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Part 38

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Part 38: Déjà Vu, the Truth and a Profession of Love







Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Moyasu's Tribe Arc

Fight for Mikomi Village Arc

Siren's love for Zesshou

Zesshou loves Hitori


Timeline Entries


0198Zesshou accepts Siren’s marriage proposal because he thinks there’s no other option.Part 38
0198The Sendo tribe takes over the Mikomi village. Lana becomes Empress of the Sendo Tribe. Kyen Koh is degraded to leader of the seventh legion. Tebok is promoted to Lord of the Sendo.Part 38
0198Moyasu is attacked, captured by three Tiko soldiers and taken to the Tiko village.Part 38
0198Nagata realises Lightning is missing and must have been left in the Mikomi village.Part 38



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 38: Déjà vu, the truth and a profession of love

© Dougurasu


Arrogantly Lana entered the room, which used to be Hitori’s throne room, followed by a legion of men, including Kyen Koh and general Tebok. Some of the flags hanging on the wall were burning and lit the room. The sun was beginning to set. The evil goddess wiped the dust of the throne and sat down on it.

“The battle of today shall be known as the second battle of the Mikomi Tribe. The greatest difference with the first battle is that this time WE won!”

The Sendo cheered. It seemed the army had already accepted the change of command.

Kyen Koh turned away from the crowd and wandered into the rooms below. When she entered the room, which only a day ago was Hitori’s room, she staggered and fell on her knees.

“What is wrong with me?” She asked the room, “I feel… like I’ve been here. I have seen these walls. But where? I can’t remember.” She took another look around and saw the mirror, “This is Lady Hitori’s room…” She gasped, “How do I know this? Why do I know this?”

A Sendo warrior entered the room, “Ah, there you are. Lady, Empress Lana wants to speak to you.”

‘Empress? Now she’s an empress? First she makes me a slave and now she takes control of my tribe,’ Kyen Koh thought to herself. She followed the Sendo warrior back to the throne room.

Empress Lana stood up from her throne, “Kyen Koh, as of now you are no longer Lady of this tribe. Your hesitation when you were ordered to kill Lady Hitori has brought this punishment upon you.”

“What?!” Kyen Koh cried in disbelief.

Lana smiled and sat down again, “Does the council agree with me?”

The Sendo council members had already taken their place in the throne room. Without even discussing it they answered, “The council agrees.”

Kyen Koh.” Again Empress Lana spoke her name with disgust, “You will be degraded to legion-leader. You will be leader of the 7th Legion. General Tebok will fill in your place as Lord Tebok.”

Tebok kneeled down, “Thank you, Empress. What shall we do with Baku?”

“Treat his wounds, but keep him unconscious. We need him alive, but also we need him to stop interfering with our quest.” The orders of Empress Lana were absolute and Lord Tebok left immediately.


A Chi arrow struck the bear, which in turn hit the ground.

“Great, now we have dinner!” Moyasu smiled.

“Did you have to kill that defenseless animal?” Pyro Phoenixtruth complained.

His ghostly appearance sat down next to Moyasu as the latter prepared a fire to roast the animal on. They were hidden in a small cave to escape the rain.

“Well, you don’t have to eat, and I do. So the truth is, I need to eat SOMETHING.” Moyasu said, “Get it? ‘The truth is…’ and you’re the guardian of…”

Pyro wasn’t impressed. “That’s not a very funny joke…”

“I thought it was at least a bit funny.” Moyasu smiled.

After years she finally really smiled. It was a very relaxed feeling. A feeling she hasn’t felt since… a very long time ago.

“Hey, Pyro. Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Do you know everything?”

“I know every objective thing there is. In other words, I know what happens, but I don’t know what other people know or feel, unless they’ve said, or acted like it.”

This got Moyasu’s attention, ”Do you know how many Hikari Crystals the Mikomi have found?”

“They have found Pearl of the Ocean and the Emerald of the Earth. Oh, they also found Serenity Soulheart, but not the Light of the Soul.”

“I see… Hey! How do I get the Chi Tribe back to live? If you know everything, you must know this too!”

Pyro smiled, “You won’t like this – I know what you must do, but I can’t tell you.”

“Oh that figures.” Moyasu glared, “I’ve got a fountain of information right here, but the only thing I can’t find is the information I need.”

From out of nowhere an arrow struck Moyasu in the shoulder. The burst made her roll onto the ground.

“Aw…” Moyasu groaned, “What the hell? A Tiko Tribe arrow?”

Three Tiko warriors approached Moyasu. She tried to crawl away, but it the pain made her stop.


“I can’t do anything!” Pyro cried, “As much as I want to, they can’t see or touch me and neither can I!”

Before Moyasu knew it, she was knocked out.


“Lady Hitori.” Nagata started, “Might I remind you that we have no idea whether Baku is held captive in the Sendo village or the Mikomi village, much less if he’s alive or not.”

“He’s alive, Nagata. You’re a great council member. I think he’s in the Mikomi village. It’s the most logical place. You can’t carry a heavily wounded person like him all the way back to the Sendo village.” Hitori said.

“Oh my god! I just remembered something!” Nagata gasped, “Lighting isn’t here! He must still be in the Mikomi village!”

“We’ll save Lightning too.” Hitori assured him, “I’m sure he’s still alive…”

The group of Mikomi soldiers and warriors was slowly walking back in the direction of the Mikomi Tribe, but the wounded made the whole group stop occasionally. Of course, the rain didn’t help much either. Zesshou wasn’t all too keen on the situation.

Siren professed her love to me… First of all, I’m not in love with her… even though I said I was going to marry her… it’s the only way she was going to help us and Baku means a great deal to Hitori… but that’s just it! I love Hitori, not Siren. Oh god, what have I gotten myself into. I have to tell… I have to tell them both… Sometime soon…’



To be continued


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