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Name: Sasaeru

Colour Hair: Maroon

Colour Eyes: Blue

Tribe: Tiko Tribe

First Appearance: Part 47

Last Appearance: Hasn't stopped appearing yet.

Arcs involved with: Secret of the Tiko Tribe Arc

Current status: Alive.

Current location: In a cave under Hiyou Lake.

Best Friend: ??

Love Interest: Moyasu? :p

Family: Inoe (mother), Futago (father, deceased) and Nurie (sister, deceased).

Age at start of story: 17

Weapons: Kamas

Character by: Blonde Teraesa (Blonde Teraesa is currently working in the Air Force and is not able to write (she might be in the future), but she still hangs around DA so ask her before doing anything drastic).



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Sasaeru is a Tiko tribe member who was called upon to act as a 'permanent' for Moyasu, allowing her to leave the village and continue with her quest. He agreed because his mother asked him to perform the task, and at times he regrets doing it. Moyasu is not the easiest person to get along with, and Sasaeru knows this fact better than most people because he has to be around her 24/7. At first, Moyasu wouldn't even talk to him without insulting him, but as time has been going by, he's learned a bit about Moyasu and began to understand her enough not to worry about what she says. Most of the time. Then came the day when Zesshou was to be married and Moyasu realized the rings he was going to choose from as a wedding ring had stones that were made by the Tiko. Just when the quiet had started to set in, this had to happen and Moyasu was back to the way she was before, only more demanding.


Still, Sasaeru is dedicated to his duty, and has no harsh thoughts towards Moyasu. He just wishes she'd talk to him civilly once in awhile, and not because she's ordering him around. He sometimes feels a 'big brother' duty towards her, but that usually passes when she starts yelling again.






History Database Entry


Chapter 1: Endless Rain



Chapter 2: Myth or Legend?

