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Sendo Tribe

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The Sendo Tribe, founded by the god Sendo, has been from the start one of the most aggresive tribes of the four. In the Tribe Wars they were the main agressors until their leader Sendo was killed by the Mikomi Tribe member Okala (even though protested by Mikomi). The Sendo wanted to stay in peace after this, however Techahan, the new Lord of the Mikomi Tribe, rebelled against them after one of the Sendo had assasinated Okala and the Sendo Tribe turned agressive once again.


As far as Lords and Ladies goes this tribe probably had the most changes as well, especially through murder and ambition, which especially apparent in Lana's rise to power who knocked Kyen Koh from the throne and even proclaimed herself to be Empress; making General Tebok Lord under her. It's not really clear what the difference would be between Empress Lana and Tebok in comparison of power.




Masters and Ladies


In chronological order:

First Lord and founder of the TribeSendo
Lady at the beginnig of the StoryAiko
Lady of the TribeKyen Koh
Empress of the TribeLana
At the same time Lord of the TribeTebok





A total of 8 members are known.


Ladies and Masters


Mariko (when she was called Kyen Koh, but defected to the Mikomi Tribe

Lana (self proclaimed Empress)

Tebok (Lord at the same time as Lana)



Council Members:






Taoru (deceased)

Mariko's Father





Mariko's Mother



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