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This is for everyone who doesn't want to (re)read every chapter to know what is happening again. It contains a vast amount of spoilers and we do recommend you read every chapter, but after that this is the best way to get up to date.




Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


The History of the Gods



A long time ago Layou, an evil monster, poisoned the land of Fairies, and when the mighty god Afrain defeated him and his minions and imprisoned him in a prison deep underground, Sendo, Baku, Chi and Tiko (his sons and daughters) ate from the poisonous fruits and became mortal. Lana, another daugher, also took some of the fruit but spat it out. Mikomi (the last daughter) didn't eat anything. Afrain imprisoned all of them except Lana and made The Valley of Endless Rain on top of The Land of Dead Fairies and returned to his home in The Clouds Before the Sun. Afrain left only one way that someone pure of heart could leave the valley and that was to gather all five of the Hikari Crystals.

Baku, Mikomi and three others succeeded in gathering them all, but only Baku was able to go to The Clouds Before the Sun and was healed of his poison. Unknown to Afrain, Lana was in fact in love with the evil monster Layou and was even pregnant of his daughter. Lana tried to find the Hikari Crystals too, but when Afrain found out about her baby Lana had to leave it in the woods and Afrain made sure that all five Hikari Crystals would have a guardian, testing the purity of the hearts of the one that wanted to find them. Baku returns to the valley to help Mikomi. With the help of a curse Lana trades Mikomi's immortal life for her mortal one (she did have some of the poisonous fruit). In the process the two were mentally and physically connected.



The Mikomi-Sendo War

Part 1 - Part 10



Before the war


Afrain's imprisoned sons and daughters created four tribes: The Mikomi Tribe, the Sendo Tribe, the Chi Tribe and the Tiko Tribe and after a while they all went to war. Lana's and Layou's daughter was found by a Sendo soldier and raised her as Mariko. Another daughter that the same soldier found a year earlier, Aiko, exiled Mariko and her parents from the Sendo village. Mariko changed her name to Kyen Koh and wanted revenge.



Hitori becomes Lady


Tired of wars Shuhan, the leader of the Mikomi Tribe, sets out with a group of soldiers to stop the Sendo Tribe from attacking other tribes, however they are captured by the Sendo. Meanwhile in all the chaos Hitori almost reluctantly becomes Lady of the Mikomi Tribe. Aiko threatens that if the Mikomi Tribe doesn't surrender by next day noon, she would kill every Mikomi starting with Shuhan.

Nagata, from the Mikomi council, comes up with the idea to contact the Chi Tribe and ask them for help. Hitori agrees. Kyen Koh visits the Mikomi Tribe and offers her help to defeat the Sendo, but in fact she just wants to get back at Aiko. Zesshou a young Mikomi boy wants to safe Shuhan but ends up being in the same prison as he. Luckily he can help Shuhan and his men escape (also thanks to an old friend of Shuhan's, the Mystery Man). Nagata reaches the Chi Tribe, but everyone's dead. He returns to the Sendo village with the help of the Mystery Man.

The Mikomi Tribe attacks the Sendo and after a bloody battle Shuhan is mortally injured trying to save Hitori and the Mikomi have won. Shuhan and Hitori marry, but after that Shuhan passes away. Kyen Koh takes over the Sendo Tribe and enslaves Aiko.




The Hikari Crystals

Part 11 - Part 30



The Pearl of the Ocean


Half a year later Nagata visits the Mystery Man who tells him about the Hikari Crystals. Though sceptical at first the Mystery Man shows him a sign of Afrain with a lot of thunder creating a small island on Hiyou Lake. Meanwhile Hitori is getting a vision of Kyen Koh who is also telling her about the Hikari Crystals, but Kyen Koh appears to be on her side.

Hitori, Nagata, Kino, and Wevli (one of the guard triplets) enter a dungeon on the small island. Nothing is what it seems and in no time the four get separated. Meanwhile Zesshou, Wevlum, Wevles, Hana and Lightning are waiting outside when two Sendo warriors spot them and race off to tell Kyen Koh. Zesshou follows them on Lightning, but forgot is weapons. Suddenly a Chi arrow kills one of the warriors. The other one runs off to the Sendo village to inform Kyen Koh about the island and the Chi arrow. The arrow belonged to the only remaining survivor of the attack on the Chi village by the Sendo Tribe. She lives alone in the woods and has found a red glowing stone that allows her to raise her accuracy at will.