0203 Inoe’s son, Sasaeru, is assigned as Permanent to Moyasu and both depart in the direction of the ruins of the Chi Tribe. By letting Sasaeru be assigned as a Permanent to Moyasu they have officially married, but Moyasu doesn’t know yet. Part 47 & 55
0205 Sasaeru reveals that by accepting him as a permanent they’ve actually been married. Moyasu doesn’t feel too happy about this. Part 55
0205 Pyro leaves Moyasu’s side to go to the other Mikomi and to keep them up to date on what happened. Part 55
0206 The water level inside The Valley of Endless Rain is beginning to rise. Part 58 & 59
0206 Sasaeru notices that the rivers have begun flooding. Part 59
0206 Sasaeru tells Moyasu the story of his scar. Part 59
0206 Moyasu is awoken by a little earthquake and runs away screaming it’s the water coming. Part 61
0206 Zesshou, Siren and the two guards follow Lana and Kino until they are met with both Tebok’s army and Hitori’s party. Soon after Moyasu and Chounin arrive as well. Chounin starts to ask who the highest bidder on his Hikari Crystal treasure map is. Part 61
0206 As a price for Chounin’s treasure map, Chounin asks Hitori out on a date. Hitori declines, of course. Part 62
0206 Baku and Lana seem practically unaffected by the timestop. Baku frees himself from his chains. Lana tries to break Hitori’s neck. Hermi interrupts and Lana threatens to kill him because Hermi was the one to tell Afrain she was pregnant. Baku transports the Mikomi, Mariko, Siren, Moyasu and Sasaeru to the Mikomi village. The timestops discontinues when Afrain, Kyrlian and Hermi return to The Clouds before the Sun. Part 63
0206 Kino reveals that he was not in control when he betrayed the Mikomi Tribe. Hana reveals that the people at the village been following the events thanks to Pyro. Baku tells Mariko that he would like her to meet someone to tell her about her past. Part 63
0206 There’s a meeting in the Mikomi village. Hitori tells everyone about what Baku did, she can’t comprehend the timestop however. She asks Mariko to go to the southern planes to get the Diamond of the Angel. Baku, Ty, Moyasu, Sasaeru, Wevlum and Wevli go with her; Pyro said Moyasu should also meet the person Baku was talking about. Hitori tells that the trial is schedualed for evening the next day and assigns Wevles to watch over Nagata so he doesn’t try to escape again. Lastly she announces the marriage between Siren and Zesshou which was going to take place the next day, late afternoon. Zesshou agrees with reluctance. Part 63
0206 Half an hour later Mariko’s party departs using Baku’s transportation ability. Part 64
0206 Mariko’s party arrives at the Southern Planes and finds the tornado. Part 64
0207 After a night’s sleep Typhoon Gryffinstrenght visits Mariko to oversee her test of courage. Mariko jumps into the tornado. Part 65
0208 Mariko wakes up in the of the tornado. Part 68
0208 Mariko finishes her test of courage inside the tornado and safely returns with the Diamond of the Angel. Mariko (in trance) also gives Moyasu a message. Part 69
0208 Baku leads the group at the Southern Planes to Mikomi's secret safe house. Mikomi and Baku reveal the true meaning of the gathering of the Hikari Crystals; to save Mikomi's life. Mikomi reveals her life is linked to that of Lana's. Lana once switched her mortality for Mikomi's immortality and now Lana is draining Mikomi's life force. To stop this Mikomi must return to The Clouds Before the Sun to reverse the curse. Also Mariko is told that she was the unexpected factor. Part 70
0208 Mikomi tells Moyasu that the spirits of the Chi Tribe aren't ready to die yet, because they weren't meant to, so they still linger and therefore it's possible for Moyasu to bring them back. Part 71
0208 When Mikomi dozes off Sasaeru tries to kill her, which he thinks benefits them all, because if he does Lana also dies and Mikomi will have eternal peace. Baku interfers and promises that if a month goes by and they hadn't saved her yet, he would kill her himself. Part 71
0208 Baku and the others leave Mikomi's Safehouse. Baku tells the others not to approach the Safehouse without him, else they will probably die. Part 72
0208 Baku's party arrives at Mikomi Village and Moyasu finds out about Zesshou's ring and the Tiko Crystal that's on it. Baku returns to Mikomi. Part 72
0208 Sasaeru thinks about the Tiko Village and how Moyasu has a point in telling that they're brutal. Part 74
0209 Tebok and Alika (shrouded so that she can't be recognized) infiltrate the Mikomi Village. They can apparently pass through walls and the people getting close to them immediately suffer from great headaches. They steal the Pearl of the Ocean, the Emerald of the Earth and the Diamond of the Angel and give a hint to Hana that they should ask Siren what's going on with Hitori. Part 75
0209 Later that day everyone seems to have recovered from the headache attacks, but Zesshou's still in the sick cabin (?). Shikai enters the room and tells the group that because of the crisis the council is going to take over control of the Mikomi Village, at least until Hitori is back. Part 75
0209 Moyasu and Sasaeru both experienced headaches from the attack on Mikomi Village, but don't mention it to eachother. Part 77
0209 Shikai came to Moyasu to take the Ruby of the Dragon, but Moyasu wasn't about to give his up. She and Sasaeru escaped from Mikomi village, being followed by four Mikomi Warriors. Part 77
0209 Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare made sure that Sasaeru and Moyasu could escape to the island on Hiyou Lake. Part 77
0209 Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare tell Moyasu and Sasaeru that Pyro Phoenixtruth thinks that Shikai has temporarily been possessed by the Key, because Hitori is in a state of trance. Pyro wouldn't reveal any more. Part 77
0209 Moyasu, Sasaeru, Mermaid Aquateam and Gaia Titaniacare are forced deeper into the cave under Hiyou Lake and reach an enormous underground space with a Cathedral. On this Cathedral is a long tunnel going straight down to Layou's prison. Part 78
0209 Mr. Shikai's men leave the shore of Hiyou Lake because it's getting very cold and wet. Part 81
0209 Sasaeru comforts Moyasu because of a nightmare and the two come closer together. Part 81
0210 Pyro Phoenixtruth appears before Moyasu and they start their quest again, leaving the cave and Hiyou Lake in the direction of Chi village. Part 82
0210 Moyasu and Sasaeru leave the island on Hiyou Lake and leave Pyro Phoenixtruth, Gaia Titaniacare and Mermaid Aquateam behind. Part 84
0210 Moyasu and Sasaeru reach Chi Village and Moyasu talks to his mother and her eldest brother Koudo. She finds out that Youji is nowhere to be found at all. He must have escaped. They set out for their quest to find the missing brother. Part 84
0211 Moyasu and Sasaeru realize that the Ruby of the Dragon has stopped shining. They decide to continue onwards. Part 87
0211 While returning to Moyasu and Sasaeru Ezra gets shot by the 4 Sendo soldiers chasing them. Sasaeru hears Ezra screech from the distance. Part 87





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