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Part 81

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Part 81: The Opening of the Heart







Character Introductions


Kisha and Unerko, but only mentioned.




Character Deaths


Unerko, but it was before the story started or in any case before this part.





Hikari Crystals Arc



Timeline Entries


0005Unerko, Zesshou's father, dies around this time.Part 81
0017-0189Kisha, Zesshou's mother, becomes mentally unstable because of Unerko's death.Part 81
0209Kino asks Zesshou about his parents.Part 81
0209Mr. Shikai's men leave the shore of Hiyou Lake because it's getting very cold and wet.Part 81
0209Sasaeru comforts Moyasu because of a nightmare and the two come closer together.Part 81



The Story


Endless Rain

Part 81: The Opening of the Heart

© Acrocat


Moyasu stood trembling after she’d seen the Lord of Chaos and Evil, Layou. Somewhere, it wretched Sasaeru’s heart to see her like this. She was usually so brave, far more brave than she should have been on her age, but just a glimpse of this demon had melted down that wall like it was nothing more than a sheet of paper. He reached out for her, wanted to protect her from her fears. She allowed him to lay a comforting hand on her shoulder, but after a while she regained her composure, and pushed him away.

“Don’t touch me Sassy.” She hissed, building up that wall around her heart once more.

Although he regretted it, he obeyed.


The nurse was looking critically at Zesshou’s head. He wondered how a medical examination could take so long. You were hurt, or you weren’t, you treated it or not, it was as simple as that, or so Zesshou thought. Eventually the nurse stopped.

“The bleeding has finally stopped.” She told him and Kino, “Your ears appear to be very sensitive to bleedings. It’s a surprise that you’ve had no trouble with it before. I’ll leave the bandage off, but take it easy for the next few days. You might experience some difficulty with your balance and become dizzy. If you start bleeding again, come straight to me, understand young man?”

“Yes ma’am.” Zesshou replied politely, glad he could finally leave this joint.

“I’ll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t overexert himself.” Kino promised.

They both left the sick cabin and headed for Kino’s house. Inside Kino fixed a quick supper of bread, cheese and milk. They still had to get Hitori out of the village, so they didn’t have much time.

“I’ve been wondering about something for quite a while Zesshou.” Kino said, “Wasn’t Kisha your mother, and Unerko your father?”

Zesshou stiffened while he was moving a piece of cheese to his mouth, “What about them?” He mumbled softly.

“How’ve they been? I haven’t seen them in quite a while. Why weren’t they at your wedding or why haven’t they visited you while you were in the sick cabin?”

Zesshou lowered his head, “My dad died in the war with the Sendo’s over half a year ago. My mom…welll…I’d rather not talk about it.”

Kino suddenly felt a great surge of sympathy for this young man. During the war he’d acted so recklessly by leaving the village and stumbling upon a Sendo patrol. After that time, he’d matured a lot. Perhaps a bit too much. Still, Kino figured, it would be best if Zesshou talked about it with someone.

“Is she still alive?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Zesshou replied.

“But how can you not know that?”

“Because…because…” Words were failing Zesshou as tears started to form in his eyes, “Because she’s not herself anymore!” He burst out, “Ever since dad died…she never accepted that. Sometimes, when I came home, she would have supper ready…for three people. She would say all we had to do was wait for dad to come home and then we could have supper. Then I would have to tell her that dad wasn’t coming home, that he’s dead. I saw my mom’s heart die every time. Imagine that Kino! She’s gone nuts!”

Kino wanted to reach out to this young, teenage boy, but Zesshou slapped his hand away. Tears flowed openly now.

“When I heard about the Hikari Crystals, that they were real, I just had to be part of it. I had to help my mom! Perhaps when we leave this accursed valley, we will be able to find a way to cure her.” Zesshou completely broke down at that moment.

Kino stood up and stepped behind the young man. He comfortingly placed his hands on Zesshou’s shoulders.

“There, there Zesshou. We’ll help your mother, I promise. But before we can do that we’ll have to get Lady Hitori out of this village. It’s getting dark, and we should get ready.”


The night had fallen over the Valley of Endless Rain. Shikai’s men had searched the lake, but to them it was very unlikely that two people and a horse can disappear so quickly. They might have been able to swim across, but it’s very hard to persuade a horse that he can swim as well. Besides, it was nearing darkness and the temperature was dropping fast. The notion that the wrath of Shikai would be less uncomfortable than sitting in a boat at night, fully exposed to the cold rain, was unanimously accepted, and they soon left.

