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Part 84

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Part 84: Where is Youji?







Character Introductions





Character Deaths







Hikari Crystals Arc



Timeline Entries



0210 Moyasu and Sasaeru leave the island on Hiyou Lake and leave Pyro Phoenixtruth, Gaia Titaniacare and Mermaid Aquateam behind. Part 84
0210 Shikai's men start heading East. Part 84
0210 Moyasu and Sasaeru reach Chi Village and Moyasu talks to his mother and her eldest brother Koudo. She finds out that Youji is nowhere to be found at all. He must have escaped. They set out for their quest to find the missing brother. Part 84



The Story


Endless Rain

Part 84: Where is Youji?

© Acrocat


Moyasu, Sasaeru and the three Guardians reached the northern bank of Lake Hiyou.

"Well, we'll be leaving you here then."



"Good luck to all of you. Remember to keep each other safe." Gaia hugged them.


"I put some fish in your bags. You should have enough for a couple of days." Mermaid said.


The Guardians wanted to turn around, but were stopped by Moyasu.


"So that's it? Not one hint whatsoever? Pyro, I still have no clue of what to do!"


Pyro smiled again and put a hand on her shoulder, "You know I can't Moyasu, but believe me, you'll find out." And with those words he and the other Guardians disappeared.


Inoe walked to Ezra's cage where the bird was napping.


"Ezra, wake up." She whispered, "It's time to go back to Sasaeru."


She opened the cage, took the large bird out and tied a small note to her leg. She then walked outside and with one last stroke she let Ezra take off to the skies.


Moyasu looked down as she trudged forward. Sasaeru was a small distance behind her, leading the horse and keeping his distance. He wanted to comfort her, but knew that this was something Moyasu had to do herself. She was the one chosen by the Ruby of the Dragon, and only she could pass this test. They slowly walked towards the north-east, in the direction of the Chi Village in the distance. Every once in a while Sasaeru looked around, but there was no sign of any pursuit.


Shikai's men were staring at Lake Hiyou, seeing nothing but the hazy silhouette of the cave on the small island.


"So do you think they're over there?" One of them asked his companion.


The other scratched his cheek, "Could be, but how could they have gotten there so fast then?"


"We're living in odd times."


"That I agree on, but I think it more logical they made a sharp turn and hid in the woods."


"Without us noticing?"


"Do you have any better idea?"


"No, not really." Silence fell before he continued, "In any case, they're bound to be on the road again. They probably want to stay away as far as possible from the Mikomi."


"Indeed. Perhaps we should go east. There's another forest there and it has some good places to hide."


His companion nodded, turned his horse around and took the lead, heading eastwards.


The rain had finally softened to a steady drizzle and high walls rose above them along with the smell of rotting wet wood. Moyasu felt a hand on her shoulder. She wanted to push Sasaeru away, but knew he just wanted to support her. At least she was not alone. She sighed and entered the Chi Village, ready to disappoint the ghosts of her tribe.


She looked around and spotted the pond with the shrine where she had last time met the ghost of her mother. She approached the shrine, dropped to her knees and closed her eyes.


"So you've returned."


Moyasu saw her mother appear in front of her.


"Mama…I have failed you. I don't know how to bring you back to life."


"But Moyasu, where is Youji?"


"Youji? I don't know."


"I can't find him Moyasu. I can't find my little boy anywhere. You must find him Moyasu!"


"Moyasu…" A new voice entered the scene.


"Koudo…" Tears sprang into Moyasu's eyes when she saw her other brother appearing next to her mother.


"Moyasu, I took Youji along. I tried to keep him safe."


"But where is he then?" Moyasu asked.


"All I remember is that I was running towards the woods with Youji, and then all went black."


Moyasu thought about it, "So he should be outside the village. I'll go and take a look."


Her mother smiled and nodded before she and Koudo disappeared.


Moyasu opened her eyes and stood up. As she looked aside she saw the hole in the wall where she'd crawled through so long ago. Judging from what Koudo had said, he and Youji were among the few who'd made it through. She stood up and walked towards it and crawled through it again.


"Moyasu, where are you going?"


"To find my little brother Sassy."


Sasaeru raised his eyebrows. He hadn't witnessed the conversation with the ghosts, so he was a bit confused. Still, he tied their horse to a pole and followed his permanent without asking another question.


The field smelled of death and decay. The Sendo had never bothered to clean up the battlefield. It made Moyasu angry. The Sendo…they were truly without any respect. She grinded her teeth and firmly stepped towards the forest in front of her, trying not to look at the rotting dead bodies around her. It was only then that Sasaeru fully understood what had happened, and why Moyasu was the way she was. Who could blame her?


"Sasaeru…" Moyasu whispered when she'd reached the edge of the forest, "Please, look for a boy with three arrows in his back. If my nightmare meant something then that should be my brother."


Sasaeru nodded and started looking along one side, while Moyasu searched the other side. After a while Sasaeru found something and called her over. She ran towards him. What she saw was hardly recognisable as a human body. The rain and the plants had claimed their price. If it wasn't for the three arrows sticking out of it, Sasaeru would most definitely have missed it. Moyasu swallowed and turned the body around, and recognised her brother, but there was no Youji.


"I'm sorry your brother is dead Moyasu, but at least you found him. Maybe we can give him a proper burial now."


"Thank you Sasaeru, but I was not searching for him. My other brother, Youji, is missing. He should be here, but he's not." She stood up, "Let's go back."


They soon reached the village again and Moyasu once again dropped to her knees and closed her eyes.


"Have you found him Moyasu?" Her mother asked her.


"No mama. I found Koudo's body, but Youji wasn't there anymore."


"Could it be then? Are my hopes justified? Are the Chi still alive?"


"Moyasu." Pyro appeared next to her mother, "Think well, and discover the truth and your task."


"I'm alive…and I always thought I was the only one. Youji…is he alive as well, but how? He's not old enough to take care of himself. Are there others then, others that took care of him?"


Other ghost started to appear around her, even Sasaeru could see them now. All were calling out to her, asking her where their loved ones were. Children, siblings and adults, all were missing someone. And then Moyasu understood. She could not bring the dead back to life. That was the truth, but she could bring the Chi back into existence by finding the survivors. That was her task. Pyro smiled as he and the ghosts disappeared again. 


To be continued


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