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Part 65

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Part 65: Sometimes Trust Asks Courage




Kitty Ocean



Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc



Timeline Entries


0207After a night’s sleep Typhoon Gryffinstrenght visits Mariko to oversee her test of courage. Mariko jumps into the tornado.Part 65



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 65: Sometimes Trust Asks Courage

© Kitty Ocean


"Mariko!" Moyasu and Sasaeru screamed worried, while both Baku and Typhoon Gryffinstrength remained silent. There was no worry or fear written on their face, as the young girl leaped down the cliff, into the eye of the tornado. The hard roars of the wind hissed at the girl, as she was going down, and down, and down... into the heart of the storm.


It all began not too long ago, only the day before, when Baku had transported the little band of questing people to the tornado where the Diamond of the Angel would be hidden. While Moyasu tried to lose Sasaeru by hiding in some trees, Mariko looked at the raging wind.

"Are you scared?" Baku liked to know.

Mariko nodded. "I would be crazy if I was not." She admitted.

"It takes strength to admit you are scared." Baku smiled.

"Well, at least I'm on the right track then." Mariko mumbled as she sat down on a rock. "I have no idea where to look; any suggestions?"

"It is your quest, not mine." Baku smiled mysteriously.


Moyasu was more silent than ever when she saw Sasaeru walking under her tree. "I know you are here somewhere." He only said. "Come on, stop making this so hard. I'd hate to kill you."

How Moyasu wanted to jump down and kick this guy so hard. Somehow it didn't take him long before he noticed she was gone, and now he was already on her track. He passed her tree, and Moyasu sighed in relief without a sound. She had her own quest to fulfill, and this annoying guy just kept on following her! Any why? Only because they were... were... married?! No, this was not true. She was too young to be married and heck, she didn't allow herself to be thrown into an arranged marriage as well. If she would ever marry, it would be because the guy was worthy of her, and not some loser with an oversized chicken.

"There you are." Sasaeru was suddenly behind her in the tree.

"Get away from me!" Moyasu screamed. "Leave me alone."

"Do you want to get into this discussion again?"

"No, I want you to leave me alone!"

"You know why I can't."

"Just get lost." Moyasu pushed him backwards, but was almost falling herself. "I won't talk about the Tiko."

"That's why I'm coming along." Sasaeru replied. "To make sure of that..."

"I didn't ask for that!" Moyasu screamed at him. "Just leave me alone; you AND your stupid chicken."

"Now hold on." Sasaeru was starting to lose his own patience. "It's not like I wanted to stay away from my tribe forever you know!"

"Then why did you volunteer?!"

"SOMEONE had to." Sasaeru yelled. "Why can't you just accept this?"

"Because I am not the idiot you are!"


"My, they are at it again..." Mariko sighed. "Will those two ever get along? They sound like a married couple!" As a reply, Baku only grinned. Moyasu and Sasaeru were quite far away, but their voices could be heard quite well. "Why are you grinning?" Mariko asked Baku.

"Oh, just because. Shall we start looking?"

Mariko shook her face. "The Diamond of the Angel should appear alongside with the tornado, right?" Baku nodded. "That means that I have a nasty feeling... the Hikari Crystal is very near the tornado. And when I'm saying near, I mean near."

Baku stood up and walked at the edge of the cliff. Below him he could see an open space, not unlike a volcano, but instead of lava, there was a tornado raging. "You mean like a cave on the side?"

"If it was only that easy."


When the night started to fall, Sasaeru had to drag Moyasu back to the camp Mariko and Baku had put up. He was carrying her, while she was kicking and screaming that she hated him so much, that she would kill him for sure. Mariko noticed on Sasaeru's face that he was quite ticked off himself, and believed his thread when he said: "Now shut up or I'll tie you to a tree."

"Try it!" Moyasu hissed.

"Now, now, you two." Baku stepped in between. "Stop acting like some children. Get some dinner. Mariko made some wonderful soup."

"I'll poison his!" Moyasu proclaimed.

"Sure, sure..." Baku gave two bowls of soup to both Moyasu and Sasaeru. "Get some rest; we'll have a hard day tomorrow."

Baku sat down next to Mariko again. "Hey Baku..." Mariko started. "It will all be all right, right?"

"Why are you asking me that?" Baku wondered.

"Just lie to me if needed." Mariko sipped from the hot soup. "I need someone to tell me that it will be all right, so I can have the strength to go on with this. So that I know there is a reason to do all this..."

Baku smiled, and nodded. "Don't worry." He said. "It will be all right."


The next morning, Baku touched Mariko carefully to wake her up. "Wake up Mariko." He smiled. "Someone is here to see you."

Mariko woke up, and noticed Moyasu and Sasaeru were bickering again. She would probably never understand those two. But then she noticed a slender man next to Baku. "Ty! Ehm... Typhoon!" She corrected herself. "Why are you here? Is everything all right with the Mikomi."

Typhoon Gryffinstrength nodded. "Don't worry." He said to her. "I came to wish you good luck. I know you will make the right choice."

Mariko nodded. "It's the only way I see." She admitted. "I've thought it through over and over again... but the only reason I can find is..."

"That the appearance of the Diamond of the Angel is causing the tornado." Typhoon ended for her. "An interesting theory. But what if you are wrong?"

"I am not." Mariko smiled, and passed the young men. "Or at least, I have to keep on thinking that." She walked at the edge of the cliff, and looked down to the tornado. The eye of the tornado was right below her; looking at her; taunting her. Like a mouth ready to swallow her; devour her, and rip her into pieces for eternity.

Moyasu and Sasaeru were still bickering, but stopped when they heard Baku speaking. "I must admit; she's more courageous then I thought..."

"What in the Rain's Name is she going to do?" Moyasu mumbled, but then her heart skipped 17 beats, as the previous Lady of the Sendo took one leap...



To be continued


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