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Part 49

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Part 49: Taking back the Mikomi Village (Part I)







Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Fight for Mikomi Village Arc

Siren's Love for Zesshou



Timeline Entries


0203Serenity Soulheart leaves Nagata’s and Zesshou’s group because she feels guilty for what happened to Hitori, only to be captured by Chounin who intends to sell her.Part 49 & 50
0203Nagata’s group doesn’t have enough money to buy the map from Chounin. Chounin offers them information for 70 pesocs, but in the end Nagata and his team can’t use that information. They agree that Chounin should return in a week (day 0210), because then they will be able to buy the map. Chounin leaves.Part 49 & 50
0207Nagata and Zesshou both end up in a cavern that they found thanks to Chounin’s clue from Part 49. They both convince themselves to return to what they were meant to do; the wedding and the trial.Part 49 & 66



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 49: Taking Back the Mikomi Village (Part I)

© Acrocat


Nagata was counting the money he had collected from all the soldiers. All together he came at the exact amount of 500 pesocs, which was just enough to buy the map from Chounin. Things weren't exactly looking up for the Mikomi. Hitori was missing and they were about to enter a battle. At least they had enough money to buy a map to a Hikari Crystal.

'With our luck it is probably not even a real map. Why do I even trust that annoying merchant?' Nagata thought, but somewhere, deep inside of him, he knew that Chounin was going to help them.

"Nagata!" Nagata shook up from his thoughts by Zesshou who was calling him.

"Have you found Hitori Zesshou?" The young council member asked immediately.

Zesshou made a sad face, "I'm afraid not. I fear...I fear that she has thrown herself into the river back there. You know how awful she was looking lately." He said while tears formed in his eyes again.

"I see... Let's pray to Afrian that's she's still alive."

"Aren't we going to continue to search for her!" Zesshou shouted incredulously.

"Of course we're going to continue to search for her, but now we've first got to retake our village. Once we have, we can make proper search parties."

"It's my fault..." A soft voice whispered.

Zesshou and Nagata turned around to see Serenity at the verge of crying.

"It's my fault. All because I was jealous. Because of me she fell from that cliff and lost a part of her memory. I...I'm not worthy to you Zesshou." With those words she fluttered away.

Zesshou called after her, but Serenity kept on fluttering until she disappeared in the undergrowth.


"Whatyaknow, a fairy, I can get some nice money for that one."

The chubby figure took a net from his pack and threw it over the blonde fairy. The fairy cursed, but the figure didn't pay attention to her. Instead he took a small cage and locked the fairy up. When he had done so he heard someone calling.

"Siren! Where are you, I want to talk to you!" Zesshou called as he emerged from the bushes.

Chounin quickly put the cage away, "Lost someone laddy?" He asked the young warrior.

"Yeah, have you seen a small blonde fairy?"

"Fairy? Was it a girl with purple wings which became darker in the middle and with purple clothes and purple eyes?"

Zesshou nodded eagerly.

"Nope haven't seen her, but how about that map? I thought you were interested in that one."

"You'll have to go and see Nagata for that. He's talking to the others back there." Zesshou pointed over his shoulder with his thumb.

"Thank you laddy, I'll go talk with that fellow then. Good luck with your search."

Zesshou didn't hear Serenity's voice calling to him from Chounin's pack as he continued his search.


I think you'll all agree with me that retaking Mikomi's village is our first priority. Once we have, we can make proper search parties to search for lady Hitori. I know that the wounds from the last battle are still fresh with the most of you, but we have to fight.

"General Nagata." A soldier called, naming Nagata with his new title, "Should we be expecting traps along the way?"

"I'm afraid so soldier. One of our comrades has already been killed while he was searching for lady Hitori. I've send scouts ahead to locate them. When they return, we'll move out."

At the moment Nagata had said that the scouts emerged from the bushes carrying a hurt comrade between them.

"General Nagata, the Sendo's have become more provisioned at setting their traps. He didn't even saw it coming. He's lucky to be still alive. We also barely escaped from the traps." One of them reported.

Nagata sighed, "We'll have to guess our chances then. Hopefully the Sendo's haven't reset the traps you've activated."

"Laddy! Laddy where are you?!" Nagata got annoyed at the exact instant he heard Chounin's voice, "Ah there you are my lad. Are you still interested in that map? 550 pesocs was the deal right?"

"What! It was 500 pesocs! And yes we're still interested."

"Sorry lad, but I work accordingly to a interest program. The time you took to collect the money made the price rise with 10%. On 500 pesocs that means the price rises with 50 pesocs."

"That's not fair! We only have 500!"

"Well then, you'll have to add something with it lad, or else I'll go elsewhere."

"Hold on." Nagata pondered for a while, "If we succeed in retaking our village then we can make necessary arrangements."

"Ah the Mikomi village lad. I have some nice info for you. Only 50 pesocs, my friend."

Nagata thought for a while again while Chounin kept on talking.

"Yes it is some fine information I've got for you my friend. Ah yes you won't be troubled by those damn trap when you pay me for this information. Remember that the interest is flowing. Right now the price has already risen to 55 pesocs."

"SHUT UP!" Nagata screamed, "I can't think with you rambling at my head!"

"And that just rose the price to 70 pesocs my friend." Chounin just carried on.

"Alright, alright, I'll buy your info, but please stop being so annoying." Nagata said as he handed over the money, "Now what's the info?"

"Thank you laddy. I've heard about a secret passage that runs from the east side of the village to the cellar of the throne room. The way to find it is very obscure. It was something about 'Between the eyes of the forest.' That's all the info I've got to offer." Chounin ended.

"What? That info for 70 pesocs? Why, you fat little-" Nagata flew to the merchant's throat, but was stopped by two soldiers.

Chounin fell on the ground and looked shocked at Nagata. How did this young man dare to do this to him? Just an innocent merchant? What more does he have to expect from him, when they will haggle over the price of the map?



To be continued


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