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Part 40

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Part 40: Love




Kitty Ocean



Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Siren's Love for Zesshou Arc

Zesshou loves Hitori Arc



Timeline Entries


0199Siren despised Hitori because Zesshou is in love with her and makes her see the image of Shuhan to make her fall down two metres on her head.Part 40 & 42
0199Lana tortures Baku for information.Part 40



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 40: Love

© Kitty Ocean


“Love... what does that word mean to you?”

“I think you mistake love for being misled.”

“My dear brother, you are mistaken.” Lana leaned on the table, and looked at her brother, that was sitting across it, on a simply wooden chair. On both sides, Sendo guards were standing reading in case it was needed, “And right now, we shall test your love for... anyone actually.”

“Why did you patch me up?” Baku watched her walking away, “I thought you wanted me gone.”

“True.” Lana smiled, while opening the door, “But you see... you know where Hitori is, and she knows where the Hikari Crystals are.”

“I shall never betray our Father!” Baku jumped up, while both guards grabbed him.

“So we shall see.” Lana smiled wickedly, “So we shall see...” She closed the door behind her, and walked through the corridors.

When she entered the throne room, she looked at the savage girl that sat in the corner. Everyone ignored her, and Lana couldn’t help herself but smiling at Kyen Koh, while she walked at the throne. Gracefully, she sat down, while nobody objected.

“Our guest is finally ready. Do be kind to him.” Lana ordered with a smile, “He just started feeling better. We wouldn’t want to have him die so soon on us, do we?”

From her corner, Kyen Koh watched a few men leave. She knew she could never stop them. This was in their blood. This was what they longed to do. This... Kyen Koh buried her face behind her knees.

“I failed to protect you Hitori...” She whispered in defeat, and tried to pretend she didn’t hear the screams from the mortal God...


“Do you think we are the only ones left?” Nagata wondered, “I mean... we’ve been walking around for days... and we haven’t found anyone!”

“I hope that some other Mikomi have survived...” Zesshou admitted, “But I don’t recall anyone being alive...”

“We just have to find Hana and the others.” Hitori decided, “I bet others will try to find them as well.”

“Nobody will be able to protect them now.” Zesshou said carefully, “And Hana... she has the Hikari Crystals... if the Sendo find them...”

Hitori’s mind wandered off. This was a hopeless situation. They fought a hopeless battle, with a hopeless army... in a hopeless war.

The little fairy Siren flew around Zesshou, “Why does she order you around like that?” She asked her ‘big love’.

Zesshou hushed her, “She is my chieftess.”

Siren noticed small blushes coming on his face, “Hmpfh!” Siren folded her arms, “She isn’t much of a leader. Just look at her... she can’t even lead you out of here!”

Hitori?” Nagata walked next to his chieftess, “Are you all right?”

Hitori looked up. A part of her wanted to scream, scream so loud that everything was not alright. That she was a failure, and that she had condemned them all. That this stupid mission to gather the Hikari Crystals was a stupid dream. That she was the cause of all this misfortune...

But Hitori smiled at Nagata, “Don’t worry.” She assured him, “All will be well.”

Siren looked at Hitori, and then at Zesshou. She noticed he had trouble keeping his eyes of her. And why, for crying out loud? She wasn’t that pretty! Scars, cuts and bruises were all over her, and her blue hair was dirty. But what Siren noticed most, was the lie in Hitori’s pink eyes.


Night was falling, and again Hitori had no choice than to take a rest. She wanted to solve this mess; this mess she blamed to be her fault. A God himself came down to help her, but she still messed up. Three Hikari Crystals were found, but two were still missing. And was it all worth it?

Ever since she reached adulthood, she lost her mentor and greatest love, half of her tribe... and now once again half of what was left.

Deep inside, Hitori wished that it was her who died in the battle with the Sendo, not Shuhan. He would have never let it get this far. And at this moment, Shuhan would be the one who would guide Nagata and Zesshou to safety.



Hitori opened her watery eyes. Her breath stopped, and her heart seemed to crumble. Before her, bathing in a white light...

Shuhan...” She whispered, and stood up.


Siren smiled, when she saw Hitori standing up. She seemed to be walking at something, but nothing could be seen. Siren fluttered down, and took a strand of Zesshou’s hair.

“There...” She smiled, “Sleep well. I’ve taken care of your little distraction.”


Hitori couldn’t be more happier. Shuhan... he was there!

“Are you a ghost?” Hitori whispered, afraid of the answer.

Tears streamed down her face, as her heart filled with joy. He couldn’t be here... but he was! He was here! She remembered the love she had for him, as well as the pain when she had to say good bye... But now he was here... reaching out for her.


Lana passed the girl that tried to look as small as possible, “Thank you.” Lana smiled at her, “For keeping the throne warm that is. But we all know it’s now better to move on, don’t we?” Lana walked on, “Let’s see how my brother is doing. It seems that he is enjoying herself...”

Kyen Koh heard the screams. It filled her bones, making them tremble. This was wrong... she knew it! But what could she do? She wasn’t Sendo, and all realized that. She wasn’t meant for blood, nor for killing. Her purpose was on the other side.

But they would never let her go. Kyen Koh knew everything about the Sendo. And when a few soldiers glanced at Kyen Koh... she also realized that her life would end soon....


Nagata yawned, and stretched himself, when nature decided calling him. He looked around, for a nice spot to go. The tree looked very appealing, but he had to be careful not to fall off that cliff. Carefully he walked at it, when he suddenly heard a whispering voice.

Shuhan... I’ve failed... How can you ever forgive me... Please... take me with you...”

Curious, Nagata looked aside. Who was Hitori talking to? There was nothing to be seen. Shuhan? Wait... Shuhan was dead. Okay, Hitori loved him with all her heart, and she had taken the lead after he was gone but...

Nagata saw Hitori walking on, stretching her arms as if she was going to embrace someone. Nagata noticed Siren observing Hitori as well, while Zesshou slept on. Okay, that was strange. Was Hitori sleepwalking or so? She seemed awake.

Didn’t she see where she was going? She was obviously lost in some trance.

“Don’t leave me Shuhan...” Hitori cried, “Come back... please come back Shuhan!”

Because of Hitori’s voice, Zesshou woke up. When he rubbed his eyes, he just saw Hitori leaping into the air. But he was suddenly very awake, when he heard Nagata screaming.




To be continued


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