She didn’t speak herself. The triplet guards did. Always finishing each other’s line. It sometimes sounded like they all shared one voice and one mind.

“How long have you been spying on us?” Hitori suddenly said.

Moyasu looked up, “Spying?! Why would I...”

Hitori heard her pride, “Your arrows are the same as Zesshou described.”

“So you base your judgment on a kid?!” Moyasu puffed.

“No, I base it on a gut feeling and the fact you know Zesshou is still in his teens.” Hitori calmly added, “How did you survived the Sendo?”

“Am I your prisoner?”

“Do you want to be that?”

“Why do you answer by asking another question?”

“Why are you?”


Kino let the woman in. She saw the stain and observed it for a moment. Then she stood up and got some water.

“What I always did with my children...” She said not looking at him, “Is that I didn’t put them on the carpet before they were potty trained.”

“Huh? What?” Kino was confused.

“Also, the goats in our town give the best replacement for baby milk. Don’t make it too warm.” She then stood up after cleaning the spot, and winked, “Your secret is safe.” She smiled.

Kino looked at the carpet, and noticed the stain was pretty much gone. And he also realized, that you can’t fool a mother....

“Thank you...” Kino mumbled; and actually felt a tad relieved.


“If you don’t want to answer, that is fine.” Hitori finally decided, “It is your right. And you are not our prisoner as well. You may be our guest, if you wish.”

“Guest? The Mikomi are weak,” Moyasu folded her arms, almost forgetting the pain in her ankle.

“I know you can take care of yourself. All Chi can.” Hitori kept looking at the girl. And somehow, her eyes were drawn to Moyasu’s necklace, “But with that ankle the Sendo can easily outrun you. You are welcome to stay, until your ankle is healed.

“Whatever...” Moyasu replied uninterested.


“So the Chi survived....” Hana mumbled when Moyasu had left.

“Or at least one.” Nagata added.

“Get me Kino.” Hitori finally ordered, “I think it’s time I ask an elder for advice. He has more experience with the Chi than I do.”

Hana nodded and left.


Kino had just put the baby in a bath when he heard knocking on the door, “Just a minute!” Kino replied, and pulled the baby out of the bath tub. He quickly put the baby into a home made crib, and ran at the door “Hana?” He said when he realized it was her.

“Lady Hitori seeks your guidance.” Hana politely told him.

“When?” This was the first time Kino had asked that.

“Eh... now...” Hana was confused

“Now...? But now isn’t.... I mean....”

“Is everything all right?” Hana wondered.

Kino became red; did the rumors spread throughout the village??!


A man bowed. “Speak up.” The voice was firm.

“My lady, I think I have found what you requested.”

“That was about time.” The woman stood up, “And?”

“Lady Kyen Koh; we located that green stone you are looking for.”

“Good.” Kyen Koh stepped down, “Let’s go get it.”

“My lady...” The man carefully asked, “May I ask... why...”

“No you may not. Just as long as you know I want it. And I want it now!”



To be continued


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