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Part 4

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Part 4: A plan was made







Character Introductions







Character Deaths






Mikomi-Sendo War Arc



Timeline Entries


0004Nagata sets out, riding Lightning, to contact the Chi Tribe to ask for their help.Part 4
0004Hitori decides that they must fight the Sendo until the last man.Part 4


The Story

Endless Rain

Part 4: A plan was made

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Evening had fallen, all council members waited for Hitori to speak. In her mind, Hitori thought about the decision she had to make. Surrender and serve as slaves for the Sendo, or fight a battle they cannot win. Hitori looked up at the council members

“This is a hard decision for me to make,” she started, “We all know that the odds are against us. Does anyone of you have a plan?”

A few council members started to talk to each other. After a while, one stood up.

“My lady,” he said as he bowed, “I think I have an idea.”

Hitori looked at him, and said, “State your name and plan.”

“My name is Nagata, my lady. My plan is to ask help from the Chi Tribe.”

After his words another member started to yell, “Are you nuts Nagata? The Chi are our enemy!”

“And they are our only hope Kino,” Nagata said calmly, “They may be our enemies, but they are the Sendo’s enemies as well. We will both have profits if we defeat the Sendo.”

After those words, there came a few approving nods. After all, Shuhan went to the Sendo first, because they caused the most problems.

Kino started to grump. He was the oldest and wisest. Why did everybody listen to that youngster Nagata?

“Even if we could convince the Chi, we’ll be dead before they would arrive,” Kino stated, “It’s evening already, and we have until afternoon. By that time you are lucky if you already made it to the Chi village.” After those words, Kino was proud of himself once more.

Nagata thought about those words. The stubborn old guy was right, but what other plan did they have? They needed a fast rider, someone who could be there really fast. ‘I am their only hope. My horse Lightning and I are the fastest of the village.’

“I’ll go,” Nagata said, “My lady, Lightning and I will go to the Chi village to deliver our plea for help.”

Hitori thought a while. Kino was right. The Chi village was far, but Nagata and Lightning were fast. They might be able to be back before everybody was killed. Hitori made up her mind. Surrender? Never. She could not let her people work as slaves for the Sendo. They would fight until the last man alive.

Nagata, ride fast. You know what to do and what is at stake. May the wind guide your path,” Hitori said. With those words Nagata bowed and hurried off. “As for the rest of you, I’ve decided to fight. We may be outnumbered by 75 to 200, but we are brave fighters. We’ll leave when we are ready. Let us hope that we can hold them off until Nagata returns with the Chi Tribe. FOR SHUHAN-SAMA!!!”

“FOR SHUHAN-SAMA!!!” Everybody agreed, except for one.

Kino wasn’t happy at all. That fool Nagata and that silly girl Hitori are leading them to their doom. He should be there on that throne, not Hitori. He grumbled while he walked away.


Back in the Sendo village, Shuhan and the others were locked up. Sadness was showing on their faces. Shuhan was mumbling to himself.

“Please hurry up Hitori, I know you will make the right decision.”


To be continued


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