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Part 3

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Part 3: Terms







Character Introductions





Character Deaths






Mikomi-Sendo War Arc



Timeline Entries


0000The Mikomi Tribe has about 218 soldiers (143 + 75) not including the citizens and council members.Part 1 & 3
0000The Sendo Tribe has at least 200 soldiers, but since they should be the strongest tribe, there are likely to be more. They are also said to be double the size of the Mikomi Tribe.Part 1 & 3
0004The Sendo army visits the Mikomi Tribe and tell Hitori that if she doesn’t surrender to the Sendo, Aiko will start killing the Mikomi soldiers she has captured, starting with Shuhan.Part 3


The Story

Endless Rain

Part 3: Terms

© Dougurasu


Hitori…” Hana said as she kneeled down next to the throne, “What have you gotten yourself into?”

“I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing,” the answer was. Hitori clenched the handrail of the almighty chair.

“But what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

Hitori remained quiet as she watched the rain and thought. ‘Now that I’ve taken this responsibility, I can’t ignore it anymore. I must do something about those threats.’

Hitori…” Hana said, “Hitori!”

“Oh,” she snapped out of it, “What is it?”

“Everyone’s waiting! Tell us what we’re going to do.”


One of the Mikomi Tribe council members stepped up. “You don’t have the faintest clue of what you’re going to do, don’t you?”

Just as Hitori wanted to say something a tribe citizen ran into the room. “Sendo troops are coming this way! There must be at least a hundred men,” he cried.

“What?” Hana said shocked.

The council member faced Hitori again. “Hitori… My Lady… Your commands…”

Hitori stepped up. She sighed. "All remaining troops assemble at the gates."

“Yes my Lady.”


The Sendo troops marched to the gates with weapons ready to kill. They reached the gates and waited.

Aiko stepped forward. “New Lord of the Mikomi Tribe…” she yelled, “Show yourself!” The rain was still in the air. The water dripped into the armor of the Sendo soldiers. They’re swords and crossbows were battle ready.


“My Lady,” the council member kneeled before her, “The Lady of the Sendo Tribe wants to speak with you.”

Hitori nodded and stepped up.

“What?” Hana was flabbergasted, “You can’t be thinking of talking to the Lady of the Sendo Tribe! You could be killed. Didn’t you hear what that guy said? There are two hundred soldiers. Without Shuhan’s soldiers we're down to about 75! You can’t be protected with those odds!”

Hitori turned around. “Don’t you think Shuhan would’ve done the same thing if he was in my position?”

“Yeah… Probably! But still! It’s suicide!”

“I don’t care, I must do this for the tribe.” She paused. “And for Shuhan!”

“In case you’ve forgotten, it was Shuhan that made the foolish choice of attacking the Sendo Tribe! Think about it… If there’s an army of 200 soldiers, doesn’t that mean Shuhan’s soldiers were defeated?”

Hitori didn’t have anything to say. Hana was right. Sure she had her doubts, but there was nothing else to do. She continued to walk to towards the gates.

Hitori!” Hana cried.

“There is nothing else I can do!” Hitori yelled and she continued.


The gates opened and Hitori approached Lady Aiko. Aiko was surprised to see a Lady instead of a Lord.

“Stop!” one of the Sendo soldiers ordered, “That’s far enough.”

Hitori stopped. The rain made her hair soggy.

“I’ve come to discuss some terms,” Aiko said.

“Terms?” Hitori didn’t know what was going to happen, to her, to Hana, to the entire tribe.

Aiko threw a necklace and it landed in front of Hitori. Hitori gasped.

“That’s right, Lady,” Aiko said and grinned, “That’s Shuhan’s necklace. I’ve captured all of them in our tribe camp. The entire army! Now there are two things you can do. Either you don’t do anything, but then we’ll go back to our camp and slaughter every one of them… Or you can surrender the entire tribe and save everyone’s life. The only down part about it, is that you will all be slaves.”

Hitori stepped backwards

“You have until tomorrow, when the sun is at it’s highest, to decide. If you haven’t shown at sundown, we’ll start executing them, starting with Shuhan. Do you understand, Lady…”

Hitori, Lady Hitori.” Hitori said reluctantly.

“Alright Lady Hitori. I will see you tomorrow. Taoru! We’re leaving! NOW!” she said as she turned around and the entire army marched back through the rain.

The Mikomi soldiers had been looking from over the gates. They were impressed, but scared to death.

Hitori fell down on her knees. ‘This can’t be the end of the Mikomi Tribe... No...’

Hana raced to her and lifted Hitori. “You’re going to catch a really bad cold, you know. By the way… You were magnificent!” Hana carried her inside.



To be continued


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