Wevli is saved two times by a small girl, but he thinks he's losing his mind. Kyen Koh and a few warriors capture Hana, Wevlum, and Wevles (Nagata and Lightning were away on patrol) and when they enter the cave they also capture Nagata and interrogate them to ask if there are others. Lightning hears his calls for help and kills some of the Sendo warriors in the process. Moyasu helps Wevlum who was injured and runs off again into the woods. Hitori gets a dreamlike message from Kyen Koh informing her of her presence. Lightning races in and saves Hitori, Wevli and Nagata and Hitori earns the Pearl of the Ocean from Mermaid Aquateam (the girl from before) because of her teamwork. The Mikomi escape the cave.



The Ruby of the Dragon


When the Sendo Tribe destroyed the Chi Tribe years ago, only Moyasu survived. She found the Ruby of the Dragon underneath a waterfall. When she touched it and it didn't turn dull Pyro Phoenixtruth, its guardian, said that she passed the test to keep it. She put it on her neck and it made her focus extremely good.

After the stuff that happened at Hiyou Lake she went to sleep in a tree near the Mikomi Village. When she was found out she fell and had to be taken care of. Hitori guessed that she had the Ruby of the Dragon and asked Hana to make her comfortable as a guest of the Mikomi Tribe.



The Emerald of the Earth


Kino found a baby in the woods and named her Urania and took care of it for a few days. But he soon realised that she wasn't an ordinary child. She grew up to be a toddler in a few days and when she did she revealed that she was actually Gaia Titaniacare guardian of the Emerald of the Earth. She said that Kino had completed his task and that he was now the rightful owner of the Emerald of the Earth. Without mentioning what happened whilst keeping his secret, Kino gave the Emerald to Hitori.



Lana arrives at the Sendo Tribe


Lana arrives at the Sendo Tribe not knowing that Kyen Koh is actually her daughter. Lana convinces the Sendo Tribe warriors to attack the Mikomi Tribe, because Lana wants to get her hands on the Hikari Crystals to try and free Layou from his prison. The Sendo warriors are easily convinced because Kyen Koh's soft side was beginning to show as she didn't want to attack the Mikomi Tribe. The Sendo army sets out to destroy the Mikomi.




Mikomi Village Abandoned

Part 31 - Part 50



The Battle for Mikomi Village


Kyen Koh telepathically contacted Hitori telling her that the Sendo were on their way. Hitori acted immediately and sent Hana (with the Pearl of the Ocean and the Emerald of the Earth) Kino, the guard triplets, the rest of the council and Moyasu (taking the Chi village. Nagata and Zesshou swore to help Hitori.

The next day the Sendo Tribe arrived led by General Tebok. It was a fierce battle and the Mikomi were about to give up when Baku showed up. Lana revealed her identity to the Mikomi and shocked evey Kyen Koh. Baku tried to persuade Kyen Koh to come with the Mikomi, but Lana intervened and stabbed Baku. Revealing that only a god can kill a god he quickly teleported all of the Mikomi still standing to a place far away from either the Sendo, Chi or Mikomi.

When the Sendo had won, they took Mikomi village, Lana made herself Empress of the tribe, degraded Kyen Koh till army leader and made Tebok Master of the Sendo Tribe. She also started torturing Baku.



Moyasu's quest


The other Mikomi arrived at the Chi village, but found dead and rotting bodies all over the place, until Pyro Phoenixtruth made the village beautiful. He revealed to Moyasu that he found her no longer a good owner for the Ruby of the Dragon and that she had to proof she was a good owner by reviving her tribe. She embarked on a quest, but before she could get very far she was captured by soldiers from the Tiko Tribe. They distributed her clothing and the Ruby of the Dragon was given to a little girl called Teika. Moyasu was taken care by Inoe, a council member.



Siren appears


A small fairy, called Siren, appeared with Hitori and her group, immediately drawn to Zesshou. She revealed that she knew Baku and that she was in love with Zesshou. He would help them only if Zesshou agreed to marry her. Reluctantly he agreed, but in reality he was really in love with Hitori. Siren found out and created a false image of Shuhan to drop Hitori in a river. However Hitori is saved by someone who calls himself Ty. He tells Hitori that Hana and the others are in great danger. Hitori immediately runs off to help them.



The Secret of the Tiko Tribe and the Permanent


Meanwhile Moyasu in the Tiko Village is wondering why the Tiko are so secretive. When she asks Pyro he shows her the secret of the Tiko Tribe: the fact that they transform people, in most cases Sendo, into perfect diamonds and crystals. Having found this out Moyasu is no longer allowed to leave the village unless she goes with a Permanent, someone who would stick with her for the rest of her life. At first Moyasu complaints, but in the end when she hears from Pyro that Hana and the others are in danger, she agrees and leaves with a young boy (although still older than her) Sasaeru, who is also Inoe's son. Moyasu doesn't know yet that by Tiko Tribe standards they're now married.



