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Part 68

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Part 68: Sad Dreams




Kitty Ocean



Character Introductions






Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Hitori Loves Shuhan Arc



Timeline Entries


0208Hitori has a dream about Shuhan and the Hikari Guardians. The Guardians say that in the future Hitori and Shuhan will be together again, but now she must help a certain girl.Part 68
0208Mariko wakes up in the of the tornado.Part 68



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 68: Sad Dreams

© Kitty Ocean


Shuhan?” The voice called through the mist. “Shuhan-sama?” A young girl walked through the nebula’s that danced around her. “Shuhan, I can’t find you!” The girl had loose blue hair till the half of her back, waving in the wind. On either side of her face she had a thin braid, decorated with beads and feathers. In her hair, it seemed as if little stars were woven into the blue locks, dancing like little stars.

Around her body she wore a pearl coloured dress, having a different shade whenever the light hit it. It was a simple one, fit for a princess. The belt around her waist was made out of white-silver rings, decorated with shimmering drop-shaped diamonds. Ribbons and other small decorations were all around her arms, dress and neck.

Shuhan-sama!” Hitori called out again. “Shuhan-sama, where are you?”

All of a sudden, a hand touched Hitori from behind on her shoulder. Shocked, the Lady of the Mikomi snapped around, with her pink eyes wide open. Then she plunged forward, embracing the tall man before her. “There you are!” Hitori tried to hide the little droplets that were forming in her eyes. “I found you; I finally found you!”

Shuhan, dressed in a matching white outfit, fit for the Lord of the Mikomi, smiled and took Hitori’s chin. “You know I will never leave you.” He whispered to her. “I promised you, remember?”

Hitori nodded. “I had such an awful dream Shuhan.” Hitori put her head against his chest. “We were at an awful place; it was raining all the time!”

“Oh?” Shuhan led the girl to a rock made out of white stone and shells. “We were both trapped in a valley, and couldn’t get out. And there was a war, a big one, and you left me!”

“You know I’d never leave you.” Shuhan smiled.

“But you did!” Hitori grabbed his vest. “You went off to the war, and left me behind! And then… and then… then I had to take the lead.”

“You sure get silly dreams.” Shuhan gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Hitori looked down. “It looked so real.” She mumbled. “But then… then… when we won the war…”

“Ah, a happy ending.” Shuhan smiled.

Hitori shook her face. “It was not…” She whispered. “You… you died…”

For a moment it was silent, but then Shuhan laughed. He laughed loudly, stood up, and swirled Hitori around. “You know I’d never leave you.” He teased her.

“But what if it was true?” Hitori wasn’t assured, and pushed herself against him, while he placed his head on her shimmering hair. “What if you would die?”

“Then even in death, I’d wait for you.” Shuhan told her. “And I’d be watching over you. You know, like an angel and all.”

“I can’t bare the thought living without you…” Hitori whispered. “I’d rather die then…”

“But you can’t.” A voice suddenly said. “You can’t die now, Lady of the Mikomi.”

Both Hitori and Shuhan snapped up, looking at a woman with long, long green hair. “Who are you?!” Shuhan called out, holding Hitori close to him.

The woman with green hair smiled, but it was a young man’s voice who spoke up. “Wake up, Lady of the Mikomi.” Shuhan drew his crystal clear sword, and aimed it at the red haired man. “This is all a dream.”

“You are lying!” Shuhan called out, protecting Hitori, who stood silent; holding Shuhan very close as if she didn’t want to let him go. “Why are you bothering us?!”

“You must go back to the rain, Hitori.” A grown woman with blue hair smiled. “This dream is nothing more than that. Your friends need you.”

“Nobody needs me!” Hitori suddenly called out. “Why can’t you leave me alone?! Leave me and Shuhan alone!”

“You know that is not true.” A man with yellow hair assured her. “And deep in your heart you feel it too. You know you need to wake up.”

“A girl needs you.” A tall, slender blond woman smiled, wearing a beautiful pink dress, decorated with little butterflies; the same as those that decorated her hair. “A Lady, just like you.”

Mariko is not here.” Hitori said, confusing Shuhan.

“Who is Mariko?” He wondered, still holding Hitori close.

“She needs your support.” The yellow haired man ordered her. “Right now she feels alone and abandoned. You need to wake up, so she can get the strength to fulfil her fate.”

“I don’t want to!” Hitori started crying. “I want to stay here! Here, with Shuhan! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” She hid her face against his body. “Please, I beg of you… Hikari Guardians, leave me alone…”

But then a hand went over her hair. “Hitori…” The girl suddenly heard her true love whispering. “A girl needs you…”

“But…” Hitori tried.

“You are Lady of the Mikomi.” It was as if Shuhan suddenly knew the whole story. And somehow… somehow it didn’t occur as odd to Hitori. “You are needed elsewhere.”

“But I can’t live without you…”

“You need to be there for the Mikomi.” Shuhan told her. “You need to be strong; for your tribe! You have a responsibility.”

“No! No!” Hitori objected. “I don’t want to leave you. Not again! I can’t stand the cold; the rain! Don’t make me go back; don’t make me leave you behind.”

“Have no fear, Lady of the Mikomi.” Gaia whispered at her. “One day you shall be together again. One day, but not now.”

“Keep believing that Hitori.” Mermaid smiled.

“You will find Shuhan back.” Typhoon added.

“And then you will be together forever.” Pyro nodded.

Serenity smiled and released a soft giggle. “You’ll know when the time is right. And you know the time is not now…”


The pearl coloured dress, the small beads in her hair… they were suddenly gone. Hitori sat up in her bed, holding the sheets tight in her hands. Outside, the rains was dripping as ever. Compared to the place where she had been moments ago, this world was cold, grey and harsh. Not the place where she wanted to be.

But she had no choice.


Far away from Hitori’s bed, a girl slowly opened her eyes. She noticed she was on a cold and rough ground. Moaning a second, Mariko clenched her fists, but then tried to get up. The wind blew around her face, letting her rough hair bash against her face and bounce off again. The girl opened her eyes, shocked and feeling what not more… as she looked above. The tornado raged around her, and Mariko easily realised… she was at the bottom and in the eye of the storm…



To be continued


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