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Name: Sendo

Colour Hair: Blonde

Colour Eyes: Silvery Blue

Tribe: None, a part of the Gods.

First Appearance: Hasn't appeared in person.

Last Appearance: Hasn't appeared in person.

Arcs involved with: None.

Current status: Dead.

Current location: There's probably a grave at the Sendo Village.

Best Friend: ??

Love Interest: None.

Family:  Kyrlian (mother), Afrain (father}, Mikomi (sister), Baku (brother), Tiko (brother), Chi (sister), Lana (sister), Mariko (niece)

Age at start of story: Dead.

Weapons: Zanbatou (huge sword).

Character by: Acrocat (I think? He's dead anyways, so can't be misused)




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