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Plot Holes

Page history last edited by BlondeTeraesa 12 years, 7 months ago

This section reveals some of the plotholes we found after reading back through the parts. We had 7 writers with at least 3 at any given time and we had 70 parts. It's pretty understandable that we can have plotholes in a story this big.



Definite Plotholes


Mikomi being still alive



This Plot Hole has been corrected and is not valid anymore. Nevertheless I've found it cool to just keep it here.


Concerns the characters: Baku, Mikomi, Chi, Lana


Problem occurs in: Part 70


In conflict with: Part 45


Problem: In Part 70 it's revealed that the whole reason the Hikari Crystals were being activated was in fact to bring the tired and mortal Mikomi back to The Clouds Before the Sun so she can be healed from the curse Lana put on her. However in Part 45 Baku is trying to sort everything that happened out. In Part 70 he says that he already knew Mikomi faked her death, and that already before that he had contact with her. This contradicts his sorting of the facts in Part 45 where he says that Mikomi died in the Mikomi Tribe. He should've taken into account that Mikomi wasn't actually dead and put that in his sorting out of the facts. What complicates the matter even further is him telling himself that Chi was at Mikomi's deathbed and that Mikomi died during Chi's visit.


Possible explaination: The fact that Chi was there when Mikomi "died" can still be possible. Mikomi was faking her death, so it's entirely possible she did the faking while Chi was there and she might've actually have been buried and then saved by Baku. This is exactly how it happened according to Untold Story 1, but Baku telling himself that Mikomi was dead is pretty much unexplainable though.


Possible way to fix it: Pretty much the only way is to ignore that part of his retelling of events. The plot of Mikomi being the reason for the Hikari Crystals activation in the first place is highly important to the story, so it's pretty much unavoidable. It's not all that bad anyway, just one or two lines of story. Acrocat has fixed the entire thing as Baku reciting what a famous historian said.


Cause: First of all the blame is on Dougurasu (me), because he should've correctly read Part 45.




Probable Plotholes


Kyen Koh's first reaction to Hitori



Currently corrected by artwork, but still important to note here.


Concerns the characters: Kyen Koh, Aiko, Hitori, Hana


Problem occurs in: Part 5


In conflict with: Part 10, Part 41 and Part 42


Problem: In Part 5, Kyen Koh's first introduction, Kyen Koh meets Hitori for the first time, but when she sees her she immediately shouts "AIKO!". Her reaction to Hitori is extremely weird, because it's later revealed in Part 10 that Aiko is Kyen Koh's sister, however later in Part 41 & 42 it's revealed that they were both found and adopted. But if they're sisters Kyen Koh couln't possibly have mistaken Hitori with Aiko.


Possible explaination: Two possiblities. One is that Kyen Koh's sight was blinded by something, maybe Hitori was sitting in the shadows or some light blinded her and she realised her mistake when she was charging Hitori. The second is that Kyen Koh was pretending that she thought Hitori was Aiko to gain the Mikomi's trust. If Kyen Koh would attack the Lady of the Sendo Tribe at sight then she MUST be against the Sendo.


Current fix for it: Artwork. Blonde Teraesa drew all of the characters involved to help create the possibility of mixing them up. Mariko/Kyen Koh, Aiko, and Hitori all have the same/similar hair color now (dark blue). Mariko/Kyen Koh has hazel eyes (making her the odd girl out), but Aiko has red eyes, which is very similar to Hitori's pink eyes. Aiko's hair style is also similar to Hitori's (Aiko has a ponytail with strands framing the face, while Hitori has a ponytail with braids framing her face and bangs). Now, because of the artwork, it makes much more sense for Mariko/Kyen Koh to mistake Hitori for Aiko, since they would have looked very similar from a distance. ^_^


Cause: Yeah like we could've planned ahead Kyen Koh's past that much O__o;; jeez. Also we did lots of stuff with Kyen Koh that probably wasn't Tiamat Dragon's idea. We made her evil, we made her back good, we made her the daughter of a god and a demon, we changed her name, no wonder things don't fit ;)



Baku mortally wounded?


Concerns the characters: Baku (yeah he's the freaking Mystery Man, if you didn't know that you pretty much shouldn't have been looking here), Lana


Problem occurs in: Part 8


In conflict with: Part 24 and Part 35


Problem: Not so much a plot hole, just merely a wondering of mine, but in Part 8 Nagata remembers a story that Shuhan told him. A long time ago he would've helped a mortally wounded man, who in Part 24 turns out to be the God Baku. And in Part 35 it's revealed that only Gods can kill Gods. So if this is the case... Baku MUST've been attacked by a God.


Possible Explaination: The most likely is that Baku was attacked by Lana, the only god that would ever do something like that to him. Other than that it could also be that either Nagata or Shuhan messed up in the story and didn't remember it correctly.


Possible way to fix it: Well... it's doesn't necessarily need fixing, but if you're gonna write about what happened to Baku before the Mikomi-Sendo War Arc then you might as well just explain this ;)


Cause: We never thought the Mystery Man would end up being Baku... in fact, we didn't even have Gods back when the Mystery Man was introduced.



The Hikari Sequence?


Concerns the characters: Kyen Koh


Problem occurs in: Part 19


In conflict with: Pretty much the rest of the story.


Problem: What the hell is the "Hikari Sequence"?! When Kyen Koh first hears about the Hikari Crystals she thinks: ‘Could this be it? Has the Hikari sequence been put into motion? I must play my part in the religion of our people.’. So... is she just making stuff up? The Hikari Sequence? Not only does it sound so totally and utterly stupid (the one who's writing this also wrote that part ;-) ) it's just totally illogical at this point. Kyen Koh has apart from the stories never really given those Hikari Crystals any thought as to if they are real or not. And what is this 'play my part in the religion of our people' thing? Whatever man.


Possible Explaination: She was nuts.


Possible way to fix it: Ignore the ENTIRE sentence altogether.


Cause: I have no idea what I was thinking. I really don't know. Maybe trying to foreshadow stuff that eventually never happened. Shouldn't do that anymore...




Strange Co-incidences


Kyen Koh/Mariko look alikes


Concerns the characters: Mariko/Kyen Koh, Mariko's Kyen Koh's Father, Lana, Hitori


Problem occurs in: Part 5


In conflict with: Part 31, Part 42, Part 70


Problem: It's pretty co-incidental that Mariko's Kyen Koh's Father shares the same characteristics as Mariko/Kyen Koh. In Part 5 it is said that Mariko's Kyen Koh's Father shares Mariko/Kyen Koh's exotic looks. However, Mariko/Kyen Koh is revealed to be adopted in Part 42. Co-incidence? Now we also have Lana, who is Mariko/Kyen Koh's real mother according to Part 31 and 42 and defenitely confirmed in Part 70, and should also share Mariko/Kyen Koh's exotic looks. Also, as said in "Probably Plotholes">"Kyen Koh's first reaction to Hitori" Hitori probably also shared some of the same looks as Mariko/Kyen Koh.


Possible explaination: Yeah, just co-incidence OR when writing exotic looks Miyuki-sama could have been referring to clothing (she did also say beaded clothing).


Possible way to fix it: Just say it's a co-incidence. It's not all THAT farfetched.


Cause: We had no idea at the beginning that Mariko/Kyen Koh would turn out to be found and adopted so we just logically assumed that Mariko/Kyen Koh's Father would look like Mariko/Kyen Koh.




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