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Part 6

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Part 6: Youth







Character Introductions





Character Deaths






Mikomi-Sendo War Arc



Timeline Entries


0005Zesshou runs away from the Mikomi Tribe, but is subsequently captured by a Sendo warrior. Zesshou says he wants to join the Sendo.Part 6


The Story

Endless Rain

Part 6: Youth

© Miyuki-sama


Furiously, the teenager laced his old boots, shabby from the many work he had done in his life. He looked around the small room one more time, grabbed his tiny bag and ran out as fast as he could, so that Lady Hitori wouldn't notice.


The boy ignored the voices calling his name and ran on. He didn't care about the people trying to stop him. If nobody went to get help from other tribes, then he'd do it by himself. And he'd find Shuhan all by himself! Curses on the ones who said teenagers weren't worth anything. Suddenly, he bumped something soft, and with red ears, he looked up into hazel eyes, one dark eyebrow almost reaching black hair in a typical, mocking fashion. She looked different from all the people in Zesshou's tribe, and he was suspicious right away.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"None of your business, you're not even of our tribe." Zesshou snorted, and then the woman hit him in the head. "Hey! Are you insane? Get out of my way!"

The exotic looking woman smirked. "And what if I don't?"

"I'll call Lady Hitori on you!" Zesshou called out, crossing his arms. "I'm not scared of some woman!"

"That's your mistake. And besides-" The woman played with beads on her dress in a very casual way, "-Lady Hitori and I have become... friends."

"Get lost!" Zesshou snarled, and pushed the woman aside.

"Young man! You clearly have no idea who you're talking to!" The woman snarled in an equally annoyed way before pulling out a dagger and positioning it under Zesshou's nose. "My name is Kyen Koh and I offered my exquisite battle skills to this Lady of yours. So shut your trap, rat."

Zesshou wasn't intimidated or frightened by the woman's provocative behavior. Instead, his anger rose and he pulled his own dagger. He pushed the woman aside and ran away, outside, to find Shuhan, and to find other tribes, which would help the Mikomi Tribe. After a few minutes, though, it started to rain again, and Zesshou cursed. He could hardly see anything, now that he was in a dark forest where light was scarce and the rain was heavy.

"Look out!" A horse stopped right in front of the teenage boy, splattering him with mud and dirt.

Inwardly, Zesshou cursed, but he didn't say anything out loud. He had no idea who the horse was from, until he heard running footsteps and a man came towards him.

"Child! What are you doing here?!" The man growled at Zesshou, who was shaking with a mixture of cold and fear.

He could just sense that something about this man was so terribly wrong, so dark that not even the bravest of soldiers could stand against it. By now, the boy had started wishing he had stayed with Lady Hitori. Even the dark haired stranger felt better than the negative energy flowing from this man.

"None of your business, I'm just out for a walk." He snapped.

"A walk, eh?" The man grinned, showing rotten teeth. Zesshou had the urge to throw up.

"Yeah, a walk. Now what?" Zesshou sighed, "Let me guess. It's forbidden for people under the age of sixteen to walk trough a forest. Is that it? Nobody tells me about new laws these days."

"You've got quite the attitude, stray." The man hissed, and then something that was probably supposed to look like a smile of some sort, "We of the Sendo Tribe like that very much."

’Gods! Sendo!!’ Zesshou cried with fear inwardly, and started to shake even more.

"Sendo, huh?" He said lazily, "I've heard of you guys. You seem pretty rough to me."

"Yeah. The roughest." The man grinned, again showing the sickening teeth.

Zesshou swallowed, ‘Maybe if I just play along, he'll take me to his tribe. Maybe they keep Shuhan and the others captured there. If I can free them, I'll be the hero. This is my chance to prove myself to Lady Hitori!’

"Take me to your tribe. I want to join."


To be continued


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