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Part 61

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Part 61: Chaos is my Speciality




Kitty Ocean




Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Rising Water Level Arc

Nagata's Trial Arc

Secret of the Tiko Tribe Arc



Timeline Entries


0206Moyasu is awoken by a little earthquake and runs away screaming it’s the water coming.Part 61
0206Hitori orders Hana to stay in the Mikomi village and act as leader. She also orders Nagata and Mariko to come with her regardless of their present situations. Together with a few volunteers they set out to find Lana and Nagata is ordered to immediately return on Lightning to tell Hana to evacuate if something happens to Hitori and the others.Part 61
0206Zesshou, Siren and the two guards follow Lana and Kino until they are met with both Tebok’s army and Hitori’s party. Soon after Moyasu and Chounin arrive as well. Chounin starts to ask who the highest bidder on his Hikari Crystal treasure map is.Part 61


The Story

Endless Rain

Part 61: Choas Is My Speciality

© Kitty Ocean


There was a soft rumble. It danced through The Valley of the Endless Rain like a small wave. Touching everything on its way, the rumble worried no one. A little earthquake most likely; it had happened before.

Sasaeru poked with a twig into the smoldering ashes. The yawn he made showed he had woken up recently. A small part of him was surprised Moyasu was still there, while most of it had expected that. He always smiled about she small child. Because, in his eyes, she still was a child. Okay, he married to her, but she was still a child.

But he did feel she was worried. Why would she want to leave that fast otherwise? Suddenly Sasaeru noticed something. A soft voice. "...ter... water... water..." Moyasu mumbled in her sleep. Sasaeru ignored it. She had dreamed more about that. Somehow Moyasu's worries were connected to the water.

"Water..." Moyasu repeated. "The water..." Sasaeru wondered if he should wake her up. But then again, if he did, she would probably scold at him. Nah, it was best to keep her asleep. She'd wake up.

"THE WATER!" Moyasu suddenly snapped up. Sasaeru looked up surprised, and even his trusty bird of prey seemed surprised. Moyasu looked up, and saw her traveling companion. For a moment she looked confused at him, but then...

Moyasu suddenly leaped up, leaving everything behind, and started running! Sasaeru was so surprised, it took a minute before he reacted. "Moyasu!" He called out. "Wait!"

But she didn't wait. According to Moyasu, she had already waited too long...


"What do you mean they are not in the village?!" Hitori called out. The response was repeating what they had said before. "Oh, this is just great!" Hitori sighed. "We have to go and trade Lana for Baku, but Lana is gone. Mariko has to go and find that once in a 50 year tornado. Nagata is on trial. Kino is gone. Zesshou has not returned yet..." Summing up what was going on, Hitori noticed the mess they were in. 'Priorities...' Hitori thought. 'I have to set priorities!'

Hitori sat down on the throne and thought for a while. "Can I help?" Hana asked worried.

Hitori shook her head. "No, but I know what we have to do." For the first time in weeks, Hitori didn't seem to be doubting. She seemed... strong. "We can't wait for Zesshou. He has guards with him, and he's a big boy already, so he'll find his way back. Nagata's trial will be continued after we found Kino back."

Hana nodded and turned around, ready to walk away. "I'll go look for him." She mentioned.

"No." Hitori forbid her. "That is for a later worry. And Mariko can't leave either."

"What?!" Hana called out. "But, the tornado...."

"Mariko is our expert when it comes to the Sendo; I need her with me!" Hitori called out. "Also, I won't leave her alone going on this wild hunt! I will be going with her. A day more or less doesn't matter then any more."

"But what if the tornado..."

"Then so be it." Hitori decided and walked off. "We can't be certain if we'll ever find the 5th Hikari Crystal, or will ever manage to open The Passage of the Rainbow. But if we won't show up at the trade today, we can be certain of what the Sendo will do. We can't survive another attack like what happened with Lady Aiko! The Sendo have the power to destroy us all, but fortunately, they haven't realized that yet."


"I thank you, Kino." Lana smiled betraying. "You did well." When she stretched out her hand, Kino offered his back. However, his face did not smile. His eyes did not show any emotions. "Your hopes and dreams were an easy prey. And now, my old friend, I shall bring you to your beloved Urania. Just follow me..."

Zesshou looked at what was going on. "Is Kino a traitor?!" One of his guards whispered.

Zesshou looked better. "No, he couldn't!" Zesshou decided. Despite his young age, he acted like a true leader. Maybe, one day in the future... "Lana must have put a spell on him; just look at how he's walking. He acts like he's her slave!"

"That meanie!" Siren hissed. "Let me at her, let me at her!" Zesshou barely managed to grab the tiny little wings of the fairy.

"Shush!" Zesshou silenced her. "Let's follow them. Maybe we can free Kino and retake Lana as a prisoner..."


