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Part 53

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Part 53: Annoyance Is Common








Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Chounin loves Hitori Arc

Siren's Love for Zesshou Arc



Timeline Entries


0203After an extensive search Tebok and his army take Baku and leave the Chi village and walk in the direction of Mikomi village.Part 53
0203Kino gets angry because of a few teenagers, but Urania calms him down.Part 53


The Story

Endless Rain

Part 53: Annoyance Is Common

© Acrocat


"All this trouble for nothing." Tebok grumbled, "Now what do I have to say to Empress Lana. I can't just tell her the Mikomi were gone."

Baku, who was enjoying it fully sat back relaxed, "Well you could always try to lie to her, what do you think?" He said teasingly.

"SHUT UP!" Tebok shouted as he smacked Baku on his head.

Baku didn't care. He was having the time of his life as he was mocking poor Lord Tebok. At this moment they looked more like two teasing brothers rather than enemies.

Seeing that it wouldn't help them very much to just stand there at the Chi village, Tebok ordered the Sendo army to turn around. The funny thing is that it would have helped them very much if they would have stayed there at the village. The Sendo army was hardly gone when the Mikomi were forced to submerge because they had ran out of oxygen in their bubble. If Tebok had only stayed a little while longer, the Mikomi would have surely been killed.

"Phew, that was close." Hitori mumbled.

"A little bit too close if you'll ask me." Kino said pessimistic.

"Cheer up Kino." Hana said, "We're all alright and that's what matters."

"Yeah yeah, I suppose you're right."

They were interrupted by the two youngsters whom Kino had shouted at before because they were kissing.

"Mister Kino, are we allowed to kiss again?" The young boy asked while he was holding his girlfriend in his arms.

"What the-" Kino started, his temper skipping a few levels, "I don't care what you youngsters do! I don't care if you start to make babies in front of my eyes! We're in the middle of a war dammit, and they start asking permission to kiss! What am I, a population manager! I'm sorry ma'am, your neighbours were before you, you'll have to wait until next year before you may kiss or have a child!"

Kino went totally ballistic, and continued to shout at the terrified youngsters for a while until he heard a soft gentle voice calling his name.

"Who do you want to kiss?!" Kino said angrily as he turned around.

His temper eased when he saw who had called his name. Gaia had appeared behind him and was looking at him with her gentle clear-green eyes.

"No one daddy, except you maybe, if it makes you feel better." She said.

"I uh...well I uh..." Kino's ears became red.

"Don't be so harsh on them daddy. They know it's war, and they also know they can die in it. They want to enjoy their love as long as they can. They are uncertain of what's to come. They want to cherish every moment they are together." Gaia explained.

"I'm just a little stressed, that's all." Kino apologized while he looked down.

"Aren't we all, dear one? Now apologize to these youngsters and let them care for each other as long as they think it's fit."

Kino had the strong urge to say 'yes mommy' while he was supposed to be Gaia's father. He turned to the youngsters and apologized. They scurried off to a quiet place soon afterwards.

"Now remember daddy." The expression on Gaia's face went from motherly to childly, "Like you said, this is a war, but there is one thing you must remember at any time in war. Love and care daddy. At these times always think about your loved ones and help them to carry the burdens. War is a burden on its own, but in this war, there is a much, much greater burden."

"The Hikari Crystals...Lady Hitori."

With a snap he looked at his chieftess. It was then that he noticed how pale and tired Hitori actually looked. She was strong, but the burdens of two Hikari Crystals had sucked most of her energy away from her. If she already looked so bad with two, then how would she look with all five?! Would she still be able to walk by then?

Hitori looked back and smiled at him like nothing was wrong. Any moment he expected her to tell him she was alright and that he didn't have to worry about her, as long as the tribe was safe. Hitori might not realise it at that moment, but she is a very strong person.

"Remember daddy, love and care are the best support somebody can give to a person." Gaia's voice echoed in his mind.


Chounin was whistling while he walked in no particular direction. He just walked, and just waited where faith would take him. He always knew where he was of course. He had travelled through the valley as long as he could remember. Her could probably tell you how many trees both forests had if he took some effort. However, he never thought like 'let's go to the Sendo village' or something. No he just walked. Always enjoying the company of the animals in the forest while the sound of the rain gave him new ideas for melodies to whistle.

"Now you turn around right now mister!" Serenity called from her cage.

"A money bringer like you? Surely you're kidding lass." Chounin replied, "Now be quiet. I have to think about how much the price of the map will have risen by the time we return to the Mikomi village. Perhaps I'm going to be late so the price will have risen even more."

"You're devious, I can appreciate that." Serenity approved, forgetting all about being freed.

"Why thank you lass. See? We've become friends already."

Chounin smiled at her, something he might regret to have done later. The moment Chounin smiled at her Serenity's personality button turned again. She forgot all about Zesshou and fell in love with Chounin.

"I don't think it's going to stay with just being friends." Serenity replied.

If only Chounin had seen the look in her eyes right now.

"How would you like it to have a fairy for a wife?" She asked him, "Only for 5 pesocs will I make you a proper suit."

Chounin got red. That he hadn't seen this coming! But then again, he knew nothing about fairies. They are supposed to be extinct!

"I uh...I uh am involved with somebody else." He partially lied. After all, he was in love with Hitori.

"Why are they aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!" Serenity whined, "Everyone I love loves somebody else, even my...even my Zesshou." She suddenly seemed to remember him, "Hey how about letting me free chappy." She said cheerfully again.

Chounin didn't know what was happening. What was wrong with this little fairy? She seemed to have so many personalities which were turning every minute. Perhaps catching this fairy wasn't such a good idea at all.



To be continued


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