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Part 34

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Part 34: Bring us back...







Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Fight for Mikomi Village Arc

Moyasu's Tribe Arc



Timeline Entries


0198Pyro Phoenixtruth asks Moyasu to give him back the Ruby of the Dragon, because he thinks she’s no longer worthy of it, because she thinks she betrayed her own people. Moyasu forgives him and all is well, but the ghost of her mother asks her to save the Chi people.Part 34



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 34: Bring us back...

© Acrocat


Hitori dropped down in the mud trying to regain her breath. Exhaust was taking over her as well as the other brave Mikomi warriors, while the Sendo seemed to have plenty of energy left.

‘How can they just keep on going like this?’ Hitori thought.

She stood up, wobbling a little on her exhausted legs. When she was firmly standing again she looked up. At first she thought something was wrong with her eyes. Around her the Mikomi were either dead or too exhausted to stand up. Right before Hitori was a familiar face. The face she looked at was savage yet the hazel colored eyes betrayed some trails of sadness. The person held her sword right above Hitori’s throat.

‘This is it then.’ Hitori thought, ‘We fought bravely, but this time the Sendo won.’ Hitori dropped down on her knees and spread her arms, “All right then. Kill me Kyen Koh, but make it a quick death.”

Hitori waited for that final thrust or cut, but it didn’t come.


Inside the Chi village, the people were trying to find shelter from the endless rain. Moyasu held herself a bit back. She was in the back of a village where a little pond and a ruined shrine were. Hana silently observed her while Moyasu was making a flower necklace and threw it into the pond. Then the small girl folded her hands, closed her eyes and started to pray. Without making any noise, Hana dropped down right next to Moyasu and also started to pray as well.


“It’s the truth, you can trust them.” Pyro Phoenixtruth told Moyasu.

“But the villagers, their spirits haunt me.” Moyasu replied.

“Look next to you, this Mikomi has given you food and a place to stay ever since you came to the Mikomi village. Right now she’s praying at your shrine for her people’s safety, but also to ask the Chi spirits to forgive you. She’s telling them the whole story. She even shows tears! If you don’t take that as a sign of truth, what will?”

“I’m scared. I’ve been alone for so long. She may have taken care of me, but among those spirits is my family. How could I have betrayed them? I’m not worthy to wear the name Chi.”

Pyro shook his head, “If you think that way about it, then you can better return the Ruby of the Dragon to me.” He held out his hand.

“But why?” Moyasu asked shocked while she clung to her necklace.

“When we first met I saw truth in your eyes. I thought you were the one to have the Ruby of the Dragon, but I guess I was wrong. If you will not accept the truth then you are not worthy of wearing that Hikari Crystal on your neck.”

It was silent for a few moments. Then Moyasu softly started to cry

“I forgive you…” A voice said, “I forgive you everything.”

Next to Pyro a silvery blue person appeared.

“Mom!” Moyasu screamed as she ran to her. Just as she wanted to grab her mother around her neck, she tumbled over. She fell right through her own mother.

“I am a ghost Moyasu.” She said, “The people are angry, you are the only survivor, they wish to live again. You must help them with that Moyasu, bring us back to life, you are the one. The truth is with you, you will find a way, bring us back Moyasu, or the people will stay angry. Don’t fail us, don’t betray us, bring us back to life.” Then the spirit of her mother left.


Moyasu woke up again. ‘I must bring them back to life, but how?’

“If you’ll succeed you are indeed worthy of the Ruby of the Dragon.” Pyro’s voice echoed inside her head.

“Shall we get something to eat?” Hana asked Moyasu.

“Sure.” Moyasu replied softly.


‘The time is almost there beloved.’ Lana thought to herself, ‘We’ll have two lights soon and I know where the third one is. Then I’ll let Kyen Koh find the remaining two. After that, she will make an excellent sacrifice to free you.’ An evil grin appeared on her face.



To be continued


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