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Part 42

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Part 42: Secrets







Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Siren's love for Zesshou Arc

Hitori loves Shuhan Arc

Secret of the Tiko Tribe Arc

Kyen Koh's Identity Crisis Arc



Timeline Entries


g0004-A lot laterAfrain finds out that Lana has a child and Lana is forced to abandon the child in the Valley of Endless Rain. This child eventually is found by Kyen Koh's father carrying Baku's and Lana's mother's hairpin.Part 31 & 41 & 42 & 70


-23000Aiko was found by Kyen Koh’s parents.Part 42
-22000Kyen Koh was found. She carried Baku’s mother’s hairpin.Part 41 & 42


0199Siren despised Hitori because Zesshou is in love with her and makes her see the image of Shuhan to make her fall down two metres on her head.Part 40 & 42
0199Baku asks Kyen Koh to leave without answering her questions. He says he needs time to think things over.Part 42
0199-0201Hitori is unconscious.Part 42
0199-0201Kyen Koh wanders around aimlessly and tries to avoid her father’s home. Also she had seen her legion only twice, both times she was laughed at and made fun of.Part 42
0201Hitori wakes up after two days of unconsciousness. She doesn’t remember that Shuhan died anymore, and thought he was still alive being really confused now. Nagata takes over the command of the Mikomi and Hitori agrees.Part 42
0201The Sendo scouts have found the other Mikomi hiding in the Chi village. Lana orders Tebok to take his army and kill them all. She warns that they shouldn’t touch the Hikari Crystals.Part 42
0201Kyen Koh’s father asks Kyen Koh to enter their house to talk. He tells her Aiko was found 23 years ago alone in the forest and Kyen Koh a year later with a mysterious hairpin.Part 42
0201Moyasu and Pyro find the girl who’s wearing her pendant. At request of Moyasu Pyro shows her the secret of the Tiko Tribe. The fact that they can change people to crystals.Part 42
0201Baku reveals to Lana that Kyen Koh is Lana’s daughter.Part 42



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 42 Secrets

© Dougurasu


“Ow… my head…” Hitori said whilst rubbing her forehead.

Hitori!” Zesshou was glad to see his secret love finally wake up, “Are you okay?”

Hitori sat up straight, but was having trouble keeping her balance, “No… I’m not. My head…”. Suddenly she remembered something, “Shuhan! Where’s Shuhan?”

Nagata sat down next to her, “Shuhan? Shuhan died half a year ago. Don’t you remember? You were in the same room when it happened.”

The other Mikomi soldiers had made a camp near a forest. The light of the campfire drove the blackness of the night away.

Shuhan… died…? I don’t understand… I don’t remember anymore…” Hitori said.

Zesshou frowned, “You don’t remember? You remember me, don’t you? And you remember who you are, right?”

Behind him Siren was grinning, “She doesn’t remember… That wasn’t really the idea, but I like it.”

“Yes. You’re Zesshou. And I’m Hitori… Lady Hitori of the Mikomi. What happened to me?”

“You were slowly walking away from our camp, crying out Shuhan’s name and then you reached a cliff. Before I could reach you, you made a two meter fall down. You were immediately rendered unconscious.” Nagata explained.

“I was? For how long?” Hitori demanded.

“Two days.”

“Two days?!” Hitori asked with disbelief, “What about Shuhan?”

Zesshou stood up, “HitoriShuhan is dead. You were there… You were the only one there.”

“I… really don’t remember.” Hitori said, trying to hold in her tears, “Half a year ago… Half a year…”

“Lady Hitori.” Nagata started, “I really think you should give someone else command of our mission to save Baku. I don’t mean to be blunt, but I should be appointed to lead this group.” Nagata didn’t really know what he was getting himself into, but he had to do this. He felt it was right.