"Nagata!" Hitori called the young man. "Despite your trial, I do need you." She saw the faces of the other tribe members. Most of them did not agree; someone who was on trial, should not be allowed to leave the village. "Lightning was the only horse that did not flee like the others did; I assume it was because of your bond with him." Nagata nodded; Lightning was his best friend. "You need to go along; with him. In case we do fail, you will be the fastest one. Then you must warn everyone else." Hitori turned to Hana. "Hana, you must remain here."

"What?!" Hana called out.

"I need someone who can lead the tribe away from here." Hitori ordered her. "I don't care where you will lead them. For all I care you try and find the Tiko Tribe. As long as they will be away from here!"

Hana couldn't believe it. This... this was sounding like Hitori wasn't going to return! That was not possible! Hitori had to return! She was the Lady of the Mikomi and... and...

"This is my test Hana." Hitori whispered when she embraced Hana. "Let this also be yours. I rest my faith you in."

Hana looked into Hitori's pink eyes. And... she nodded....

They all left the Mikomi village. Nagata, Hitori, Mariko and some volunteers. This was a risky trade; after all, they had nothing to offer. Unless Afrain blessed them with luck, they would show up empty handed. And in this case, this would also mean a lot of blood would be spilled today...


Moyasu ran and ran; she couldn't stop any more. A second rumble washed over the valley, and Moyasu's heart was filled with fear. Behind her, she heard Sasaeru's voice, but she could not wait for him. His bird tried to stop Moyasu, but she avoided him.

There was no more time to doubt. Tonight would be too late...


"Ah, Lady Hitori..." Tebok smiled. "How nice of you to come and join us..."

"Ow crap, they are early..." Hitori cursed.

Some men pulled Baku into the front; Hitori could see how much this son of Afrian had been beaten up. Sorrow filled her heart; this was all her... NO! She should stop thinking like that! This was NOT her fault! This was all Lana's fault! She had played them all; the Sendo, Mariko, Afrain himself... this was all Lana's fault!

"As you can see, this is my part of the deal." Tebok grinned. "How about you?"

Hitori cursed some more. "Ah, well, as you can see..." She tried to buy some time.

"Oh dear, no need to worry, I'm here." A voice suddenly called out.

"Lana!" Hitori called out. But then she saw the grey man aside her. "Kino?!"

"Kino is a traitor?!" One of the volunteers yelled.

"No, he is not!" Zesshou jumped out. "Lana put him under a spell! She must have!"

"Zesshou?!" Hitori almost lost track of what was going on.

Siren fluttered closer to Lana. "How dare you!" The miniature girl called out. "He really misses Gaia, and you played such a mean trick on him!"

"Ah, it seems a rat and a fly followed me." Lana was not impressed. "Get lost, tiny fly." She whacked the fairy away.

Zesshou managed to catch her just before she would hit the ground. "Siren, go sing!" He told her.


"If you sing, we might have a shot of getting out of here!"

"As you can see Tebok, dear Lady Hitori has nothing to trade." Lana laughed.

"Well, that does change a lot." Tebok grinned. "In that case..."

"No!" Baku tried to stop him.

At that moment Kino seemed to wake up from his daze. "Ehm... trade already?" He asked around, not seeing what was really going on.

"Lady Hitori!" Nagata jumped from Lightning with his sword high; ready to defend her from whatever would be coming.

Hitori was shocked. How was this happening?! Why was this happening!? Why today?! On the day she had finally decided to be strong and take her responsibility as a leader?!

"The water!" Moyasu suddenly burst through the bushes. "The water is coming!"

Everyone turned around surprised, looking at this small girl with small scratches on her face. She had fallen during her run, but she had not stopped. The bird attacked her, but she did not wait for Sasaeru. With wide open eyes, Moyasu tried to catch her breath. "The... the water..." Was all she could say.

Finally Sasaeru showed up, panting just as tired. When looking around, he noticed everyone on the open spot. "Wow... quite the gathering..." He mumbled unsure.

"Who is that child?!" Tebok yelled. "Make her shut up!"

"My pleasure!" Lana turned around, and stretched her hand. In her hand, slowly a ball of lightning started to form.

Moyasu was so caught up with what she had dreamed and that she had finally reached those who needed the warning, that she was completely paralyzed; also because of her fatigue.

"Moyasu!" Hitori called out, and was ready to run at the young girl.

"My oh my." A new voice suddenly stopped all once again. "What are you all doing on the road to Funay?"

"Chounin?!" Nagata was flabbergasted.

"Mm, well, at least we're all here." Chounin put his bag down. "I know it's a few days early, but since we are all here now..." He raised a map. "I have the supply, you have the demand! The map to a Hikari Crystal! Highest bidder takes it along!!"



To be continued


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