Chounin, the Merchant


A merchant called Chounin comes to Nagata's camp and asks if he wants to buy a map to the Hikari Crystal which he claims to have. Unfortunately the group doesn't have enough money for the map and Chounin leaves, but not before he steals Serenity Soulheart, who he plans to sell at the Market Square. He bumps into Hitori on his way there. They knew eachother three years ago, but now Hitori doesn't want to have anything to do with him and angrily walks past him, without noticing that he has Siren.



Retaking the Mikomi Village


Nagata makes Lightning in the Mikomi Village go wild and confuse the Sendo soldiers. In the confusion the Mikomi could sneak in, however Zesshou bumps into a guilt stricken Kyen Koh and she apologizes deeply to Zesshou. At the same time as Lana entered the room, Typhoon Gryffinstrength appeared and revealed that he has always been inside Kyen Koh and that he is the guardian of the Diamond of the Angel. Typhoon Gryffinstrength and the other Mikomi gave Lana no other choice but to surrender. The Sendo fled, but Lana was taken prisoner. And that's how the Mikomi got their village back and gained a new ally, Kyen Koh who asked the rest to call her Mariko, her original name.

Meanwhile the Chi Tribe, where the rest of the Mikomi are hidden, is surrounded. Hitori manages to reach Hana and the others and uses the Pearl of the Ocean to contact Mermaid Aquateam and she made a bubble in a deep pond where the Mikomi could hide in, so the Sendo couldn't find them.




Finding the final Hikari Crystals

Part 51 - Part 69



Returning to Mikomi Village


After the Sendo at Chi Village left Hitori and the others could safely escape from the bubble. Tebok and his crew reached Mikomi village and found General Nagata and the other Mikomi. They agreed to do a prisoner exchange in two days to trade Lana for Baku. After that Hitori and her group finally came home.

However it was a bitter reunion, most of the village had been plundered and some of it destroyed. Also Yamome, one of the civilians, accused Nagata of murder, because he seemingly neglected to save Shousha, her husband. She made sure a trial would be set up under the command of Mr. Shikai, leader of the Council, and with reluctant help from recently arrived Pyro Phoenixtruth.

Typhoon Gryffinstrength reveals to Hitori and Mariko that Hitori is the Chosen One's Leader and that everyone except Kino still had to perform a task. Moyasu had to revive her Tribe, Moyasu had to retrieve the Hikari Crystal from the eye of a hurricane, Hitori has to lead the other Chosen One's and summon the Passage of the Rainbow, and the final Hikari Crystal was yet to be found.



Time Stop


Lana makes Kino free her by promising he could see Urania. Kino was hypnotized. Zesshou went out to find Siren and found her after Chounin sold her to a few Sendo warriors. In the process of saving her Zesshou promised the little fairy he would marry her. Hitori sets up a search party to find Kino and Lana including Nagata and Mariko. Zesshou and Siren find Kino and Lana and a few minutes later Hitori's party and Tebok's army do the same. To make matters even more complicated Moyasu, Sasaeru and Chounin arrive as well.

In The Clouds Before the Sun Afrain is worried and makes a Timestop with the help of his wife Kyrlian and the messenger Hermi. Baku and Lana are unaffected, but Baku manages to transport Hitori and the rest of the Mikomi, plus Moyasu, Sasaeru and Mariko, leaving Chounin, Lana and Tebok and his army behind. Afrain, Kyrlian and Hermi return back home. At the Mikomi Village Hitori decides to send Mariko away for her quest and Baku asks to come with her so he could bring her to someone he wants her to see. Pyro also wants Moyasu to see that person and so Moyasu and Sasaeru come along. Hitori lets them take Wevli and Wevlum too for safety. She also announces that Nagata's trial will continue the next evening as well as the Wedding for Zesshou and Siren to Zesshou's dismay.



The Diamond of the Angel


Mariko and Baku's party arrived at the Southern Planes where the Hurricane with the Diamond of the Angel was raging on. After a night's sleep Mariko jumped into the Hurricane and found herself in the eye of the Storm. She grabbed the Diamond of the Angel and when she fell down she used the powers of the Crystal to safely land on her two feet. In a trance-like state she told Moyasu that if she works together with her friends they will give her strength. Baku announced that it was time to see the someone he wanted Mariko to see.



