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Part 69

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Part 69: Trust The Wind







Character Introductions






Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc

Moyasu's Quest Arc



Timeline Entries


0208Mariko finishes her test of courage inside the tornado and safely returns with the Diamond of the Angel. Mariko (in trance) also gives Moyasu a message.Part 69



The Story

Endless Rain

Part 69: Trust the wind

© Acrocat


The wind… It’s such an odd term. It can gently breeze coolness on a hot summer day, or it can rage around you during a storm. Whatever situation you prefer, Mariko sure was confused about her experience. The hurricane raged around her and yet, she could easily stand in its eye. The only thing she felt was a soft and gentle breeze.

‘The wind took care of you, you were, and still are, its child.’ Mariko remembered Ty’s words. Was that the reason why the laws of nature weren’t applying to this situation now?

For some reason Mariko knew that that thought was true, and at the same time she knew what to do, although there was some hesitation in her heart.

“Wind, guide me.” She said.

Suddenly the hurricane picked her up and made her shot upwards. Mariko closed her eyes, curled herself up and screamed. How terrified she was at that moment. The hurricane wasn’t so gentle anymore. Gusts of wind slashed in Mariko’s face. Mariko didn’t dare to look and screamed again.

“You can do it Mariko!” Baku suddenly yelled, “Have faith in the wind! Trust it and it will guide you! Believe in what Ty told you!”

“Hey…” Wevli started.

“Isn’t she…” Wevlum continued.

“…supposed to…”

“…do this…

“…on her own?”

“Help comes in many different ways.” Baku explained, “We must stay out of the hurricane, but we may cheer for her.” After those words he started to cheer again.

Soon after him Wevli and Wevlum jumped in. It didn’t take long until Moyasu and Sasearu were cheering as well. “Open your eyes! You can do it!” They all yelled.

Inside the hurricane Mariko could hear them, but still was too terrified to open her eyes. “Ty, I can’t, I’m too scared!” She yelled. Suddenly the wind settled down and she could hear Ty’s voice.

“Do not doubt the wind Mariko. It only wishes to guide you, but you must not doubt it.”

“I can’t!”

“You had the courage and the strength to defy Lana, the second most evil person in this world, yet you are afraid of this test?”

Mariko fell silent. Ty was right. She remembered how scared she was to defy her mother, but she had conquered that. Now she had to conquer this fear. She had to trust the wind. Carefully she opened her eyes. This was actually quite easy Mariko noticed! Bit by bit she dared to relax her muscles. She saw her friends on the plain, still cheering for her. Seeing them gave her the last bit of courage she needed to face the hurricane itself. She managed to turn herself around, facing the eye, she saw the crystal shining brightly while it floated there. A strand of wind made itself loose from the hurricane and carried Mariko over to the crystal. With both of her hands Mariko carefully placed the crystal in her hands. The moment she did that the hurricane vanished. Mariko plunged down.

“Nooooooo!!!” Mariko yelled.


At this moment a few days earlier Hitori sighed. She knew she had to get up soon. It was late already and she had to make some preparations for the second part of Nagata’s trial. Having Kino as his lawyer didn’t exactly work out smashingly. She had to find a way to either make the council truly impartial, or she would have to find Nagata another lawyer.

“If only Shuhan was here to help me…” Hitori sighed again and got up. Ready to face another cold, wet and gray day in The Valley of Endless Rain.


“Nooooooo!!!” Mariko yelled again.

She fell towards the ground. The fall would surely kill her. “Trust the wind…” Ty’s voice echoed through Mariko’s head again, “Let it guide you.”

Mariko did and the Diamond of the Angel started to glow. She could feel the wind underneath her body as it slowed down her fall. A moment later she softly placed her feet safely on the ground. She appeared to be as calm as the wind that gently played with her hear while she elegantly walked to her friends.

Moyasu…” She said in a dreamy voice when she had reached them, “The wind has a message for you…”

“What is it?” Moyasu asked.

“If you have a heart and a soul you can care, if you can care you can make friends, if you work together with your friends, they will give you strength.” The wind stopped and Mariko sighed.

“What does it mean?” Moyasu asked.

“I don’t know.” Mariko replied, sounding normal again.


Ty looked at the girl who was being guided by his fiery brother Pyro and said, “I pretty much know what it means, but I’m not at liberty to tell you.”

“Why not?”

“Because things are planned that way." Baku intervened, "You’ll get your answer soon. The one we are going to will help you out. Speaking of which, we should probably be going. I’m not as good with the wind as Ty is, but I can see by those gray clouds there that it’s going to rain soon.”



To be continued


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