Sasaeru sat on the small beach in front of the cave, a stick with a piece of leather attached to it in his hands. He was alert to any movement, but there was not much to worry about. The lake’s edge had expanded so far that, even if somebody would be watching his way, he would be hardly visible, because of the darkness and the pouring rain. Thus he sat there, trying to persuade the fish in the lake to bite his bait, which was virtually non-existent, except if fish decided to like to eat leather. They had to leave in such a hurry that they had no time to bring any food. Once Moyasu realised she was hungry she had imperiously pointed her finger towards the long winding stair to the surface. The stick was lying on the beach, and the piece of leather was actually their horse’s reins. After a while the cold started to seep through his clothes and the fish were nowhere in sight. Sasaeru decided to give up at that point. Eating was nice, but it’s not worth getting killed for. Perhaps the Guardians could provide them with food in the morning.

He went down the stairs again, careful not to slip. He was not enjoying the prospect of Moyasu berating him for not bringing any food. He did not have to worry however, since Moyasu was already fast asleep by the time he got back.


Two dark shadows crept through the sleepy village. Lady Hitori lay in her own room at the largest building of the village, the council house. Getting to her was not going to be easy for Kino and Zesshou. The had to get past Shikai and his men first, then find a way to get Hitori’s body to the throne room and through the secret passageway there. Shikai was known to be a light sleeper, and his room was near that of Hitori. Silently they went to the side of the building. Through the window they could see the body of Lady Hitori lying peacefully on her bed. The moon broke through the clouds to shine her silver light onto the young woman’s face. The window was closed, and breaking it would give too much noise. They walked back a bit. There were two possible entrances to get inside; the main entrance, which was heavily guarded, or the balcony right above the main entrance. The balcony was used if the Lord or Lady of the tribe had to make a speech to the people. There was no door to seal off the balcony from the room behind it, but how were they going to get onto that balcony?

Zesshou looked around. Renovations and constructions were still full in progress and there was a lot of building material lying around. Several planks and boxes stood near a house next to the council house. Zesshou motioned to Kino, who immediately understood what he meant. Silently they used the boxes to climb to the roof of the renovated house. Then the hauled the planks to the roof and used them to make a rudimentary bridge from one rooftop to the other. It was a lot of hard work and soon Zesshou began to feel dizzy. Within a few moments he lost his balance and fell off the roof.

From the window next to the window of Lady Hitori’s room Shikai looked outside to see what was going on. Kino held his breath and prayed that Shikai wouldn’t look up. After a few moments Shikai lost interest and went back to his work. Kino slipped off the roof as Zesshou was trying to sit up.

“Are you hurt?” Kino whispered.

“I’m all right, just a little dizzy, that’s all.” Zesshou whispered back.

“You’re bleeding again Zesshou.”

Zesshou touched his ears. Warm blood was dripping out of it, “It’s nothing, it’ll pass.”

Kino rather doubted that, but this was not the time for a debate, and he needed the young man. He helped him up and across their rudimentary bridge. Once on the roof of the council house they gently let themselves slide onto the balcony, and went inside.


Moyasu walked though the Chi Village. People were screaming and running. Some were lying on the floor, blood lying all around them. Youji, her almost five-year-old brother, came running up to her with a smile on his little face.

Moyasu! Play hide and seek! You seek me!” He wanted to turn around, but Moyasu grabbed his shoulders and turned him around.

Youji, this is no time for games. Come on we have to find mama.”

“No, no, play hide and seek!” He protested, seemingly unaware of what was going on around them.

Moyasu wanted to lead him away, but when she looked up she saw her other brother Koudo, who was only one year younger than herself, engaged in hand to hand combat with a Sendo soldier. A few other soldiers were standing in a circle around them, laughing and cheering at their fellow soldier, who was clearly more than a match for the young, inexperienced Koudo.

Moyasu then noticed she had a bow in her hands. She reached across her shoulder to grab an arrow, but when she reached, her hand grabbed nothing but air. She desperately reached again, but again there were no arrows. In the meanwhile Koudo was losing the battle.

Youji was tugging on Moyasu’s sleeve, “Play hide and seek!” He said.

Moyasu turned to say something, but somehow Youji wasn’t there anymore. She heard a scream, and Koudo fell to the ground, three arrows stuck in his back.


KOUDO!!!” Moyasu screamed as she suddenly sat upright. She was drenched in sweat and she was gasping for air. “Koudo…no…” She whispered and broke into tears.

And there he was. His arms were around her, and his warm presence soothing. Moyasu grabbed onto him, never wanting to let go. He was there, and that’s all that mattered at that moment.

“Don’t worry Moyasu… I’ll protect you even from your nightmares…”

She sobbed and after a while fell asleep again, still clinging to Sasaeru.



To be continued


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