Nagata's Trial


Nagata was on Trial for neglecting his duty and forgetting the warrior Shousha. Mr. Shikai, the head of the Mikomi council introduced a failsafe to the Trial, Pyro Phoenixtruth. Whatever the defendant had to say could be checked by Pyro so that it would be the truth. According to Mr. Shikai it was Yamome's idea. In his first trial session he had Kino as a lawyer, but unfortunately the people of the Mikomi Tribe couldn't forget that he had helped Lana break out of the cellar, even though he wasn't in control of his actions. Unfortunately for Nagata this meant for him that he would be found quilty, pretty much only because of Kino.

Fortunately his second session went a little better with Hana as lawyer. Yamome made the mistake of blaming it all on Lightning, Nagata's horse, and saying that they should put the animal to death. Only one more session remained. However Kino became suspicious of Yamome. He couldn't figure out how Yamome knew about Pyro Phoenixtruth and his skills so quickly so he went out to investigate.



The Light of the Soul


In the mean time Serenity Soulheart and Zesshou were going to get married. After having been unfindable for almost the whole day Zesshou decided it was for the good of the Mikomi Tribe to marry Siren because everyone thought Siren was one of the guardians of the Hikari Crystals, but in reality he was actually in love with Hitori. He got two rings with a beautiful Tiko-crystals from the jeweler Kanshi and went on to marry the fairy. However when Hitori gave him the rings Zesshou couldn't take it anymore and stopped the wedding. This courage of the heart made Siren say that Zesshou had passed his test and deserved the Light of the Soul. Zesshou fled before Siren could say that the Light of the Soul was located in the South-Eastern Cavern. However at that same time, thanks to a map from Chounin, Empress Lana and Tebok found the Light of the Soul in the South-Eastern Cavern.




Battle for the Light of the Soul

Part 70 - ??



Mikomi revealed


To everyone's surprise the person Baku wanted the others to see is one of the daughters of Afrain... Mikomi herself. She looks very old and aged and Baku reveals she's over half a millenium old. Mikomi and Baku explain together the reason why the Hikari Crystals have been activated. When Baku and Mikomi were trapped in the Valley they knew that only with the Hikari Crystals they could escape, so Mikomi faked her death and together with Baku and three others she tried to find the Hikari Crystals. When she did only Baku was able to go back to The Clouds Before The Sun, leaving Mikomi behind. Baku came up with a plan to rescue Mikomi using the Hikari Crystals again. But unfortunately the predictions he made did not include Lana and her daughter Mariko so lots of stuff went wrong including Moyasu finding her Hikari Crystal years too soon. Lana also cursed Mikomi so she could trade her mortal life for Mikomi's immortal life, but in the process the two got connected and therefore if one dies, the other dies as well. The curse can be lifted if Mikomi is taken back to The Land Before The Clouds and that's why the Hikari Crystals have shown up again.

Mikomi also told Moyasu that her tribe wasn't supposed to die so the spirits of the Chi Tribe still linger and therefore they can be saved. Sasaeru tried to kill Mikomi because it would benefit them all, Lana would die and Mikomi would have eternal rest. Baku intervened and said that if they haven't saved her in the next month Baku would kill her. Baku returned the group back to Mikomi Village and afterwards he returned to Mikomi's side.





When Hitori woke up the next morning she was not where she went to sleep. After some looking around she found Lana and Siren revealed that they were in a world she had created, because they were going to fight for the Light of the Soul. Meanwhile, Hana found out that Hitori was unconsious and couldn't be woken up. Tebok found out the same with Lana, but he had an ace up his sleave. A little girl with the name Alika. The Sendo Tribe had found her a few days ago and she was looking for her parents. Tebok convinced her that Chounin was her father and that in order to save him Alika had to help him. The poor innocent girl was easily persuaded thanks to Tebok's false charm.

Nagata and Zesshou had also joined Hana when there were screams coming from the village. Apparently there was an attack and the Hikari Crystals had to be brought to safety and everyone who approached the infiltrators would experience a headache attack, but before Hana could respond a hand came from the wall and knocked Zesshou unconsious. A girl shrouded in a white veil and Tebok passed through the wall of the room as if it were made of air and stole the Pearl of the Ocean, the Emerald of the Earth and the Diamond of the Angel. When Hana asked if Tebok knew what had happened to Hitori he said she should ask Siren. When it was all over Mr. Shikai declared that because of Hitori's inability to lead the Tribe that the Council would take over them.


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