“Save Baku… Yes, I remember. Yes. You should take command, Nagata.” Hitori said, “I really need to sit down…”


For two days Kyen Koh had been wandering aimlessly around the Sendo village. Both days she had stopped in front of her and her father’s house. She hadn’t slept there in over four months. She had not dared to speak to him after she was degraded to commander of the seventh legion. The seventh legion… She had seen her soldiers only twice. Both times she was laughed at and a few of them were even joking to defect to the Mikomi.

“How did you get that hairpin?”

It had been two days ago since she was asked that. She glanced at the hairpin again. What was so special about it? All she wanted to know was why Baku said she wasn’t really evil just before Lana hit him and he stumbled and passed out. He didn’t answer her question. In fact he wanted her to leave. He said he wanted to think things over.


Kyen Koh awoke from her daydream and looked around. She found her father standing on the porch of their house. He had seen her looking at her hairpin.

“There’s something I must tell you, Kyen Koh. Please come in…”


“You called, Empress?” Tebok said while kneeling before Lana.

Lana sat down on her throne, “Yes, Lord Tebok. I have a mission for you. Our scouts have found the Mikomi. They’re hiding in the ruins of the Chi village. I want you to take a legion and exterminate them. Search them for crystals, but beware. I don’t want you touch any of them. Let those Mikomi bring it here,” She smirked and drank some of her wine.

Without question Lord Tebok agreed and assembled his troops.


“You see her?” Pyro asked, “The girl with the long brown braids?”

It didn’t take long before Moyasu had spotted her, “She’s the one with my pendant?” Moyasu’s arm was still in the process of healing, but she was allowed to walk around the Tiko village, but only with two guards accompanying her. It felt awkward being so free, yet so imprisoned. She wasn’t allowed in any of the buildings, or out of the gates.

“Now you know where your pendant is, but first we need to get you out of here.” Pyro said whilst looking around. The guards weren’t close enough to see or hear that Moyasu was talking.

Pyro… What is the Tiko’s secret?” Moyasu asked, “You mentioned they were hiding something from me…”

Pyro looked troubled, “I know… Do you really want to know?”

“I really want to know.”

“Okay.” Pyro said, “Take a left turn… NOW. Run!”

Surprised by Pyro’s immediate response she veered off from her path and entered an alleyway.

“Now right through that door!”

She turned right and banged against the door. It flung open and fell out of its hinges. Just as she stumbled in, three Tiko members in robes were working on something. An intense light covered up what they were doing. When they noticed Moyasu they stopped.

Moyasu almost began to scream. A Sendo warrior was standing there, tied up, his face looked terrified, with tears streaming down of his cheeks. His feet were covered by a giant crystal. In fact the crystal was an extension of his feet.

“What the… oh my god… are you transforming people into crystals? Get me out of here!!” Moyasu screamed.


Kyen Koh sat down in her house. It hadn’t changed much… her father was already old, so he wouldn’t go and shift the furniture.

Her father sat down in front of her, “Kyen… What I’m about to tell you… might startle you… That hairpin was not given to you by your mother.”

“What? But you told me that she did… I remember her giving it to me.”

KyenMariko… you are not our daughter… Nor was Aiko. We found you both in the woods. We found Aiko twenty three years ago and we found you a year later somewhere else. We have no idea who your parents are… You were carrying that hairpin when we found you. It’s the only lead we have to your parents…”


Lana visited Baku, like she did every day, hoping to extract some information on where Hitori was, or how to get the Hikari Crystals. This time, Baku was smiling when she entered the room.

“Sister! How I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

“Ha! There’s a nice change. Finally having some information for me?”

“Yes. It’s about Kyen Koh. A long time ago… our mother’s hairpin vanished. No one knew what happened… but I did. I knew of your daughter with Layou, Lana. I knew!”

“You knew?! You never said anything.”

“No I never did. I was afraid our father, Afrain, would not believe me… But I’ve had some time to think and I came to the surprising conclusion that Kyen Koh is… your daughter.”



To be continued


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