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Secret of the Tiko Tribe Arc

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From 0201 and ongoing


Main Players:



Pyro Phoenixtruth










The poisoned god Tiko founded the Tiko Trib high up in the mountains. For as long as people can remember they have been famous for their Crystal Mine. However they have a secret, a secret so dark that they can't even tell their own citizens.


When Moyasu was captured when she was found in the Tiko territory, she was put into custody and wasn't allowed to leave the village yet, but when Pyro Phoenixtruth showed her the true secret of the Tiko Tribe she wasn't allowed to leave at all. Their true secret is that for decades they have been transforming enemies (most of them Sendo) into perfect crystals with help of some sort of alchemy.


Moyasu however wasn't planning on staying there and she resisted with all her might. Inoe, the one who took care of her, arranged something with the council. A permanent would be assigned to her that would watch over her so she would never spill the secret. Inoe's own son Sasaeru volunteered. What Moyasu didn't know is that this procedure also made Sasaeru and her husband and wife. She resisted, but with her arm still wounded and recovering she couldn't knock Sasaeru out. Every full moon Sasaeru would send his bird Ezra with a message of how it's going. When Ezra wouldn't show up, the Tiko Tribe would send assassins to kill Moyasu.


Everything was going fine until Zesshou's wedding. Zesshou got two rings from the Mikomi jeweler Kanshi that he would give to Siren, but in the end he didn't and told her he liked someone else and kept the second ring. Now he wants to give it to the person he really loves the most, Hitori. But Moyasu has found out about the ring and wants to tell Zesshou that it's made from humans, but Sasaeru won't let her.




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