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Part 57

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Part 57: The Chosen One's Leader








Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Kyen Koh's Identity Crisis Arc



Timeline Entries


0205Typhoon Griffinstrength explains the role of the ones that are Chosen to Kyen Koh and Hitori. Pyro Phoenixtruth butts in to tell that Moyasu is doing fine. Ty also tells Kyen Koh that she still has to face her Final Test and that is to get the Hikari Crystal from the eye of a hurricane that only passes through the valley, over the South planes, every 50 years, so she has to hurry to get there.Part 57
0205Kyen Koh asks everyone to call her Mariko from now on.Part 57


The Story

Endless Rain

Part 57: The Chosen Ones' Leader

© Acrocat


"Glad to see you still breathing, Lady Hitori." Typhoon smiled, "Maybe it's time I shall fill in some of the blanks. To the both of you."

"That would be nice." Hitori said as she sat down next to the wild eyed Kyen Koh.

"Allow me to properly introduce myself to the both of you. I am Typhoon Gryffinstrength, guardian of the Diamond of the Angel, protector of strength and courage and controller over the wind, but you can just call me Ty, just to safe some time."

Both Hitori and Kyen Koh gaped at him with their mouths wide open. Hitori had only known this man by the name of Ty and Kyen Koh had only heard some name being called during the chaos of battle.

Kyen Koh turned to Hitori with a questioning look. She had heard about the Hikari Crystal guardians of course, but this was the first time she met one.

"I came here to talk to the both of you." Typhoon smiled a dreamy smile.

"Both of us?" Hitori asked, "But you didn't send for me, I came here because I wanted to talk with Kyen Koh."

Kyen Koh winced at the mention of her name. Kyen Koh, this girl had been through so much, had suffered a great deal, done so many regrettable things. She had the feeling that this Kyen Koh had died two days ago when Typhoon firstly appeared before her, and that Mariko had been revived from her grave.

"Please Hitori, don't...don't call me that name again. Kyen Koh has died two days ago. I am...Ma...Mariko." She had trouble to say her true name.

Typhoon smiled that dreamy smile again and answered Hitori's remark in a dreamy and mysterious voice, "The wind has guided you LADY Hitori."

He seemed to put some extra significance to her title. It made Hitori remember what she had told Hana. About that she didn't want to be the Lady of the Mikomi Tribe anymore.

"Why did you say it that way Ty?" Hitori asked him.

"When taking a burden one must accept it. When guided by the wind, one can only do but follow." Typhoon answered, his voice getting dreamier by the moment, "You were destined for all the things you have done in your life Lady Hitori. You would have known that if you would have listened to the wind." Before Hitori could say anything Typhoon turned to Mariko, "The wind has missed you, my child."

"Missed me?" Mariko said in surprise, "How can something like that miss me?"

Typhoon shook his head, "When I say the wind has missed you, I also say that I missed you. I am one with the wind. I talk with it the way a lonely person would talk to himself. You were very lonely when you and you father fled from your sister's reign. Some thought you were talking to yourself, but you knew someone was listening and answering. Whenever you were sad, a soft breeze would try to cheer you up. Whenever bad things were going to happen, a storm would warn you. The wind took care of you, you were, and still are, its child."

"So you...you were always with me?" Mariko asked.

Typhoon nodded, "Yes I were, and when you trusted the wind and had the courage to defy your mother, you released me. I may have been hidden when you were Kyen Koh, but for Mariko, I was always there."

"Does that mean she has earned the Hikari Crystal?" Hitori asked him.

Typhoon raised his finger, "Not yet." He simply said.

"But, Kyen- I mean Mariko has proven herself to be strong and courageous, hasn't she?" Hitori rejected.

Typhoon still had his finger raised, "Indeed Mariko has, but you haven't, Lady Hitori."

"What?" Both Mariko and Hitori said.

"Although we give the crystals to the one who proves him or herself to us, we can only do so when the one who takes the burdens upon him or her has proven him or herself, and that, if I'm not mistaken, is you, Lady Hitori."

"So I can't get the crystals if the so-called Chosen Ones can't get them, and the Chosen Ones can't get them if I don't prove myself." Hitori concluded.

"Indeed you are right, Lady Hitori." An unfamiliar voice, seeming to come out of nowhere, said, and moments later Pyro appeared next to his guardian brother.

"Ah Pyro, I'm so glad you came. I'm really not that good at that truth stuff." Typhoon said.

"That's alright Typhoon, we all have our own strength and weakness." Pyro replied, turning then to the two baffled girls, "I'm Pyro Phoenixtruth, I guide Moyasu. I think you're all pleased to hear that she's all right."

"Who's Moyasu?" Mariko asked.

"If you would have listened to the wind, you would have known that Moyasu is the sole survivor of the Chi Tribe, and in possession of the Ruby of the Dragon." Typhoon answered.

Mariko blushed, giving her still pale face some color.

Pyro smiled, "I'll explain what my brother just told you Hitori." He started, not referring to Hitori's title, "Every generation new Chosen Ones will be selected by the Hikari Crystals. Nothing will happen until one of the Chosen Ones finds its own crystal. That Chosen One will be chosen to carry the burdens of all of the Hikari Crystals. In this case it was you Hitori. You were chosen to find the Pearl of the Ocean, and it was the first crystal you've found. If Mariko wouldn't have changed into Kyen Koh, Typhoon might have been released earlier and she would have to carry all the burdens."

"Wait a minute." Hitori interrupted, "I thought Moyasu found her crystal before I found mine."

"Yes, that is correct, but when she received her crystal she was not properly tested yet. Moyasu found her crystal too early. Her test wasn't ready yet. At this very moment she is busy with her test. Only when she completes it, she will have properly proven herself. It has no rush however, because you haven't proven yourself yet.

Anyway, on with the story, although the First Chosen One must carry the burdens, the others must still get their own crystal. That part is still simple, but by accepting the task as First Chosen One, you also accept the task to show the qualities of the other Chosen ones. During Mermaid's test, you've proven your own skill to work together. By taking over the leadership of the Mikomi Tribe you've showed you care for your people. At this moment, when it becomes hard on you, you don't show the courage and the strength to go on. You want to quit. Mariko can only do her final test, if you go on."

"And what is this final test?" Mariko asked her guardian.

"You have to go to the South Plains. Every fifty years a hurricane crosses into the valley and rages the land over there. Since recently it has appeared again. The Diamond of the Angel is hidden inside the eye of the hurricane." Typhoon made a wry face, "A lot of fools have died to get the Hikari Crystal, but they weren't chosen, they weren't guided by me and the First Chosen One. If you succeed, and if LADY Hitori will stay strong, your task will be complete, but you must hurry, because the hurricane will soon disappear behind the valley again, and it won't come back for another fifty years."



To be continued


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